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Two of the biggest obstacles that may be holding you back are traffic and list building. There are many different solutions but some are difficult, others require a large investment of either time or money. If you really want to get started fast then JV Giveaways Events are a great source of traffic which you can use not only for sales but also to build your mailing list.

If you’re not familiar with Giveaway events, they are a very simple concept, you and other contributors offer a free gift such as a report in return for peoples email addresses. People join the site and subscribe to your list, so you build your list and then earn commission by mailing them offers.

It isn’t always easy to spot the giveaways that are going to be big so why not try them all?

Up until now the main reason that may have put you off is the time you’d have to spend looking for and joining events, setting up your profile, gifts etc. You probably don’t want to spend hours each day doing repetitive work?

Well now you don’t have to! I’ve launched a site with John Thornhill which cuts out all the hard work so you can just spend a few minutes each day taking part in giveaways.

Using the tools in Push Button Giveaways makes it very fast and easy to join as many giveaway events as you like.

You get a list of the current JV Giveaway events so you don’t have to search through your emails for invitations, or search the internet. It also keeps track of which ones you’ve joined so you don’t waste time trying to join the same events. It allows you to join events, add gifts and do everything else in a few clicks of the mouse. It will even generate lists of events on your blog automatically so people can join via your link and earn you commission on sales.

I’ve listed a couple of events below you can join using PBG.

===> Original Products Giveaway 2.0 – St Swithins Day Special <===
(From July 5th to July 16th 2011) Event Organisers: Keith Purkiss and Randy Smith. Take the first upgrade for $17 and get 100% Commission, 5 Gifts, 5 Text adverts, and 5 Special offers, or the second upgrade for $7 and get 50% Commission, 3 Gifts, 3 Text adverts, and 3 Special offers.

You will NOT be downgraded for non-promotion and free members are allowed a text advert and special offer!

Bonus offer! I’ll give you a free upgrade worth $17 if you buy PBG. Just email your receipt to with the name you signed up to the giveaway under and I’ll upgrade you.

===> Fathers Day Giveaway <===
(From July 10th to July 24th 2011) Event Organiser: Kerry Russell. Take the first upgrade for $17 and get 75% Commission, 5 Gifts, 5 Text adverts, and 5 Special offers, or the second upgrade for $9 and get 50% Commission, 3 Gifts, 3 Text adverts, and 3 Special offers. You will NOT be downgraded for non-promotion

So there you go, you have a chance to try Push Button Giveaways and take part in a couple of events, why not try this out? After all you are covered by our 60 day money back guarantee so there really is no risk. I really can’t make it any easier for you, if you really want to succeed with your online business by taking part in giveaway events I suggest you grab this offer right away.

    12 replies to "Are These 2 Obstacles Holding You Back?"

    • Mandy Allen

      Hi John and Keith, this is a great post, Keith. I was always reluctant to join giveaways for the very reasons you state, but PBG2.0 is so easy to use – even I can use it! And I’m the most non techie, get everything in a muddle person you could ever meet!

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Time was the biggie for me too Keith…

      I wouldn’t mind – but years ago I always did very well with giveaways…
      But as I progressed and added to my work load through having a good list built with the giveaways etc. – I found I needed the time to contact subscribers and create products, so I did less and less giveaways…. No wonder my list growth practically stopped!!

      Thanks to PGB2.0 – I can now join giveaways in just seconds (well a minute or so), I joined one while recording a video tour for my blog and it was just as PBG2 says it is on the tin … click, joined, click, gift added, click profile complete.. etc.

      A really useful tool for everyone… newbies AND time limited marketers!


    • David Taylor

      My entire list is built almost exclusively from giveaways.

      I agree that the time they take has been a put off for me and PBG looks like the perfect match for me.

      Great post Keith and I look forward to using PBG 2.0 soon.

      All the best,


    • Lisa

      Hello Keith and John, 🙂
      I am “back in the giveaway saddle” with PBG2!
      I haven’t been actively list building over the last year because of the time and effort and adding gifts, remembering where they are on the hard drive, direct download link,etc…
      Well ever since I joined PBG2, I have entered a few giveaways and guess what??
      There are people out there who want what I have to offer in the giveaways! A lot of people!
      AND I am real excited about getting my name and my product out there once again! 🙂 Fast and easy! (Giveaways, NOT me!! haha!)
      Gonna have to hook up some new original stuff now that you have launched St. Swithins! I remember your giveaway last year and it ROCKED!!
      Take care and thanks for Push Button Giveaways 2.0. If folks are really serious about list building….they need to hop on board!


    • Kerry Russell

      Hey Keith

      Traffic and list building were a BIG problem for me until I discovered giveaways. Basically I spent a good 18 months struggling online prior to hosting my own events and my results were just laughable.

      Since hosting my own events and using your Push Buttons to sign up and take part in third party events I have added just over 650 new subscribers to my list in just over two months.

      Pretty cool ey 🙂

      Anyone new to IM, especially anyone struggling to get started should seriously think about hosting their own events. It really is the easiest way to get started.


      P.S. I have saved an absolute TON of time since I started using PB2. It ROCKS!

    • Steve Wilkins

      Hi Keith, John

      This product looks like the perfect fit for me. As I have spent a lot of time of researching give-away events and adding gifts to them and even though I have built a decent size list from this, I have always been on the look-out for a way to simplify this process and I think I had found it so thanks guys!

      Steve Wilkins.

    • Barry Wells

      Hi John and Keith,

      I’ve signed up for PBG and am amazed at how easy you have made it for everyone to jump in and get started with their list building.

      After having a good look around the inside of PBG I’ve come away with loads of ideas for making the most of my purchase.

      I know that this one purchase will help me generate the cost many many time over, not to mention the amount of new subscribers I’ll get from using it.

      I also have to say that your video tutorials make it so easy to get started straight away.

      Fantastic job Keith and John


    • Carol Smith

      Just beginning my list after almost 2 years MIA from Internet Marketing. There really are no advantages in having “done it before”. You still have to work. One big difference with PBG 2.0 is that you are working smart not hard. As a retired teacher I always preached this to my students. Now Keith has given me a tool to do just that as I work to establish my list.

      Thanks Keith!


    • Dee Ann Rice

      Keith and John,

      I have just recently found your Push Button Giveaways 2.0. I saw it before but guess I did not pay attentions.

      I also have not done give aways before so am excited about doing them and using Push Button Giveaways 2.0.

      I think I can do it with you program.

      Thanks for making things easy for those of us who don’t know what we are doing.

      Dee Ann Rice

    • James Hughes

      Good post Keith

      I will be trying this out shortly.

      Amazing value from this product.


    • Karla Jewell

      I am just starting out and have joined a few giveaways, but honestly did not know what to do to make them profitable for me…thanks for a great article.

    • Dave Klencson

      Hi Keith

      Thanks to both you and John for an incredible product and a great post!

      The results and experiences recorded in earlier comments (esp from experienced marketers like Randy) show that this product is a must have!

      Thanks again


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