Today I am revealing another income stream that you can duplicate yourself.

I am also letting you see inside another 7 of my ClickBank accounts. This means I have revealed 9 income streams in total.

You can view the video below, please excuse my croaky voice, I had a bit of a sore throat πŸ™

As always your comments are welcome.

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    • Bartosz

      Hi John,
      Your video is very good.I am waiting to see you tomorrow.I want to buy your product.

      kind regards
      Bartosz Konarski

    • Daniel Howard

      Hay John

      WHAT A VIDEO…. those clickbank accounts speak for themself, can’t wait to see the product tommorrow, Iv’e seem the last 2 videos and were full of great content as well. keep those video coming.


    • Hey John,
      Thanks for giving away great down-to-earth, helpful and informative content in your videos. We all appreciate it. Keep up the great work… πŸ™‚


    • Edson Buchanan

      Hi John

      Once again, you have proven why I have been on your mailing list for the past two years. I cant wait until tomorrow and I guarantee, I’ll be one of the first to purchase.

      I cant thank you enough for helping me take my business to the next level.

      Edson Buchanan

    • Dan

      “Everytime I’ve bought traffic I’ve lost money”

      LOL, I thought I was the only one that was good at doing that πŸ™‚

    • Hi John,

      Another question… How do you set up multiple
      ClickBank accounts? (Like you have – one account
      for each product).

      Thanks so much,


    • cyberstar

      I look forward to your email John. Btw how did you manage to sale auction riches ispy as your own product? Did Adeel offer you resell rights to it?

      Reply by John:

      Yes, Adeel granted me a resale rights licence.

    • Tim

      Hi John,

      I tried to view some of your new videos that were done with camtasia 6 but not able to view. I went back and was able to
      view your other videos done with camtasia 5 but ver 6 doesn’t appear
      to work on my end.



      Reply By John:

      Have you tried refreshing the page? (F5)

    • Dan

      @ Martin, you just sign up for the accounts in the normal way. However there is a discount for additional Clickbank accounts, I think it’s bout $20. So if you contact Clickbank before opening an additional account they’ll send you a discount link.

    • Howard

      John, I am still going through your coaching, is this anything I can make money with even though I don’t have a mailing list. Actually I think I know the answer…if you don’t have a mailing list you don’t have anyone to market to. I am dying to start making money online but it seems like I am dead in the water without a mailing list.

    • Jeff

      Any chance you’ll be upgrading camtasia soon so us iphone viewers can watch the videos?thanks

      Reply By John:

      I’m running the very latest version of Camtasia I’m afraid.

    • Ray Johnson

      Hey John

      Just heading out the door as it is my 30th today πŸ™‚

      Just wanted to thank you for the help you have given me over my time online, moreso recently.

      Your clickbank accounts are awesome, and the golden rule many streams make a river – a river of cold hard moolah! (Someone said that, can’t think who)

      A word of advice to YOUR subscribers John:

      Whatever John is offering you GRAB IT, and in time (yes there is no magic pill to success) you will succeed.

      As for you Howard, building a list takes time so just keep going, we ALL had to start fom zero – you’ll ge there.

      Regards John


    • Dave Ovenden

      Hi John,

      I am looking forward to seeing the product that you will release tomorrow. You have been incredibly transparent in these videos and you deserve every success with your new resale rights venture.

      Best regards,
      Dave Ovenden
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    • xearther


      See John’s video from November 6th:

      At 5:20 he perceptively mentions Clickbank affiliates. You say you “think you know the answer”. I hope you’re not thinking you need to wait until you have a list to take the Clickbank “plunge”. You don’t. The whole point is once you’ve put your product on Clickbank, you’ve got a *potential* army of thousands of affiliates who are able to market your product.

      So not only is Clickbank a great way to have your product marketed by others (with at least a few knowing what they’re doing), it will also help build your list as you make even a modest number of sales.

      And as you build your list, increase your product line, and make references to your new products via your autoresponder, you’ll make even more sales as your “snowball” rolls down the (Thorn)hill.

      Oh my… sorry. πŸ™‚

      Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,

      Patrick Scott Donovan

    • Dave Robus

      Hi John,

      To anybody who see’s this reply, I am a slowcoach on John’s training course and cannot wait to see what is being offered tomorrow.

      Although I only recently put my first product on clickbank, with total help and dedication from John and Dan, I am already seeing a few sales. I do not as yet have a mailing list, but he (John) has taught me how to go from knowing nothing about Internet Marketing to being able to produce a product and get sales from it.

      If anyone wants to succeed online then I acn only say… Use John Thornhill as your mentor.

      All the best,

      Dave Robus.

    • Alex Kaplo

      Wow John,

      I’m very excited to find out tomorrow which product you picked for the master resale rights. This is going to be very interesting to see how it all unfolds. Again John great job on everything!

      Best Regards,

      Alex Kaplo

    • Ian McConnell

      Hey John

      Great proof… most gurus don’t show this evidence…

      While watching the videos I was thinking… I wonder what he’s spending on ppc… so you blew me away when you said you spend nothing on traffic, it’s all affiliate driven !! Awesome…

      AST pm time, that makes it early hours in the morning for us in Australia. Please could you send out the exact launch time in an email at least 12 hours before so that I can make sure I don’t miss out.



    • Tracey Edwards

      ooooh can’t wait to see which product you are going to give rights to. Hopefully there will still be some left for me when I wake up tomorrow because I’m guessing this will sell out fast (damn those time zones)


      Hope your voice is better soon and merry christmas.


    • Gavin Smith

      Looking forward to tomorrow. might buy all 50 resell rights lol. but in the mean time any chance you could get me a new car for christmas as your doing so well. only joking but its worth a try.

      Good luck every one and have a good christmas

    • Tommy McLaughlin

      Hi John,

      The videos are very inspiring ….

      Auctionprofitstreams nice, will check out the video


      Tommy McLaughlin

    • Howard

      OK If I understand this right I can purchase the rights to your product and then I put it up for sale on Clickbank and I build a list through whatever sales I make.

      But I must make my own web page or I take yours and alter it using something like web expression and I buy a domain name and then I have my own web page selling your product.

      If this is how I do it, then I am really excited because I could actually, finally make some money and know how I am actually doing it.

    • Howard

      I BLEW IT!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I missed the offer. I was so damn excited I actually thought I would finally make some money online, what a huge disappointment.

      It sounded like the offer of a lifetime!

      I want to thank you, John anyways for at least having had a chance. Maybe I can hire you to show me everything you are going to teach the lucky 50 people who got in on your offer. and I can do it with another resale rights product that you reccomend.

    • sara

      Great info, i am really excited to have all these products!


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