One of the first obstacles that most people have to face when they start the journey on making money on the internet is not about the internet itself but about themselves. The truth is that the majority of people have a number of false beliefs and will tell themselves ‘I’m not technical. I can’t make money on the internet’

Interestingly enough, you don’t say to yourself ‘I can’t drive, I’m not a mechanic’. And what would you say to someone who said that they believed they had to be a mechanic before they could learn to drive. You would say ‘Don’t be silly! Anyone can learn to drive.

There is nothing stopping you. I know the number of a good driving instructor or we can find a local driving instructor that can teach you how to drive’.

If I take the analogy a little further. You can’t just buy a car and start driving on the public highway. You need to have an instructor in the vehicle with you and you need a license. You need to pass a test before you can drive on public roads.

Well, the internet is called the information highway and there is a reason for that. There are all types of information moving at the speed of light across the world. My point here is that you can learn how to make money on the internet but it is essential to find a good instructor to show you how to navigate it.

One of the liberating things about the internet is that it is for most purposes essentially free to access. However, because the internet is so flexible it is incredibly difficult to see how it can be used to help you make the money that you want to. You can enter the world with trepidation and a little nervousness.

What am I going to do on this blank canvas?

So it is very easy to go off and buy course after course or software after software, always chasing the rainbow but never catching it. You end up with a hotch-potch of courses from website optimization software to traffic and membership software. It is at this point that many people begin to believe that they have hit a glass ceiling and can’t get past it.

One characteristic of glass is that it is transparent and when you look up you can see above you all those who are making money and this can lead to frustration and people giving up. The problem is that you know enough to know that you need these things but you are not experienced enough to know how to put them together.

What is often missed or not appreciated is that usually, people are not very far away from breaking through. Generally, there may only be one or two things that are not in place and that stops the whole thing from working. Sometimes it is traffic or the lack of it that is missing.

Or sometimes it is the sales copy that needs further work or the bonuses that people have not thought enough about to make the offer compelling.

But whatever it is, it can be fixed and having repeated the cycle one or two more times they would have seen success and their lives would have changed.

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Patrick Mattis

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