johnofficeIt’s time to get personal John,

I think throughout my life I’ve never been one to conform. Politics bores the life out of me and in the complex where my office is situated most people are dressed in suits and I often get puzzled looks when I turn up at about 10am in scruffy jeans and a T-Shirt, I then get even more puzzled looks when I leave about 4 hours later when their day still has 3-4 hours to go.

I believe the way I operate now has a lot to do with my upbringing.

I was brought up by my amazing mother single handedly and she worked every hour she could to make ends meet. Even though she worked long hours there was hardly any money around and I actually started working on a fairground when I was twelve and worked full time throughout the summer holidays while my friends were out having fun doing ‘regular stuff’. I quickly realised the value of working for money and come September when the season ended I hated going back to school.

Because of this my education years were a bit of a disaster and I rebelled against a lot of my teachers.

However, I conformed for a few years and ended up getting a regular job in car plant. A job I detested. I was a human robot doing the same thing every 90 seconds. Talk about soul destroying..

There had to be a way out.

In the year 2000 I discovered the internet and tried tons of things to make money, most were scams but I then discovered SELLING INFORMATION was the way forward so I created my first product and something strange happened.


This was back in 2002 and by 2004 I was sometimes earning a months wages in a single day. By June 2006 I finally plucked up the to courage to quit my job and go full time and since then I’ve never looked back. I now have a huge subscriber database and my business brings in 50-100k each and every month. I work when I want and do what I want and I don’t have a BOSS to answer to.

Why am I telling you this?

Well I strongly believe only a very small percentage of people have what it takes to make it online. Most are dream chasers who are too lazy to make it happen. I like to think I’m not normal (and I mean that in a positive way) and I don’t think like normal people think.

If you ask a normal person how they will acquire 10k from nothing by next week they will give you some crazy answers:-

Rob a bank.
Win at the races.
Gain an inheritance.
Take a loan out.
Max out the credit card.
Remortgage the house.

What do I do, I launch a product or get behind a big launch as an affiliate.

I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying this because I want you to understand most of the guys in suits could never get their head round how a guy who turns up at his office 3 days a week for a few hours dressed in scruffy jeans and a T-Shirt can do this.

That’s because these guys are normal with ‘regular’ jobs and don’t get what the information age can provide, and let me tell you most of them hate their jobs. Just go on Facebook on Monday morning and look at the amount of people who whine at the working week ahead, then go back on Friday and see how happy they are because they have 2 days of freedom.


If you hate your job or want to change whatever situation you are in right now there is a way out, but only if you want it bad enough,

So let me ask you. Do you want to keep thinking like normal people do? Or do you want to become one of the tens of thousands of people who make a ton of money selling information?

You already know the answer and it starts right here.

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    • kader Baker

      first of all thanks for your article ,
      to asnswer your question :
      I want to become one of the tens of thousands of people who make a ton of money selling information,
      I know I am not lazy , I folow each video you do , and read each word you write coz I want to be one of the 1% who achieved their goals
      1% who are living their DREAMS

      Best Wishes,


    • John Sefton

      Hello John,you know what you are absolutely right.The only thing is that the normal people haven`t yet discovered IM.Most of the ones that have, like myself haven`t yet found the right door
      to go through.I am very much like you, in that i did`nt do very well in school.I have looked into Affiliate marketing and IM but am always affected by Information overload,or shiney object syndrome if you like.

      John Sefton.

    • James Reilly

      Me Normal, I like to think NOT. I started online with eBooks because of a Giveaway event I was part of. I bought your membership site from you on a product back-end from eBay. (Planetsms), I did start to see success but I got scammed out of some work i did, PayPal shut my account down twice for raising too much money too soon lol and marketers selling to marketers and not making the money. There was a time when Internet Marketing was a dirty word. I dumped the 13k list i built up on aweber and got out of it all, just to sit down and be quietly retired.

      This year I’m slowly getting back into it all but will get on it all full time in the new year. Just now I’m on Facebook reading and seeing what others are doing. Resetting up all my tools and trying to find myself. The net was different back then so a clean slate is needed to restart and rebuild again.

      Thanks for this Post John.

      (Silently Following)

    • James Hughes

      Great post John.

      Just shows what a change in mindset can do for your life. You helped me see what could be achieved a few years ago and now I will never go back to a 9 to 5 job now.

      I urge anyone looking to take their life in a better direction to follow this advice.

      James Hughes

    • Cararta

      Hi John,

      Interesting. Like you I started working young…long before I was out of school When I was 10 years old and lived way out in the country, picked cotton for a neighbor. He paid the neighborhood kids 1cent a pound picked. 100 pounds was hard to reach!
      Later because of family circumstances I moved to a city in Florida and at 12 years old, found a source of rooms at 25cent each for the neighborhood ladies! Then babysitting on the side!
      Used to sell Grit Newspapers for 10c…now that was a high profit item…50% commission!

      Long story short…I’ve got a head and a hard drive full of information and knowledge. Bought into Live Product Creation as a last ditch effort to get organized and use some of what I already have.

      Maybe the pressure of doing something on a schedule will push me forward. Not sure, I still have a bag of that “I’ll do what I want to, when I want to.” But, your words keep ringing in my head…
      You have to want to DO and put everything else aside. Figure out a budget and use it to get the ball rolling.
      I know I can do this, Organization and prioritizing will have to be my mentors for it to happen.

      Inspiration can come from words,
      Thank you for sharing yours.


    • Mialei Iske

      Through your training courses, I have learned the value of packaging knowledge in a meaningful way for others. Breaking through my fears has been the greatest challenge. My skills are geared toward communicating with others, and creating products allows me to do just that. Now, I have to learn what matters to other people and jump out there.

      Fitting all the pieces together through your Master Class builds a foundation on which to stand going forward.

      I absolutely refuse to be normal. This is going to work for me!

      Thanks for everything, John!
      — Mialei

      • Cararta

        Wow Mialei,

        Could show you a picture of my kitchen cabinet after a drain problem and the dishwasher.

        Oops…went and read your Why Do I procrastinate?
        Thought at first I was reading inside my head. Only problem was a dishwasher…yours a disposal.

        Unfortunately, recent back surgery prevented me from doing my own repairs…hired a plumber, he left, tested the drain and still had to replace a part myself.

        Funny, washing dishes in a pan and throwing the water down the side of the hill got old quick!
        Plus, wasn’t working on my internet jobs either because of the disruption.

        Save us from ourselves!
        Hope to connect with you in the Facebook group!

    • Sergio Felix

      Hey John,

      I think I would be crazy if I decided to keep my current job (the one that actually makes me feel miserable every day) and did nothing to change the current situation.

      Thing is, I don’t want to be miserable all my life.

      I’ve tasted entrepreneurship before but then I got lazy, way too lazy and comfortable with debt.

      I’m already changing this and I know I’m going to make it because for the very first time ever, being an employee and trading my time for money not only sucks but it makes me hate myself for listening to other people and take a job.

      I know I could be doing so much better yet I was scared to not be able to “pull it off” so marriage and a lot more variables played a part and I ended up dressing up to have a job interview.

      I still can remember when I was telling these guys “I have an on going project of my own and I strongly believe in it but I’m here because of my wife and if you give me a chance I will give this my everything”.

      I’m a bit ashamed to not feel the same way today but I don’t care.

      Having a job sucks big time.

      I’d rather eat noodles for months knowing that it’s only a matter of time before I actually connect all the dots and start living the life I want.

      Any “normal” person to me, would be someone who is aspiring to have a better life, not the other way around.

      Sergio Felix

      PS. Most people in the office think I’m “crazy” because I want to quit to make a living online, go figure.

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