HTML clipboardThis is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Coaching program.

Name: Tara Dipalma

Niche: Keep Fit – Weight Loss



From Tara

I have been muddling my way around the online world since the year 2004 only to find myself going round in circles and ending up more and more confused.

I have bought squillions of eBooks and software programs that were designed for the total newbie in the hope that I would find success in my endeavours but sadly the only outcome was a slow pc and yet more and more confusion. I don’t consider myself to be uneducated and yet here I was wading through book after book that was supposed to teach people with absolutely no experience how to be successful online. As I always do, I stuck with each of the many tutorials to the bitter end and yes each time the end result was bitter.

Four years down the track, I was still going nowhere fast! Everything that I had bought so far had claimed to be step by step or lead you by the hand type of set up with full support, the so called “step by step” would prove to be a very vague outline filled with web jargon that I’m sure no newbie would understand let alone be able to implement and the support…….well I from my experience, the support tended to end the instant you clicked the “pay now” button, I suppose everybody has their own ideas about what support actually means.

As disheartened and confused as I was, there is one thing I am not and that is a quitter. I was determined to make my dream of working from home a reality; all I needed was to find something that was all it claimed to be. If something says “step by step” I expect it to be precisely that, was that too much to ask?

I eventually came across John Thornhill, his coaching program was commencing soon, it promised to teach “anyone” how they could: starting from scratch build a product and automate it. I decided that I could most definitely fit into the “Anyone” category and investigated it further. I watched one of his videos and found that he was someone I could actually sit and listen to.

His sales page sent a huge rush of adrenalin through my veins, was this finally what I had been searching for or was I going to be the lamb to the slaughter once again????

I joined John’s coaching program and from week one I was totally blown away, I found his steps to be concise and very easy to follow. The only problem I was faced with was the inability to sleep due to the excitement and anticipation of the next lesson, this continued throughout the course. John and Daniel (John’s technical assistant) provided consistent and prompt support when needed which is something that you rarely experience.

Not once did I find myself overloaded, overwhelmed or confused and for once, something that claimed to be “step by step” actually was exactly that. John’s course is 100% “step by step”, accompanied with actual videos which are easy to pause and then implement.

In following John’s personal coaching program I have come to the realisation that:-

There is no such word as “CAN’T”

There is no such saying as “IT’S TOO COMPLICATED!”

It doesn’t really matter how little you know, what really matters is how competent your teacher is and the kind of support they offer.

I have learned how to:

  • Get and stay organised

  • Set up a blog

  • Create my product from scratch using my own experiences

  • Put up a website using a template

  • Write a sales page

  • Set up a mini course using an autoresponder “aweber”

  • Upload my product to ClickBank

  • Advertise my product correctly

  • Stay focused.

  • And much much more

During the course, John delivered so much more than was expected, he managed to minimise any additional costs that may have been incurred by arranging for free or heavily discounted products for us. He is a true example of someone who under promises and over delivers. If you are new to or struggling on the internet, I would highly recommend John Thornhill’s coaching program to get you up and running in the right direction.

Thank you so much Guys!

Tara Dipalma

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