This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program.

Name: Gary Packer

Niche: Internet Marketing/Traffic Generation



From Gary:

I had been buying and selling items on eBay since I came back to the UK from the US at the latter end of 2004. My house was full with boxes of health and beauty and DVDs from wholesalers. The daily chore of going to the post office and sometimes waiting for up to an hour to post my items was wearing thin.

It wasn’t until late 2006 that I came across PlanetSMS and the 90 Day Powerseller Challenge.

Since my hard drive was full of useless make money reports and ebooks, I thought that one more wouldn’t hurt. I was so pleasantly surprised with John Thornhills package. It had everything one could need to start profiting from digital items. Nothing else on my hard drive came close in quality to this one.

The forum is absolutely brilliant with tons of helpful people willing to give guidance and advice.

By now, I knew this was the way to use the internet wisely and make some money, but I didn’t have a clue how to make websites and spent the next several months learning HTML, buying and familiarising myself with Photoshop, getting webhosting and learning how to upload files. Now all I needed was to be able to create my own product.

I was too late to enroll in the John Thornhill Coaching the first time around, and made a mental note to try to get in on the next one. The countdown to the next coaching session started and I signed up to receive pre-notification of the next coaching program. I was anticipating pushing the button as soon as I got the email which told me the doors were open.

When I opened my mailbox and saw that John had sent me a notification that the course was open. As I had promised myself, I pushed the button only to see that it had already sold out. WHAT!!! I looked at the time the email was sent and it was sent an hour earlier.

Luckily, I was given another chance to get in when the notification was sent to his list. I didn’t miss this one. Thank you John.

As predicted, the first couple of weeks went slow. This was simply because the course caters for everyone, even the complete novices and I have deep respect for this.

I really didn’t have a clue about which topic to choose and the coaching program held my hand and guided me right to where I wanted to be.

Whenever I had any problems, either with the course or technicalities, the support was terrific

At times, I found the course intense, but never frustrating. I spent a long time researching my subject and thought I would never catch up in time, which of course, I did. The help with my sales page was out of this world. Many thanks to those who helped. I am very proud of it.

In a nutshell, the John Thornhill Coaching Program has delivered everything, and I mean everything, it has promised.

Because of the John Thornhill Coaching Program, I have:




Many, many ideas for more products

My own product on Clickbank:

My own blogs at and

An affiliates program at

A 7 part traffic generating e-course

My own mailing list with a lot more subscribers in my database from just four weeks than I had in an entire year of working on my own

And, OPTIMISM. I am optimistic that I will become successful generating an online income for the first time in over 4 years.

Since week 14 of John’s program I have had problems sitting at my PC for more than five minutes at a time (due to surgery of an old stomach injury), but even that didn’t stop me from completing the course. All fit and well again and raring to start running marathons and scampering up trees 😉

I would recommend the John Thornhill Coaching Program to anybody who has plans about generating an income from the internet.

John Thornhill is one of the very few internet marketers who, I have come to believe, really and truly care about helping people become successful on the internet. I owe my new found inspiration entirely to his coaching program.

Kind Regards and Your Complete Success

Gary Packer

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