Wow, here we are into the 22nd day. This month has gone so fast and I must say while sometimes writing Blog updates takes up a lot of time I have really enjoyed what I have done so far. So don’t think for a minute this will stop once the month ends. I aim to make this Blog an excellent resource for anyone that takes the time to visit.

Once again the British weather was fantastic over the weekend. It’s as though our seasons have been reversed. While the Summer was one of the worst on record this month has to have been one of the best.

And I’m afraid because of the glorious weather I didn’t get home till almost 4pm today so this has not left much time for work. I never normally do much on a Monday anyway but I always like to do something, anything that sees me build my business. So here’s what I did.

I added another message to one of my autoresponder sequences. However this one is a little different. When I launched PlanetSMS Digital Mentorship Monthly I built an affiliate list, in fact this list is still growing. You can check out how I do this at

If you are on the above list you will be receiving that message very soon and I have also added a similar message to the Blog, you can view it by clicking here. I have it timed to go out 14 days after you initially sign up so once again this is something that will run on autopilot and bring in new affiliates to my other websites and products.

I have learned building an affiliate list is extremely important. Remember what I said in my first post on the 1st of the month about looking after your affiliates. Well keeping in touch with them is also crucial. How else will they find out you have new or updated products that they could promote for you. So if you are not building an affiliate list now is the time to consider it. Just put an email capture form on any affiliate pages you have.

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    • Mark McWilliams

      GREAT again John! – By the sound of it all, you really do have a leisurely kind of life 🙂 [No Offence When I Say That ;)]

      You read about other people running around like headless chicken’s, but I know it’s because you have at least 80% of your business on autopilot. In fact, it’s probably more near 90%.

      I can’t wait to read your newsletter this month and enjoy a read of October’s Mentorship Monthly! 🙂

      It would be great for me to have a business on autopilot 😉 – And I should really get an eBay Store setup. But how should I go about it?

      I could see another product John 😉 – In fact, I might just email you, or even use that new support desk.

      Anyway, I best stop rambling on…thats Randy’s job 😀


    • Mick Menesse

      Hi John,

      Well done on keeping the blog going, I’ve seen so many of these start well and then die after a few weeks but i’m impressed (as normal).

      A quick question for you. I had a look at your link above and am curious as to who or what you use as your affiliate management?

      As this is a vital part of your business like you say, i wanted to make sure i get it right from the start.

      Thanks John, keep it up.

      Mick Menesse

    • John Thornhill

      Hey Mick – The affiliate program at is powered by Affiliate Page Pro.

    • Daniel

      I couldn’t understand some parts of this article 2 – October 22nd, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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