Here we are again. Another day passes us by and I did two small things to build my business today. I submitted yet another article. You can view this here. My long term plans are two articles per week. Like I said before I don’t care what anyone says, article marketing works so if you are not doing it you need to be.

I also added another eBook to my eBay inventory. You can view this here. The eBook isn’t mine but has some of my branded links inside and I know once it’s ‘out there’ it will once again bring in money on autopilot.

So as you can see I actually didn’t do a great deal today but I know what I did do has once again built my business.

As we are coming to the end of the month are you starting to notice something?

I am doing nothing special, there is no real secret to what I do, it’s all about action. If I can give you any advice that means you can stop buying these $1000 courses and $97 eBooks it would be this.

Do something each day that builds your business.

That’s it, that’s the big secret. You can stop reading now… Goodnight…

But seriously. That is the ‘big secret’. It’s all about building and growing.

It doesn’t even have to be much, you have the blueprint right here in this Blog, you can see what I do and what I’m about. And let me tell you what I do works.

So now I’m going to turn things round, although there are not too many comments each day this Blog is getting up to a 1000 hits a day and sometimes more so I know you’re there 🙂

So what I want to know is what did you do to build your business today?

If you done something, anything, please comment.

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    • Cris

      Hey John – Thanks for the great tips!

    • Dan Thompson

      I’ve submitted an article, answered emails, started work on a new site, started work on a JV project, managed the outsourcing of a website update, driven a few miles to fix someones computer, written some instructions for a new EW Portal site……and I wrestled a calf away from it’s mother so it could go to market – beat that! 🙂

    • Paul

      Hi John, you are so right. To be successful building a business online you need to get into the habit of being productive – even to the point where you feel guilty if you don’t do just one little thing. We were busy today because its half-term and we’re off to Center Parcs first thing in the morning. But I still managed to spend an hour on a new web site I’m launching next month. I only copied the template into a new web folder, changed the colour scheme, and a couple graphics, and started on the sales copy. Not much but it was a step forward, and another brick laid in my business. Great Blog John, and plenty for us all to learn. Paul

    • Pat Graham

      Well, John…I don’t want you to feel lonely, like no one will leave a comment. You asked, “What did I do today to build my business?”

      I got a request for a quote for some small articles…sent it. I got a request to do a JV with someone I respect…I accepted. I’m waiting for a client to send the payment for an ebook he wants me to create out of PLR reports. I have another possible client making up her mind.

      My business is ghostwriting, so I do not have a site yet, but it is in my mind, along with a couple of other pregnant thoughts building up steam in my mind. Sometimes I feel like I need a clone of myself.

      Oh…about those thoughts building up steam…I work some everyday on design, content, promotion, likely outcomes, etc. I am becoming an expert on outlining.

      I read your newsletter every day and have actually taken most of your points to heart. Now you know that there’s one person listening to you, even if I’m on the other side of the world.


    • Paula Brett

      Hi John, I’ve spent the day organising an affiliate page for my Operation eBook.

      I’ve had quite a lot of emails asking me if there’s an affiliate program available so I’m hoping to launch it by the end of this weekend.

      I submitted to Clickbank yesterday and received approval today – which I understand is pretty quick. So it’s all go, go, go 😉

      I’ve just fired up Photoshop to see if I can be inspired to make some great banners.

      I’ve also had such great feedback from my free 7-day course that I’m going to compile it into a report and offer it to affiliates as a resource – it will be brandable, of course.

      I also installed a PlanetSMS website for one of your Members today, as well as a MyDD and a DLGuard.

      And all that when the kids are on half term – arrghhh 🙂

      Paula Brett

    • Allen Farlow

      John, what I did today was let another day pass by without doing one thing to increase my business.

      But I did read your blog post here and I think it’s slowly sinking in through my thick skull.

      If I just do one thing a day, that’ll be thirty or thirty-one things I’ve done each month to increase my business!

      And how much time does it take to do one thing a day? No time at all!

      Great point you made.

    • kelly4x-2007

      i think your a person that knows what he wants and is doing his best to get it. i have just set up my own ebay shop althow there isnt much on there at the minute due to lack of funds ;). over the last week or so i have been buying things to put into my shop, hence the lack of funds ;), i am quite new to computers and only have just above basics on them, i have bought 2 domain names this week one to automate my e-book downloads and another as an extra link for my shop, the problem is i dont know yet how to put my domain site together 😉 im just reading every bit of information i can get my hands on, as i really want my online business to work! well who would’nt! 😉 i an also running my own business as a female plasterer and painter and decorator, i have been reading alot of your e-books and recieving the email 5 step course which is my business bible ;). but to answer your question today i have had to go into my system registry and change my product key! by no means easy when i dont know what im doin, its like asking a blind person to drive! for my business i have started to recieve the stock that i have orderd as i sell many diffrent things, not just e-books, i have bought a stock inventory software and i am in the middle of setting that up, i have also been busy cleaning up my system registry although that is not really related to the business, i have been shopping, had my car break down at the petrol garage ;( i have just written in your blog and now im goin to look on ebay for bargins and finish my inventory setup. phewww roll on sleep time 😉
      enjoyed reading you blog and i will be back to read more when you post on it.
      kind regards
      kelly 😉

    • Vicky

      Hi John, long time lurker first time poster here…

      I’ve just finished the thank-you page (with the opt-in email bonus) for my new Self Help ebook, and have the first few messages of the autoresponder written. I’ve sort of been spinning my wheels a little today with an audio preview problem for a new ebook I’m putting together. With help from the guys at your forum I’m up and running with that so I’m uploading the site right now.

      Tomorrow is a different story… I NEED to get my head around putting my first clickbank ebook up, get ViralPDF, make a brandable “leaked chapter” ebook, and put it out there for interested parties.

      I’d better eat my Wheatabix tomorrow cos it’s gonna be a busy day!


    • Hugh

      Hi John and everyone else,

      I’m looking for some advice on how to drive people to my website([nothing special]) and my auctions and store. in need of some really help?

      I’m sorry but i need the help or some one to mentor me through the tough start-up period.

    • Ron Barrett


      Keep up the awesome work here. It’s nice to come and read about what you are doing instead of reading a sales pitch and someone asking you to take your credit card out….

      As far as building my business, I started working on my newsletter for next week. I also was searching for a domain name for the ebook site that I want to launch. I think I have come up with one, now it’s a matter of registering the domain and getting graphics done for it.

      I am also considering contacting Pat to get some pricing for articles that I want to submit for the ebook site and also for my computer site.

      You are correct, submitting articles does contribute to getting traffic to your site. I can attest to that.

      Have a great weekend and I look forward to reading more next week.


    • Richard Richmoor

      Hi John,

      Just got in from my day job and saw your blog request.

      So,this morning prior to work, I added two articles to my website and obtained 3 backlinks for each article by posting to some PR4 and PR5 blogs.

      I’ll add 2 more articles to 2 other websites and get backlinks for those articles.

      I think that will about take up my time for this evening.

      Thanks for your great blog, its inspirational.

    • gourmet coffee snob

      Hi John,

      I sometimes post the take action credo over at the mysilentteam form. I think that all of the reading in the world won’t do one bit of good unless there is some action also taling place.

      I think that action and publicity are a lot alike. There is no bad instant of either…

      John, when will you be stopping by the MST forum…soon I hope…

      Always Drink Better Coffee
      SpotaJava Coffee

    • Steve

      I did a few things, but somehow I never feel it’s enough. I’d like to be doing more to create new titles (I only use PLR materials so I can add my own branding and affiliate links, but this is time-consuming). I’d like to be doing more to cross-promote my sites.

      Here’s what I did: I started an eBay blog with links to my standalone ebook store. I relisted two current eBay listings that expired. I added three messages to the autoresponder series at my fitness site.


    • River (AKA Dr. Otter)


      I’ve always been an organizational fanatic, and that serves me well, since my time available for work on my Internet-based business looks like this:
      Monday 9 – 5
      Thursday 9 – 5
      Saturday 9 – 4
      23 hours a week.

      No matter how organized I am, it always seems like there’s more to do than there is time.

      — or so I thought.

      By following what you’ve been doing this month I’ve learned at least two valuable things:
      1. Focus. It’s so easy to get distracted, e.g., by the latest offer for a “silver bullet” ebook that will magically turn your business into an effortless herd of cash cows (ain’t no such thing!).
      2. Learn to use “bits” of time to accomplish small tasks every day — emphasis on the “every day”. That way I don’t have to feel like I’m trying to jam a 40-hour workweek into 23 hours in 3 days. I’ve realized that I have an hour or two _every_ evening that I could spend accomplishing a task or two that will move my business forward.

      The last thing I’ve finally learned is that I don’t have to do it all by myself. (Especially the stuff I really don’t like to do or am not superior at doing.) I had resisted outsourcing because I didn’t think that anyone could possibly do my business as well as I (ha ha). Guess what? Outsourcing is great! A few dollars here, a few dollars there, and voila! Onerous tasks (to me) are completed painlessly.

      My business revenue has taken a very satisfying jump this month as I’ve followed your activities and been inspired to do my own. Thanks for sharing your insights and processes.

    • Keith Purkiss

      Hi John,

      I’m following the advice from your’s and Randy’s 7 keys ebook.
      This has been my busiest week, with 2 new blogs setup, a support desk, a possible big JV, expanding my ebay shops, updating my Free Listings Report and loads of other stuff.

      I have a lot more to do but as you said in the conversation with Daniel it take time, but keep going, and keep taking action.



    • Keith Bowman

      Hi John,

      I enjoy reading your blog each day. I have been working on setting up my affiliate program each day this week. I hope to have it ready for launch this weekend. Thanks so much for the inspiring words each day!


    • Randy Smith

      Today …
      I posted some comments on forums to try and help someone with their headlines, which will hopefully keep my name in mind when people want copy.
      I also wrote out my Day 3 adventures at britpack which I’ll be posting tomorrow onto my blog.
      Plus sent a testimonial in to a guy who’s ebook I just read, together with a link back to my site.

      And sent a couple of email blasts to listbuilding sites.


    • Carol Smith

      Everyone else that have commented are so far along but I am moving there. After reading “7 steps” last week, I have refined my To Do List and I am trying to click it off systematically.

      I made a few changes on my website (your package so professionally set up by Dan). About through there or at least I have to call it done for now.

      Worked on Turbo Lister. Tried to find a template to upgrade my “look”.

      Wrote my profile for eBay. Still need to post it tonight. I will also get started on my eBay store.

      Still studying because each step is foreign to me. Tackling opt in and how to wrap my mind around the affiliate concept. I understand the broad aspects but not the fine details.

      Finish all my reading tonight on forums and blogs.

      Back to work.

    • Rob Daniel

      Hello again John!
      This is a great blog, keeping it simple and straight, nice one.

      We have just returned from a 77 performance/workshop tour of Western Australia and New South Wales, to over 12,000 children and hundreds of teachers. The Dan Dave Imagination Creation tour is all about developing creative writing and cartooning skills using laughter and tricks by the bucket full! BUT, what we’re really all about is filling children with self esteem, confidence, resilience and a passion for living.

      So each day, now we’re back, I do a bit more. We have an agent who has booked us on a six week tour of New Zealand next year, NSW again for ten weeks and WA for two weeks. Plus ten days in the Cocos Islands working with young people there.

      Each day I do a little more, sending out e-mails to schools around the world letting them know what we do, International Schools, community groups, talking with contacts around the world.

      Already there is interest from the UK, Europe, Japan, America and Canada for what we’re doing, and each day is about making these tours happen.

      Today is about re-building the website as well, to update our tour and add photo’s.

      The secret is certainly about doing something each day, as it will definitely grow. However there is another secret, and it’s more important. You have to LOVE what you do. It needs to be a passion. If it isn’t, then no amount of success or money is every going to be enough. Each day should look like, jumping our of bed because you cant wait to go an do what you do.

      Only a few people have that. I’m very lucky.

      Find what you love to do, and do it. Providence will step in and open doors along the way to make it happen, as long as you are in action as well each day.

      Great advice John. Keep it going mate!
      Rob Daniel

    • Mike

      Hi John,

      I reserved a new domain for an idea I’m working on, added a new affiliate link to one of my current sites, did some more work on my new Ebook, and searched for more PLR Ebooks-can’t get enough of them!

      Thanks for all your fantastic, no-nonsense advice- and congratulations on breaking the 13,000 barrier for eBay feedback!

    • Alpha981

      Hi John,

      Thought I would take the time to add a comment to your Blog

      So what have I done today to “Build my Business”

      Well I have added a couple more Affiliate Reviews to my
      HudsonRecommends Blog @
      Its funny I get more sales from promoting other peoples stuff
      than my own :(, the sites only be going a few days and already a couple of sales via Googles PPC programme. will be adding an AR
      ( aweber signup box ) for list building over the weekend.

      Also read the latest on the mentorshipmonthly site as always very informative.

      Posted some comments on the planet forum only to find later that one post was deleted 🙁 Oh well Off now to translate some German for Mr.Smith…

    • Peggy Baron

      Thanks for another great post John. After I read it, I ran over to my blog and made a post just so I could tell you that I’d done something. 🙂

      Actually, I spent the day learning, and it was focused learning for a change. I needed some good examples for what my squeeze page should look like and I found some excellent information. I also outlined the steps I need to accomplish before my free report can go live. Now I’ve carved out some time to implement these steps.

      Richard, what are PR4 and PR5 blogs?


    • Sally Neill

      Hi John

      Today, well yesterday I finished my very first 7 part email

      It helps newbies join in Joint Venture Giveaways and helps
      them build a mailing list on auto-pilot.

      I even done some camtastia video tutorials for the first time

      Readers of the blog can access it without sign up here:

      I agree with you and most of the posts before mine, do something
      everyday, even if it’s just uploading an ebook to resell, adding
      a new message to your autoresponder, submitting an article etc etc
      as it will soon all slot together!

      Like you always say multiple income streams are important!

      Sally 🙂

    • Kristi Reichenbach

      Hey John,

      Great post as always. I can’t say often enough how grateful I am for you being you. Since the release of 7 Keys I have been really focused on the “doing something daily” concept.

      Since you asked, yesterday I added another product to my eBay store, wrote another installment in my training series for my autoresponder, and wondered why Paula didn’t have an affiliate program! I’m happy to see her post above! So today I’ll be chasing Paula down to get that affiliate info before the price increase and sending an email to my list then devouring the new content at Membership Monthly.

      Thank you again for breaking things down into manageable pieces that even the most distracted individual can handle.


    • Ken Griffiths

      I’m half way through the 150 odd e-mails I receive every day from most of the planet’s guru’s (including John). I have about 15 products that I’ve bought over the last month to check out, when and if I find the time. I need to focus focus focus, until the next wonder product appears in my inbox 😉
      I’m the guru’s dream customer, I just can’t say no, HELP me John!!!!!
      Hold on, I have another e-mail and this one sounds so good….


    • Julie Fletcher

      I have added a couple more companies to my database so that I can mail them about my services (data entry, database management etc….) Also found a new Local Services category on Ebay that I can use to advertise and hopefully find some new clients so that I can afford to go full time in my business in the new year and leave my day job!!!

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