Let’s just say, you thought about wanting to start your own Home-based business. You must first start with the right mindset to accomplish this. We tend to jump in headfirst with our desires. I am guilty of this. But I quickly learned that, yes headfirst is where we must start. We must begin in our heads by creating the mindset to be a business owner or whatever that desire may be. The journey begins within.

Continue reading, let me try and explain.

Do you constantly wonder when life is going to go your way? Do you wonder how it’s going to happen and why? If you’re so busy worrying about where life is taking you, then you’re probably not putting enough time or power behind your decisions.

After all, your decisions are a major factor in manifesting your desires. In order to make the right decisions, you must commit to yourself.

You must commit to the power of decision. If you’re caught up in the wondering, then you aren’t taking action. Action is required for intention.

The idea behind the ability to manifest your desires is that you have the power to create your reality. It certainly isn’t about standing around, hoping, waiting, and wishing for things to go your way.

Rather, it’s about projecting desires from inside out into the external world. This is going to require self-belief, decisiveness, faith, and action. Your future is in your hands.

Manifesting Through Decision


There is no greater commitment than making a decision. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss this step because they’re too busy focusing on their desire. The focus is so intent they have failed to follow through by making decisions. It’s important to understand that the decision-making process is what takes your intentions from questions to knowing.

Take this opportunity to commit. Commit to yourself, to your intentions, and your decisions. Make the decision that your desire will be yours and nothing can stand in your way.

There is a difference between thinking about your intention and how great it is and deciding. The decision, the commitment to decision is the first step and an important one that cannot be missed.


Do you remember how popular the saying been there, done that? It’s still a saying and it’s one that you should think about a bit more deeply. That’s the type of intent you need to manifest your desires. You have to look at your future and consider it done.

Your future is exactly how you imagine it will be because you have your intention and you’re committed to making the decisions required to get you there.

So, think about this. Your desire is complete. You’re living your life with intention and that’s just your new normal. How will you feel? We’re accustomed to putting a bit of extra shine on our desires.

Yet, we don’t imagine the reality of our desires coming true. Yes, it feels great when your wants and desires do come true, but then that’s just normal. You have to connect to the energy of your intentions already having been manifested and enjoying it.

Visualization is an excellent tool to use to imagine what it feels like to achieve your desires. The more you can tap into that energy, the faster you can manifest your desires.

Be honest. If you were 100% certain that your desires will manifest, then you would likely act much differently than you do now. Right?

First, you wouldn’t be sitting around wondering how or when it will happen. You would purchase that program, hire that mentor.

You wouldn’t be asking questions because you’re already certain it’s going to be yours. However, this knowledge doesn’t mean you would sit back and wait for it to happen. Not, knowing that your desires will manifest is going to spur you into action. It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when.

Your action must come from a place of self-belief. When you get into that feeling you’re settling into your future self and a knowledge of what that future version of yourself has. Nietzsche’s Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence essentially suggests that time is a flat circle.

Habits That Prevent Your Manifestation of Desires

We are all guilty of bad habits, but are your bad habits standing between you and your ability to manifest your desires? Let’s look at the bad habits that block manifestation.

No Intention

We discussed the importance of intent. If you struggle with manifesting your desires, then you need to look to your intention. What is a goal without a plan of action? What is an intention without decision? When you have an intent, you set it, you record it, and you cement that as your intention with the universe. This allows you to focus on understanding and manifesting your desires.

If you use only your mind to set your intentions, then it can change and evolve. This might sound harmless, but this can actually damage the process of manifestation.


You know how powerful positive self-talk can be. You know how important positive affirmations can be to influencing your mindset. Likewise, negative verbal expressions are poisonous. They are standing between you and your ability to manifest your desires. It’s a process to adopt positive language. When our language is destructive it’s a bad habit.

No Self-Care

It’s difficult to operate at your best when your cup has run dry. If you are constantly tired and you don’t eat well or exercise, then how can you operate at the level necessary for success? You’re creating unnecessary stress and it impacts your energy levels, on a spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional level. When you feel bad, when you feel down, it emits negative energy and will, therefore, attract negativity.

Take the time to practice self-care. Spend time in the sunshine, take walks in nature, get a good night’s sleep, read a book, take a bubble bath, do yoga, meditate, eat home-cooked meals, drink plenty of water, balance your budget.

Have A-Game Plan

This is Big! You want to make money, online right? What is your game plan? How are you going to do this? How much money do you desire to make online? Are you wanting to help others make money as well online? What systems will you use? How will you build your site? What is your niche? What is your mindset behind starting your online business? Do you feel confident? Do you have your systems in place? Do you have a business mentor?

All these questions should be taken into consideration when wanting to start your online business. Which brings me to my review of John’s Ambassador Program.

My Review of the Ambassador Program

Let me be honest like I am sure many of us have. I have spent countless of dollars on programs that we thought would be the one. This is going to be the program that is going to get me to making money online.

To then purchase the program, be one week in and still don’t have your website built, can’t figure out how to automate your email sequence not to mention, what should you say in your emails to your potential clients.

Who is your mentor/business partner? We purchase programs and soon realize we are on our own. This was a biggie for me.

Final Thoughts
You hold the power to manifest your desires. This power rests within you, you call the shots, it’s up to you to make the decisions that will lead you closer to manifesting your desires.

Perhaps the most important decision (and the firs) you need to make is to commit to yourself. In this commitment that you make to yourself, you are committing to manifest your desires and dreams.

Learn to let go of trying to control what you can’t and focus on influencing what you can.

This is a process I truly believe in and follow because it has led me to some amazing people and programs to get my business up and running.

I personally had to change my mindset and manifest the people in my life who are going to aid me in living the life I truly want.

Which brings me to recognize one amazing individual who has truly lived up to these expectations. I want to be in business with people who have walked the walk and talked the talk.

Individuals who are totally committed to others success and always over deliver on their services.

If you desire to be successful online, do yourself a favor and go here, watch the webinar for yourself.

Watch the webinar and get started. You will find that everything has already been set up for you. No excuses! Everything set up for you, from having your web page already set up and your email campaigns ready to roll. This was a game-changer for me! Thank you, Thank you, John.

Ready to become a business partner/Affiliate, go here and get the details now.

The Ambassador program includes:
– Your very own custom-built affiliate website (completely set up for you)
– 99 days’ worth of readymade emails
– You will receive 100% of all sales of the products, 50% of the sales of the high-ticket upgrades, and 50% of the sales of the carefully selected products that will be promoted in the 99-day email sequence! (Boom)!
– You also get to receive a 50/50 profit share of all sales of any upgrade offers your affiliates invest in. (Boom)!
– John is going to also drive ‘kick start’ traffic to his 20,000+ blog readers and social media followers that have the potential to generate your sales from day 1! (Boom)
– John’s training (which is included) will enable you to generate up to 1000 visitors within the first 30 days! How cool is that?

If you are looking for a business that is going to give you the kick start you need, this is it. You get your very own website, affiliate website, plus email promotions! This is a no brainer.

If you want to know more, please click here to attend the webinar and see for yourself!

To Your Mindset & Success


The energy of action aligns you with where you’d like to be! To manifest your desires, you need action to imprint your wants into the universe.

You can fail hundreds of times, but you must get back up again every time.

This is a guest post from Kathy Knight, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.


    • Graham

      Hi Kathy,

      First Time Reader here.
      Love your post!!! 100% spot on!

      It’s all about that decision, that inner belief that it’s already happened that’s fuels the inner fire, This is the true meaning of fake it till you make it that Randy Smith was talking about in his blog the other day. As the great Brian Tracey would say “Believe It To Achieve It”. When we create the right mental and emotional environment we can create anything we desire. There’s no doubt both Johns Partnership To success and The Ambassador program create the right environment. Anyway just wanted to let you know I loved your post. Looking forward to the next one.
      Thanks Again!

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