Greetings everyone.

Today I will like to talk about how to create a YouTube money tree that will continuously grow money for you for many years into the future.

Videos in your YouTube channel are important assets that will bring in income repeatedly.

Why YouTube, you may ask.

The reason is that YouTube has evolved into a very popular and mature platform that most people are actively engaged with it.

YouTube is steadily growing every day, and its viewers are skyrocketing.

In addition, the younger generations are more attracted to watching videos on YouTube than using other social media like Facebook and Twitter.

One thing is certain, YouTube will always be getting bigger, while other social media may be declining and may even disappear forever one day, but never YouTube.

But exactly how do you utilize YouTube to be an income source?
This is the topic we will be discussing today.

However, to be able to monetize your videos on your YouTube channel, you will need to do the correct thing.

To start with effective YouTube marketing, you will first need a Google email account to create a YouTube channel.
Always use a new Google email account to set up a YouTube channel, to avoid any complications to your personal email account.

In YouTube, you can use paid advertising to promote your products and services, however, we are focusing on using the free traffic methods to grow your YouTube channel.

Here we discuss the tips and tasks to perform correctly to make your YouTube channel a success.

Tip 1: Selecting Your YouTube Channel Niche
To avoid confusion to visitors to your YouTube channel, you should only be focused on one niche, so the videos you created must be related to this niche.

This also helps to brand your YouTube channel as an authority channel, as a mixture of different niche videos in your YouTube channel makes you a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

Your niche must be a popular niche that many people are looking for information and solutions to their problems.
It must also be a topic that you have great interest in it, or are even passionate about it.

To verify that the niche that you intend to select is very popular with high engagements, first perform a search of the niche in YouTube, using the search bar.

If the niche is popular and highly engaging, you should see quite a number of videos with millions of views.

This shows that many people are interested in this niche and are likely looking for solutions to their related problems.

For example, if your niche of interest is Dog Grooming, upon searching, you will see many videos with at least a million views, as in the few images shown below.

Tip 2: Selecting Your Topic For Creating Video

Next, you will need to determine your topic of interest to create a video.

Similarly, extract those videos in your niche that has millions of views, and use the video title as a guide selecting a title that actually captures the attention of many people.

After all, this title does attract millions of viewers, correct?

Do not copy the title exactly, but re-phrase it in a different way to make it look different.

Now we have selected a niche and a title to create the video.

Two problems solved, a few more to go.

Tip 3: Creating A Video Thumbnail
Before you create the video, you should create an enchanting video thumbnail that attracts the attention of potential viewers.

As the video thumbnail is the first thing the visitor sees about your topic, it determines if a visitor is just passing by or becomes a viewer of the video content.

The picture must be interesting and captivating, and it is even better if it can arise curiosity.

In addition, texts that stand out are attention grabbers.

You can also use the thumbnail of a video that has millions of viewers as a reference and inspiration for the video thumbnail style to create.

See an example of such a video thumbnail in the following image with an interesting picture and attention-grabbing texts.

Tip 4: Video Creation Method
There are many ways to create a video.

You can use a mobile phone to capture a video of the objects of interest.

You can also let someone else capture a video of yourself explaining the topic you want to discuss.

In case you are not willing to show your face in front of the camera, you can also create a presentation video without you within the videos.

As for the voiceover, you can let someone else do the speech.

You can make the speech yourself on the topic you are discussing.

Alternatively, you can also use AI speech generation software such as Speechelo to create the audio file, which sounds very human-like.

For the video creation software, there are many available online at an affordable price, such as Adobe Spark or Filmora, which allows the user to assemble media files like images and audio files to create the video.

Below is an example of a Female Psychology video that uses a presentation style without showing the person in the video.

Tip 5: Let Viewers Find Your Videos
Viewers can search for the videos of interest using a search phrase.

To make your video appears on the first page when a person searches for a phrase related to your video, you will need to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You can search for a video with a high view count that is related to your topic of interest, and check the title to see if you can extract relevant search phrases.

Then create the description of the video with multiple placements of these search phrases and variants.

This allows YouTube’s search engine algorithm to rank your video higher as compared to other YouTubers videos.

For example, for this video 7 Mindsets That Attract Women Like Crazy, the keywords Mindsets, Attract Women are mentioned multiple times in the description.

Tip 6: Ask Viewers To Take Action
It is important to ask viewers to take positive actions that will help YouTube to favour your video over other videos.

Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel and also to enable the bell notifications, which will inform them if your channel has new videos added.

Ask viewers to click on the thumb up icon to like your videos.

Also, ask them to share the video with their friends.

Lastly, ask them to make comments about your video.

These actions increase the engagement of your videos.

Tip 7: Consistency
Create and upload your videos regularly, preferably on the same day and time, to allow the YouTube algorithm to recognize that you are a consistent content contributor.

You can create the video in advance and schedule the upload on the same day and same time of the week.

When your YouTube channel has more videos added, it helps in your channel’s popularity too.

Now you know how to attract viewers to your YouTube videos, what about the most important thing of all?

The product to promote that will attract a horde of hungry buyers ready to give you their cold hard cash?

Click here to find out how.

Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about this YouTube marketing blog.

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