And what a day it’s been 🙂

Sales of Seven Key Elements Every Successful Marketer Follows are flying off the virtual shelves. I would like to thank Randy for his patience over the last few days and also for all the work he has put in making this eBook the success I already know it has become. Let me say this, if you need any copywriting services check Randy out at

I am looking for testimonials so if you have already bought the eBook and wish to comment please feel free. I will be using some in an email that will go out tomorrow. However, please don’t mention the bonus as it would then no longer be a mystery bonus 🙂

Now you probably think that all I did today was concentrate on the launch. Well as Randy and I set everything up yesterday all I had to do was add a PayPal button to the site at the launch time. So I actually had a lot of time on my hands today.

So I made arrangements with my support manager Daniel to create an audio product. All I did was go to his house and record an informal chat we had today. We basically just talked about eBay, eBooks and Internet Marketing in general and have managed to record 80 minutes worth of killer content. When I think back we basically just sat in Daniel’s house for a few hours, drank lots of tea and talked. And the end result is a great info product. I know we could sell it but while we actually didn’t know what we were going to do with it as we were recording we have finally decided to give it away 100% free. More on this over the coming days.

That’s it for today I’m afraid. please remember the testimonials if you got any value from the eBook

    6 replies to "Day 16 – October 16th"

    • Mick Menesse

      Thanks John I look forward to checking out the new product.

      Mick Menesse

    • Jo

      Still reading the book, John – give us a chance!
      Must stop for a breather!


    • Keith Purkiss

      Hi John and Randy,

      I bought your eBook as soon as it came out and followed my principle of always reading everything as soon as it is downloaded.

      Congratulations on producing a clear blueprint to success that anyone can follow.
      Whilst you can’t actually force someone to achieve anything you have
      set out the steps that we all need to take and now it is up to us.

      The last part Randy added is very important and I think it is
      something all successful people share,



    • Randy Smith

      Obviously I can’t really add a testimonial about the book….lol

      However I can say that John really does care that people succeed!
      Throughout our working together he’s been patient, helpful and very instructive.
      Whilst at the same time open to suggestions and discusion of ideas and input I wanted to share.

      So anyone reading this that wants to know if John would make a good mentor – take it from me…. buy the book (Preferably from my site – see my blog…lol) and see for yourself, then get yourself on John’s radar with your ideas!

      And don’t forget – the mystery bonus itself will almost guarantee you’ll benefit even before you start reading the 7 Keys!


    • Nick Chivers

      Hi John and Randy

      Another winner! Surprising how telling it as it needs to be told is such a refreshing change.
      If you need to market anything, anywhere, the road-map is in this book – just follow it.

      We all now have a tried and trusted plan to follow by people that actually work this way, we do not need anything else other than to take action.

      A fantastic and clearly laid out book with proven and tested methods.
      Well done and thank you John and Randy.


    • Tommy McLaughlin

      Hi John & Randy,

      I bought this eBook, within minutes of the Launch.
      It was all I expected and more, the ease at which this blueprint is laid out, is simplicity personified and all this info for under $10 Bucks!, I have printed the plan out and have it next to my PC. Thank you for great Product!

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