Today I have something to share with you I think you will enjoy, especially if you still haven’t got started online. It’s an audio consultation I recorded with Craig Stout, Craig is currently going through my Masterclass Program and asked if he could interview me.

I agreed and decided we shared so much valuable content that I simply had you let you have a listen. I mostly talk about getting started but I also go into a lot of other things. To listen to the audio simply click the play button.


If you’d rather download to your computer to put it on your iPod you can right click and download the audio from here.

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    • Mandy Allen

      Great interview, John and well done to Craig. Very easy listening and a great load of info that is really useful.

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Edson Buchanan

      Hi John,

      Great audio interview. I even downloaded it and will listen in my car.



    • Jeff Moreau

      Hi John, Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and for allowing us to download it.

    • zahid

      Hi John

      This is a great interview and a real insight into how it all started for you back in the day.

      I have listened to it a couple of times already..great.


      Masterclass student.

    • Ditto,

      Great Interview, and YEAH – what an introduction John!! ….lol

      Craig reminded me of some ‘Earl Nightingale’ recordings I used to listen to (& I’d bet he’s heard them too!)

      Quality all the way through (I listened on my own time John …Promise) hehe

      For anyone wondering… the whole recording is well worth the time to listen… In fact – It should have been a paid product!


      • Mandy Allen

        I agree, Randy, would have paid for it definitely.

        Enjoy the journey.


    • Eamon Diamond

      Hi John,

      Fantastic interview Craig, there’s a lot of helpful tips in the interview that a lot of people starting out can learn a lot from. As you said John! Simply starting a blog with your own name attached gets the ball rolling.

      As for the masterclass you both mentioned in the interview, I think you masterclass is the finest piece of work about; at present. It not only teaches the beginner, but also can deliver value to even a marketer that is somewhere in the middle, maybe they’ve already set up their blog, gotten their own domain, added clickbank products etc and that’s fine.

      What I want to add here is the way this product shows you how to create your own information products, a lot of marketers get to this point, then freeze. This part in itself is priceless and John has created so many of his own products that he knows how to do this with his eyes shut, who better to guide one along than someone who knows this inside out.

      Maybe you’ll do an interview with me sometime John and we’ll talk about creating your own produt 😉 ha…

      This is the stage I got to, I needed someone to elaborate on how one would go about creating their own product, if I hadn’t have found John’s course then I’d probably still be pulling my hair out trying to understand how it all fitted together in uniform fashion.

      Yip! You could scurry around from site to site, buy product after product, might I add that’s what I was doing, then I found John’s course and couldn’t believe my luck. Anyone that’s either a beginner or even somewhere in the middle and thinking of creating their own product, but are finding it difficult, I will guarantee you success taking this course.

      Best of luck Craig and thanks for the interview.

    • Terry Conti

      Thanks John, thanks Craig,

      Very good interview. A lot of people do not know what you really went through back then John.

      Not many know that you started on eBay.
      Some people are confused today about how to start an Internet Marketing business.

      This information is very inspiring and very useful.

      Terry Conti

    • Tasos

      Hi John,
      thanks for the interview it’s very helpful. Definitely PLR it’s goldmine…it took me a long time to realize that,but now I’m in the right track !
      And the good part is….that you can grab great PLR stuff for Free !

    • Steve King

      Hi John & Craig

      Great interview guys!

      As someone who has been through John’s Masterclass course (a couple of times) it was good to re-hear how John got his start and to see how far he has come to where he is now.

      The two bits that stood out for me were about ‘never giving up’ finding out what worked and what didn’t, learning and keep moving on.

      and also ‘Why’

      I totally agree with that and if you’re passionate about ‘why’ it’s easier to keep on keeping on and it helps motivate and drive you forward.

      Thanks for the reminders.


    • James

      Great Download John

      Some some great tips.

      Got it on my ipod already.



    • Ed

      Hey John,

      Great interview, I loved how you both kept it simple so people *new* to the IM fold can seriously see by following an ethical way to market and a lead into where to start for them!

      The masterclass, is a great course among a few out there on the net that teach people how to use the ‘go-giver’ philopsy to succeed from the off!

      Great post John….Ed.

    • Great interview. I’ve heard your story before John but it is always good to hear it again… It adds more inspiration!

      I love Craig’s style of interviewing… Great job.

      Have Fun!
      Ian McConnell
      Western Australia

    • James

      Hi John

      Great Interview.

      Just subscribed to the awesome Free Monthly Websites.

      I highly recommend this.


    • Peter Whatley

      Hi John and Craig,
      Fantastic, I did exactly what you suggested and now I’m a dot com. Great advice and well presented, good on you both.
      Keep up the good work

      Peter Whatley

    • Mike Fleming

      Hey John and Craig,

      Craig that was like John said the best intro that every was awesome job ! I like how you and John keep it simple but yet very informative. I don’t have a Ipod so I downloaded it and melted it on CD and can listen to it in the car.


      Mike Fleming

    • Lisa

      Oh my Gosh John and Craig,
      That was one of the best interviews I have ever heard!
      Craig, you have a wonderful knack for interviewing and your voice is amazing!
      John, well, you are just all around awesome!:)

      I am very impressed! Y’all gave me some ideas I can use ASAP!

      Thank you and Thank you!!

      Take care and God bless ya both!


    • Daniel Flower

      Hi John, Craig

      Thanks for the interview – it was very interesting. I first came across you in about 2004/2005 on eBay, so it was nice to hear you talking about that. I can’t believe that was 6/7 years ago?! You’ve come along way since then, certainly a hell of a lot further than I have but I’m slowly starting to catch up 🙂

      The advice you give about using PLR is absolutely spot on. I’m in the PLR market myself – both creating and selling PLR and using PLR to create my own products. You’re absolutely right that you need to rewrite, change the title and make it your own. There is SO much you can do with PLR but most people waste it.

      Thanks for a great interview – I’ll be telling my list about this.



    • Gary Simpson

      Hey! Very good interview guys. I really enjoyed listening to it.

      A couple of things that were evident to me:

      1 – the misuse and abuse of PLR
      2 – the rampant and serial IM scammers (who I have dubbed zombies and vampires.)

      Last year was so frustrating as we saw 1000’s of people flock to IM only to be “coached” in unethical ways by those I mention above.

      As I listened to the interview I was flicking back and forth to various chat rooms. In one of them they were discussing how to import unsubscribed email addresses into autoresponders with loose rules and then blast those unsubs out as paid solos. Needless to say I was disgusted.

      I made my feelings known and the chat shut up immediately. No doubt it was then taken somewhere else out of my view. Lists are also being sold. That is why so many of us are receiving 100’s and 100’s of emails from people we have never heard of before and who we KNOW absolutely that we did not sign-up to receive anything from.

      I’m sure these people think I am an idiot. But I’d rather be viewed as an ethical idiot than a dishonest new-age scammer.

      Gary Simpson

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