When you’re working out how to get traffic to your products online it can be hard to feel original and creative when you’re not used to it.

We all have creative abilities but the way for it to flow can be very different with each of us. If you can open your tap of creativity it can be the answer to being successful online.

I love building online opportunities for people but get caught up on getting ideas down sometimes. But it’s hardly surprising since most of my life I have earnt my living considering visuals through the video medium.

I have 40 years of video production experience but wanted to build a passive income with products that can help people online.  Where I help them with a way to float their talent. After all, my video career has been listening to what people want to say and show and then work out how to present that in a video structure.

I have always been interested in the ease of use of technology. If editing could be more efficient, more intuitive to use then the creativity of the edit can flow more easily. Much more interesting work comes out and the video ends up with far more views.

In my research for great products to utilize online, I have trialed and bought many editing systems. Some that animate characters, some that animate text. Plugin extensions that add creative effects and transitions to professional editing systems I use.

I have always kept an open mind on the new types of editing, even with apps on my phones that I have had over the years now. To test the ability of a phone is fun and can turn out great results.

One of the most versatile systems has recently been launched, and I was invited to beta test it! I jumped at the chance and produced a couple of videos about a new project I was working on.

The system turned out to be immensely easy to get the hang of and anyone could build a short video to put over their ideas in a very short time. It has all the elements that give you an entire capability.

You can write your ideas in short sections and see what animations it suggests. You can modify those easily and add, delete, upload your own visuals.

The voice can be changed, edited, given different entasis. Music can be added.

Text can be added. Animation controlled.

You can even change the text and voiceover into numerous languages.

Anybody can let their imagination and creativity flow.

See an example of an animation I made here.

I have a website where I offer this system now alongside an excellent web building system that is so powerful and straight forward to use you can run your whole business online with it. The website is called ActivateALifestyle.com

You can also register for the excellent webinar that I am an ambassador for that would explain so much about having your own products to sell online. Register here directly.

Having your own portfolio of products people need is amazing and this opportunity will get you right there with full guidance. I love it.

Finding your creative flow goes hand in hand with your interest and passions.

Video will continue to build as a format that offers us all creative expression. That’s why platforms like zoom and tiktok have become household names in a matter of months. And why youtube is one of the biggest search engines in the world.

I’d love to help you express your ideas and build your new lifestyle online through videos, your website and great online products.

Get creating! Best wishes.
Dano  ActivateALifestyle.com

This is a guest post from Daniel Howard if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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