The fact that you are reading this post is simply because a digital marketing agency is part of your life right now.

The online world has invaded and changed our lives, but some things have not changed over time. One of them is the need for a company to communicate with its consumer market. What has changed significantly and will continue to change will be the way it is done.

What’s more important?

The digital marketer needs to know all the traditional marketing techniques and add a new layer to all of that, which is the internet. These tools are just the tip of the iceberg within a digital marketing agency; that is, they only serve to channel messages to influence a certain audience.

Behind every visual and playful aspect of the internet’s actions, the digital marketing agency should always focus on analyzing results, measured by numbers, metrics, and indicators.

Main Objective

A digital marketing agency’s real objective is to have the expertise to transform the online environment into a real storehouse of opportunities. Therefore, channels and tools are mechanisms to ensure that your company can talk to the right customer, at the right time and in the best possible way.

Setting Up a Digital Marketing Agency

In years of experience in this area, we have selected some points that qualify as the most important for those who want to open a digital marketing agency. Here is a step by step guide to creating a successful digital marketing agency.

1 – The Market for Marketing Agencies
Before we get into the question of setting up a digital marketing agency, it is interesting to make a market assessment for digital marketing agencies.

The expected heating up of the economy in 2020 will cause a strong demand for digital marketing services, and I explain why.

Many entrepreneurs have withdrawn due to the unfavorable economic environment in recent years, and in this effort to contain costs, they have left aside the digital marketing part.

Meanwhile, the market has continued to advance, and new trends and technologies have been incorporated into everyday online marketing. As a result, these entrepreneurs are extremely outdated and will need to align themselves.

This is great news for anyone looking to know how to set up a digital marketing agency, as it is a clear sign that customers will not be missing.

2 – Branch Location
This is another point that you should evaluate well because, depending on the business model you intend to build, it has a great impact on your cost structure.

In the traditional model, you will incur costs such as rent, condominium, property tax, and everything else with its own or rented commercial space. Is it worth it? Having such a structure, just to receive customers? It is a point to be analyzed.

But then, how to set up a digital marketing agency without a point of its own? Simple, create a structure where people can work in the home office.

Tip: The main location for a digital marketing agency is online. So, take care of your site and optimize it for local searches mainly. Your website is your main reference, so invest whatever is necessary for it.

3 – The Services Offered By a Marketing Agency
How to set up a digital marketing agency involves, first of all, the definition of the services you will provide; since this will define other parameters of the project, let’s start with this part.

In general, a marketing agency offers the following services:
Search marketing involving SEO actions
– Search marketing through ads on Google
– E-mail marketing
– Social media marketing
– Content Marketing

Well, this is the basic menu, and also one of the big pitfalls, which is trying to cover the entire spectrum of digital marketing without having the necessary structure for it.

Digital Marketing Tips to Succeed
A digital marketing agency must have resources in technology and intelligence to promote actions such as:

– Define in an assertive way which the target audience is, their needs, and when the best time to approach them is;

– Create, review and suggest content adapted for the internet;

– Define and use keywords for the type of business;

– Strengthen the image or brand, through qualified content on social networks and relationships, as well as content production for blogs, website, and Google;

Create or organize attractive content, capable of explaining and selling in an instigating way, practically irresistible for those who read;

– Identify when the customer is most likely to make a purchase, creating an almost perfect situation for conversion and sale;

– Deliver content to customers in a way that does not bother them or cause discomfort, but rather strengthens the desire for a product or service.

– Quantify visits on certain channels over a while;

– Identify which tools are producing the greatest number of conversions;

– Guide clients on investment and return on each digital tool;

– Produce and explain the reports with all the result indicators of digital marketing actions.

Bottom Line
If we consider the growing advance of social networks and the internet, we can consider that this business segment is very promising. Social networks enable the expansion and creation of increasingly sophisticated advertising methods, reaching a larger audience every day.

A digital marketing agency does not require a high investment. Its main investment is intellectual and technical. That is, whoever will be in charge of the business needs to know all the techniques related to the segment.

This is a guest post from Troy Gorham if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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