Welcome to what will be my last blog post of 2008.

I’m going to start by asking if you accomplished what you set out to do at the beginning of the year? I sincerely hope you did but if you didn’t I want you to ask yourself why things didn’t go as planned.

Were your plans too ambitious? If so make less ambitious plans this year. Break things down into workable chunks that you can accomplish in less than an hour. If you do things like this you will find it much easier to get those tasks done.

Did you fail to do the work you promised yourself you would do? If this relates to you set yourself ‘work time’ and do this work before visiting your favorite websites. If you must watch that video on YouTube or visit the forums do it after work. Again, break your work down into workable chunks.

Did you find things more complicated than you thought? This is a common one, ‘I can’t do it’ is a word I see quite often, but all it usually takes is a quick search on Google and you can learn just about anything you need to. Remember, ‘Google is your friend’.

Or maybe you did have a successful 2008 and want to progress in 2009…

Well whatever the reason it’s time to make plans for the year ahead. It’s time to write down what you want to achieve in the year ahead.

If I could give you any advice here it would be to break 2009 into four and work in three monthly schedules.

What do you want to achieve by the end of March 2009 – June 2009 – and September 2009 and the end of 2009?

Write it down and make sure whatever to do that these goals are achievable, it’s no good making plans that you can’t keep up with.

Allow me to show you an example, I am going to assume you have no websites online. This will take you no more than a few hours per week.

By the end of March you should have your first website online. Let me tell you if you have no sites online the first thing you should do is build a blog, a blog helps you communicate with your subscribers and provide valuable content (just as I am doing now) and build an army of followers. So spend January learning how to set up a blog (remember, Google is your friend) and then February building you blog, you will want to personalise it and make it your own, maybe add a personal banner or get a personal theme built, add some AdSense Ads or other ads such as ClickBank Ad Rotator ads that you can see on this site.

Then spend March adding content, begin making posts, write about anything you want, what your hobbies are, what you did today, what sites and products you like (through an affiliate link of course) etc etc. Try to post at least once per week and more often if you can. Just remember to be yourself. Over time your personality will shine through and you will find your particular niche.

Stick to this and you will start to see traffic and earnings from your ads and the odd affiliate sale.

By the end of June you should have a product for sale online. If you don’t know what your product should be about look at your blog, have you started to write about one particular topic more than others? Spend the first four weeks researching and the following four weeks creating your product, remember once again that ‘Google is your friend’. Then spend the rest of your time building your sales page, affiliates page and thank you page. You have three full months to make this happen, and it will happen if you work on this daily and are dedicated. If you need help in this department I highly recommend you check out Operation eBook. It’s a fantastic eBook that can walk you through the whole process.

You are doing well, let’s keep it going…

By the end of September you should be driving regular traffic to your sales page, this takes time but as long as you keep it going and do something daily to drive traffic by the end of September you will be seeing results. If you want to learn the best way to drive traffic I would recommend you check out Total Web Traffic.

Now we are really motoring, we have a blog full of great content and we are making sales from our very first product, so what’s next.


Obviously you don’t have to have multiple blogs but you should be creating multiple products. Set yourself a target to create a new product every 90 days. It can be done and I do it all the time. Once you get a few products under your belt things will really start to happen. This is when you tell your boss to stick his job and begin to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Never ever forget that the real money is in creating your own products. I have said this from day one and I still say this now. If you are not creating your own products you will struggle. As I have already said, if you need help in this department I highly recommend you check out Operation eBook. It’s a fantastic eBook that can walk you through the whole process.

So there you have it, your plans laid out for next year. You don’t have to follow them to the letter but you should have at least two more product for sale online by the end of next year. Will you sit back and watch others make money in 2009 or will you make 2009 the year things really started to happen for you. I have gave you a basic plan, the rest is up to you.

As always your comments are welcome.

    25 replies to "Make 2009 The Year You Succeed"

    • Scott Chambers

      Nice post John.

      When I first started up online, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information I had to understand and actions I had to take. It really is information overload. To be honest though, like you’ve said here, it really is all about learning the basics and repeating them. It’s true that breaking it all down into workable chunks is the only answer, otherwise you’re left with fifty things to do and you don’t know where to start.

      I also agree that planning out the year in chunks is a great idea. I’ve made that mistake before myself, trying to make all the goals for the year happen in the first month and getting nowhere.

      If I can add anything to this for those starting out, it would be to stick to the basics, follow the plan exactly and don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Go for long term, constantly growing success and you won’t go wrong.

      Thanks again John and Happy New Year to everybody.

    • Valda

      Compliments of the season to you and your family.

      John once again this is some really good advise. Unfortunately due to health issues, I am one of those who never achieved very much with regards to sales. Having said that I did manage to get 5 websites up which includes a blog and two membership sites (finshing touches being done to these. Oh and of course I’ve statred my graphics desing website which is bringing in some pocket money.
      My achievements for 2009 are to actually write a couple of ebooks, so I am certainly going to take your advice and break my year up into 4 parts. Hopefully having a proper plan set out will help me reach these goals.
      Once again thanks for the invaluable advice.
      Take care

    • Paul

      As ever John, sound advice. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your inspiration, starting when I purchased your book 90 day Powerseller challenge back in 2004. I now have a full-time online business, and I am looking forward to driving it to new heights in 2009. Best wishes, Paul

    • Paul Guilfoyle

      Great advice as ever John.

      When the money does start to roll in don’t forget there is a double tax whammy for start up businesses. Make sure to keep some money aside to pay your tax bill.

      Have a great 2009
      Kind regards,

    • Christine

      Hi, John, and a Happy New Year to you!!

      I believe that what you have written here really encapsulates the whole process of running an on-line business. As you say, it is a matter of deciding what you want to achieve and then setting about realising those goals and ambitions.

      I have made a start by getting a blog up and running. I woder if you would like to visit it and if you think it is good, perhaps add it to your other cool blogs list?

      Best wishes, Christine


    • Howard

      John, you really are a terrific guy! You are completely genuine in your attempts to help other people. I have to say I would not be at the point I am if it wasn’t for you and your GREAT Coaching Program. I am in week nine, starting week 10 today and I have a blog up and running and I have a product I created that I am very proud of, I have a Great sales page thanks to all your help. Hopefully my product will be approved by Clickbank today and then it will be live on the net,

      I also built another website all by myself and that site is starting to rank #1 in Google for a bunch of different search terms, the other day I was doing research for one of my pages because I wanted to spruce the page up a little and when I did the search on Google MY website popped up in the #1 spot for that search and that was out of 21,000,000 sites I almost fell out of my chair. So obviously I did not spruce up the page I left it as it was. If anyone wants to visit the site http://www.positive-thinking-for-you.com/

      But thanks to you John I might actually start making money when my product goes live. I can’t thank you enough for all your support, when you said my ebook was good I was pretty excited. I am looking forward to starting another ebook but I am interested in what the next 7 weeks of your Coaching Program has in store for me.

      My hats off to a GREAT guy. John Thornhill the eBay power seller and highly successful Internet Marketer that has given back to the little guys just trying to get started.
      All I can say is Thanks John!!

    • Stuart Turnbull

      Hi John

      The compliments of the season to you.

      I remember this time last year making a New Year resolution to start my own internet business, a short time later you launched your first coaching program and I thought my prayers had been answered.

      12 months later I have my first eBook online making regular sales, my list is several hundred strong, I have created a 24 part video course which is free to my blog readers and I am busy working on my next eBook.

      I have had a great 2008 and I owe a huge thank you to you John because none of this would have happened without your help and guidance.

      Here’s to an even better 2009 for all of us!


      Blog; http://www.stuart-turnbull.com
      Discover a RED HOT eBay niche at; http://www.printsmakeprofits.com

    • Mark Austin

      Hi John

      Hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

      Breaking the year down into smaller plans is a great idea and something I am working on at the moment. I have a year plan, four 90 day plans and the monthly plans. As you know I receive coaching from Alex Jefferys also and he also considers this level of planning essential for success.

      Thank you for the great coaching so far, half way through already, where does the time go 🙂

      I’m a bit behind with my product creation but working hard on it now and I will let you know my progress. Operation ebook and total web traffic are excellent and I highly recommend them too.

      My blog will be a month old in a few days and I have had over 1500 visits so far, thanks for all your help and guidance in setting it up and I look forward to the rest of the coaching.

      All the best

    • Nikki

      Hi John,

      I just wanted to say thanks for this blog entry – as I have commented to you on Twitter, I think I’ll be printing out for reference! I am also one of Alex Jeffreys’ students, although I’ve been following you for a good couple of years.

      As you and Alex both have illustrated, having a plan and proper timescales and intervals for each part of the plan are crucial – wish me luck for 2009!

      Thanks for all the information that I have learned from you so far – it’s much appreciated.


    • Paula Brett

      Hi John

      I just wanted to stop by to wish you a very happy New Year.

      I also wanted to thank you for continuing to promote and support my Operation eBook – it’s brilliant to know that it has played just a small part in helping all your students to create their own products and getting them out there.

      Take care, and see you in 2009 😉


    • Lynn

      Thanks for that excellent post John. I have already begun working on my plan for 2009 and will certainly be following your advice.

      I have spent too long going round in circles and getting nowhere but I am determined that 2009 will be the year that I start with a solid plan and actually follow it. And I will bear in mind your advice to break everything down into workable chunks so that hopefully it will be less overwhelming.

      Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy and successful year ahead.


    • Susan Owen-Thursfield

      Sensational blog as always, John.

      I’ve recently set up the blog so I’m three months ahead of your “scenario” above. However, the one thing that really rings true about this post is the planning aspect. I think your ideo of splitting the year into four parts and concentrating on three month “chunks”, whilst not original or rocket science is fundamentally crucial.

      The one thing I would recommend would be to “blog” about what you’re going to do in as much specific detail as you feel comfortable with. There’s nothing like accountability and having your plans up there on your blog for anyone to see keeps you focused on what you want to do!

      I am so excited about 2009!

      Have been following you for a couple of years now and recently started following you on Twitter too. Keep up the good work!

      Susan Owen-Thursfield

    • Ray Johnson

      Hi John

      Merry Christmas an a happy new year to you and family mate! I trust you had a good Christmas as us geordies know how to celebrate 🙂

      As for 2009, I wish you continued success online….

      My Mrs hates me as all I ever say is “one day I will be as successful as JT” 🙂 and this ALL stems from your blogpost… keep moving forward and building momentum.

      I know make a good living online WITHOUT JVS, my most “famous being a $17K month – only from natural traffic and I watch my list grow daily (virally) on autopilot by 35-50 subscribers or more on average… and next year I aim to have a 20,000 list 🙂

      I cant stress enough the help you have given me and extend my thanks again!

      Listen to John, IT REALLY WILL PAY OFF, but the first step lies with you guys.

      Take good care


    • John Reed

      I’ve been checking my emails all day, waiting for news of this new, very limited release of yours….. Nothing yet and I’m falling asleep.
      I have to go to bed mate, got to work in our shop all day tomorrow…
      SO PLEASE let me know what you are offering by 7.30 am UK time and I’ll have chance to see it before going to work!!!

      Thanks for all your efforts, and a Happy New Year to you for 2009!!

      John O’York

    • Gwen

      I agree, smaller chunks of work helps you to realize your goals better. As always, John, you are full of great advice! Working with you in the coaching programs helps us to see that its OK to take thing slow as long as you are moving towards your goal (even if you get stuck a little).

    • Edson

      Hi John

      Just wanna wish you and your family a Happy New Year. Take care and talk to you soon.


    • Mike

      Good advice John. It’s so easy to get caught up trying to learn the ropes when there’s so much good info out there. And there’s no lack of new things to learn. But the key is to narrow down the focus and break it up into achievable tasks. Thanks for the tip, keep up the good work!

    • Elaine Baker

      Hi John,
      Great informative post.
      One of the biggest problems I have had is getting sidetracked into doing something else, and forgetting what my first job was to do.
      It’s a pain, but I have come out the other side, I have eventually put a little package together for the newbie – it’s taken me a few weeks as I have built the website myself. But it has kept me on course in doing one thing at a time instead of having brain overload and trying to do a number of things and gettting nowhere.
      I’m really quite proud I have achieved this and not only have I built the website myself but managed to set it up with the $7 Dollar Script – which now allows me to offer a commission to affiliates. It’s fantastic – I have just posted it on my blog – I would be grateful for any feedback you have for it.
      many thanks again John, I know that you are a real inspiration to many people.
      Take care

    • Aaron

      Great post John as always. Your lastest videos have inspired me to take more action than ever before and have confirmed everything that I was about 90% sure about 🙂

      Happy new year!

    • Franck Silvestre

      Hey John,

      I like the simplicity of your posts, and I really enjoy reading your posts.

      I’ll take your advice and create MORE ebook this year. In fact, I already have a couple under my belt, and I need to promote them more aggressively.


    • Tommy McLaughlin

      Hi John,

      Happy New Year!

      Sound Advice and a Great Post 😉

      I have just made a post on my blog, I would be grateful of any opinion you might have



    • Gary

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the great information. looking forward to have a nice 2009 for my online business.

      Thanks for all your support


    • Tom McGaughan

      I could not agree with your assessments more. I have been inundated with sales ‘opportunities’ for the past two years and purchasing many of them. I have to admit that I have been “looking for that next rainbow” which in and of itself leads to info-overload. I even bought your Personal Coaching product last year, only to be distracted by the that next ‘opportunity’ which now I can’t even remember what it was. I had become a ‘collector’ of those rainbows which just filled up my hard drive! I have kept coming back to reading your emails, listening to your videos and reviewing your blog entries before the ‘lightbulb’ actually went on just before Christmas. This sudden revelation was that I already had that ‘acre of diamonds’ on my computer and it was all the information I had gotten from you. I realized that out of all the goo-roo’s products I have bought, reviewed and laid to waste…none of them seemed to cover all the bases, or more importantly, thought of all the possible ways to construct and strategize products like you. What I found amazing was that you have only been doing this since 2006. If I had worked as hard as you have, instead of collecting since 2004, I would be much farther along and maybe drinking pina coladas!
      Thanks for the brutal honesty….my nerves have certainly been struck!!!

      Tom McGaughan

    • Arnoldo Echavarren


      Great post, straight to the point. I fully agree with you. After 8 months efforts and 150 blogs and many affiliate programs, I have started to make some little money with my own manuals on health and fitness.


      Arnoldo Echavarren
      Montevideo, URUGUAY

    • D Wilson

      Thanks John for this wonderful post. I am really looking forward for great things in 2009

      Again Thanks

      D Wilson

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