There are several crucial steps to providing your customers with excellent service and developing credibility.

Being honest with everything you do cannot be emphasized too much. Don’t fall into the “trap” of telling people what you think they want to hear. I see this way too often and it will kill your credibility therefore killing your business and sales. It’ll catch up with you.

In all of your internet marketing/sales materials, be brutally honest, and represent it with integrity. Create interest and excitement, just make sure you’re telling the truth. If you don’t, people can see right through you immediately. Sadly we live in times where some internet marketers have great big dollar signs in their eyes and don’t tell the truth. “They can’t see the forest for the trees”. The forest is your reputation. Hard to build, yet can be lost quickly.

There’s a saying that’s been around for a long time…” care more about helping people get what they want and the money will hunt you down like a dog”. I don’t believe there’s been a truer statement. Under-promise and over-deliver.

Remember that your potential customers can’t see you nor can they hear you talk (with the exception of video and audio), when they go to your sales pages, landing pages, blogs, and read your email messages.

Living in the digital world presents challenges. You must come across as representing your product and/or service with honesty and with integrity. When I was an eBay store owner, I spent extra time building my listings making sure what I stated would be exactly what that customer bought and received. I tried to take good pictures and then deliver on what folks saw in those pictures.

When the “smoke cleared and the dust settled” I was blessed to have a perfect 100% feedback score. I’m not telling you this to brag, I just tried my dead level best to be honest and fair. Nowadays people really appreciate it and are taken back by it.

When folks sent a message, I responded quickly and told them what they needed to know. Not what they wanted to hear. I wrote these messages just like I had them standing in front of me and speaking to a friend.

Many times the product they inquired about would not work for their needs. And I told them it wouldn’t. I never told them what they wanted to hear, always what they needed to know. There’s a big difference. Keep the “dollar signs” out of your eyes and focus on helping people get what they want.

When you treat your internet marketing sales materials and messages this way, you’ll do wonders for your know, like and trust factor.

You will have times when someone gets upset and accuses you of misrepresenting your product or service. It’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, it’s a matter of when it’s going to happen. The very last thing you want to do it “react”. As much as you would like to don’t do it. Rather respond by asking what you can do to rectify their problem or complaint. Be kind and humble. Never attack them.

There’s another saying, “rude is expensive”. How true. When we approach these tough situations the right way and do the right thing, people will gain respect for you and more than likely become a customer. Try to stand in their shoes and see it from their point of view. Don’t be rude or disrespectful. Most people don’t want to be treated that way, so avoid it at all costs. Treat them with dignity and respect.

Some people just like to argue. You could give them your business and house and they still wouldn’t be satisfied.

Here’s a little something from Mark Twain and comedian George Carlin:

“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”. In other words, be respectful, respond and move on. You can’t please everybody. Don’t stoop to their level.

If you’re going to talk the talk you need to walk the walk. I’ve made mistakes. At some time or another, I’ve not taken the high road and have “gone off” on someone. Most especially when I’ve been accused of being dishonest or misrepresentation.

What I should have done is respond the best I could have and moved on. Where I made my mistake was I responded while in a high state of emotion. Bad choice on my part. Wait and cool off then answer them. Don’t “light ’em up”, it will come back to haunt you. That’s what I failed to do and it cost me not only that customer but I’m sure many more. Bad news travels 20 times faster than does good news.

Responding quickly to people’s messages can’t be stressed enough. I know you have experienced sending a message through a contact form or an email and you never hear from that person or it may even be days or weeks. Do you think that individual will become a customer of yours? More than likely not.

If you can respond the same day, great and the best approach! You’ll blow their mind and receive compliments for your fast action. You’ll increase the odds that they will do business with you. Sometimes when you have a busy schedule, it may be the next day before you can reply. That’s okay and workable for responding to questions, comments or concerns.

If you make a mistake, admit it. It takes a bigger person to admit they messed up than one who blames others. Choose your words carefully and think about how your messages come across.

If you apply these ideas to everything you do in your internet marketing ventures, you’ll be “light years” ahead of your competition. You’ll develop a reputation for being trustworthy, credible, and will build an army of loyal followers.

Remember, keep the dollar signs out of your eyes and focus on helping folks get what they want. Put yourself second and your customers first. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

I can, without reservation, state that John Thornhill is a man of his word. He represents his programs with honesty and integrity. He under promises and over-delivers. I know, I’m one of his proud students. I washed $3797 down the drain on false promises before I found him. Ouch, that one hurt! He’ll help you too!

I wish you all the best in your online quest to succeed. Remember, don’t ever give up.

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