Are you looking for an online business?

You’ve come to the right place. Once you have the information, you have to make the decision.

Most people start out by defining what skills and experiences they bring to the table…the decision table that is. You might be working for a large corporation or a small business. Or maybe you are still in school.

I would suggest you do some brainstorming or create a mind map to bring all the necessary elements together.

Vast fortunes have been generated by computer-savvy young adults and adults. Age isn’t a factor nor is education, a degree or diploma. The Internet is filled with videos, online education like Udemy and Teachable, bloggers and college classes to make you choices apparent. You find these sources help you to focus on what you are really interested in doing.

Are you aware that Facebook has groups you can join to find the answers to the questions you have on the type of business you might want to start?

Let’s say for sake of argument you have narrowed down your choices to two business models. Those are eCommerce and affiliate marketing. While each choice is unique, you need to define the pros and cons of each model.

Make Google your best friend…

Take the time to research each possibility. Look at the initial costs: startup, software, office equipment, computer, business license, permits, office rent, etc.

Do you want your internet business to be product-based? Do you want to sell physical products and/or digital products?

After completing your research you should be able to determine if you want an eCommerce or an affiliate marketing business.

eCommerce Business Model:

Can you see yourself operating this model?

The eCommerce business model can be both physical and digital products depending upon the platform you are interested in using. Some of the companies offering products for sale are Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify just to name a few.

With physical products, the sellers are responsible for shipping the sold products to their customers. Amazon has a program called FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) where they stock and ship for their online sellers.

The physical and digital products a seller acquires is generally from their local area. Some sellers will use a dropshipping program and no physical products are stocked.

Most eCommerce business sellers determine through their local marketplace the products they want to sell online. If you enjoy meeting with local product sellers which include businesses as well as individuals you may find this approach exactly what you are looking for.

Do you like face to face meetings where you wheel and deal to negotiate the best price? All kinds of products can be found at yard sales, thrift stores, retails stores and swap meets.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model:

Can you see yourself in an affiliate marketing business? Do you see the advantages of selling digital products instead of physical ones? Then, maybe you would consider being an affiliate marketer.

Now on the Internet, there are literally thousands upon thousands of digital products available for purchase online with Clickbank, JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, and other websites.

Maybe affiliate marketing appeals to you because of the convenience of staying at home and there is no commuting to an office or warehouse.

Now, some companies allow affiliates to earn money through acquiring leads while others generate sales and visitors to their websites. Affiliate marketers don’t sell actual products or services.

The sellers do help to attract buyers and customers who are most interested in the benefits a product offers them. The affiliate marketer is paid a commission for each lead or sale generated by their efforts.

While the digital products being sold on Clickbank are readily available not all products are successful.

Clickbank sellers (affiliates) want good products that are popular and sell easily. Most products on Clickbank are affordable, but some sell for a higher list price.

Clickbank University offers affiliate training and it is affordable. Some of their successful high selling vendors have developed their own strategies for selling products on Clickbank and they have training programs they offer to individuals who want to be affiliate marketers.

For those individuals looking for an affiliate program, not just a product, there are some companies that develop a system of training new affiliates and giving massive commission rewards for their efforts when they start out.

John Thornhill is presenting affiliate marketing training through webinars being offered at specific times on the Internet. All interested parties will find his free training enlightening and entertaining with a thorough education of what affiliating marketing is all about.

Simply register for the next available webinar in your area.

This is a guest post from Bob Johnson, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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