As you probably know last year I wrote a few blog posts about poor quality products getting launched and the general state of the Internet Marketing industry.

Well you probably don’t need me to tell you a large percentage of this industry is full of marketers who don’t care one bit about your welfare and only see you as a cash cow. They may claim to have your best interests at heart but the truth is all they want to do is pitch product after product to you and most of the time they haven’t even checked out the product they are promoting.

Do you know I have been invited to promote a ton of products over the last few months and in a lot of instances the product creators didn’t even tell their affiliates what the product actually did. All they seemed to talk about was the prizes I could win and the commissions on offer from all the upsells and how much they have paid a top copywriter to have their sales page created.

Hmm, maybe they should also be concentrating on creating a quality product.

Anyway, when writing about these tactics a few times I was asked to name the products in question but it’s not really my style, I was merely talking about the tactics used and how it is damaging for affiliates to promote bad products.

But I suppose that doesn’t stop you getting sucked in does it?

Until now!

I want you to imagine this scenario.

You have just opened an email from a marketer who has just found a product that is going to make you a ton of money for clicking on your mouse a few times. He loves the product so much he urges you to check it out right away. He tells you that you simply have to get this ‘before it’s sold out’.

So you go to the sales page and you are mesmerised by the screenshots of ClickBank earnings and how easy it is for you to do the same. You keep reading and all the time this product sounds like it’s just what you need. You get to the buy button and although you are tempted to buy what looks like an amazing product something is niggling away in the back of your mind. “What does this product actually do?” Surely there must be some explanation somewhere on the sales page so you look again only to find there is only information on ‘what it’s not’, but you still have the urge to check out this latest and greatest product, this is the one, you simply have to have it.

So you think of hitting the buy button….


Anytime you find yourself hitting the buy button and you don’t really know what you’re buying do yourself a favour and go to the Product Reviews and Ratings Section of The Warrior Forum. Do a search for the latest shiny object that is going to make you rich and the chances are someone will have already started a thread about the product and you will get an unbiased opinion. This is because affiliate links aren’t allowed. If you don’t see a thread about the product in question then start one and before long you will have a few replies.

This may help save your hard earned cash and more importantly your time getting wasted.

Oh, and if you find a product promoted to you is the biggest pile of rip off trash you’ve ever seen then you know what to to with the email you received from the marketer telling you that this is the latest and greatest thing ever seen don’t you?

Hit the un-subscribe link so they can never burn you again…

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    • Gary Jenkins

      Great advice, and should be required reading for ANYBODY thinking about hitting the Buy Button.


    • Suzanne Morrison

      Good advice John! Another good site for reviews is I guess that won’t help with product launches as it is too early, but it is a good place to go for reviews on ever green products.

      It seems like the frequency of product launches has increased significantly over the last few months or so and is it just me or do the sales pages all start to look the same?

      • David Taylor

        Hi Suzanne, I use the IM Reportcard bar in Firefox so you
        can see the grade when you get to the sales page. Very handy. Also
        you can see the creator’s previous reviews and request a review of
        the new product. I know what you mean about all the sales pages
        looking the same. When will it end! Hopefully soon. Nice to see you
        again, all the best, David

    • Bob Howard

      Hi John. Yes know what you mean. I got sucked in to loining your Masterclass. When I realised that I would be paying so much for yet another bunch of Videos I asked to have my subsription cancelled. Still waiting for a reply. So much for your support desk. It sucks. Maybe spend less timev on blogs & more on support regards Bob

      • John Thornhill

        Hi Bob,

        I have replied to your ticket that is only a few hours old and requested more information so I can process your refund as I can’t seem to find you in my system. As soon as you respond your refund will be processed.

        If I can ever help you in the future you know where I am.



        • John Thornhill


          Found you Bob, you signed up with a different email address from the one you supplied. Your refund has been processed.

          Good luck with your future endeavors.


        • Emmanuel

          Hi John,

          I do have high respect for you and your work. You remain a trusted source as to this online business.
          Unfortunately, one thing to another, I could not continue paying nor the least begin to do anything on the Masterclass program after the first week or so.
          Got so distracted with some serious personal issue that I was unable to cancel or inform of the inability to keep on with the course. Well, with the hope of coming over the weekly classes later…
          To say, I couldnt. I had mail the customer service for refund to use to put things in order but was told it beyong the period allowed.
          I will appreciate, I mean so appreciate if you can help me,to kindly refund.

          • John Thornhill

            Hi Emmanuel,

            Unfortunately as you have not provided any details I can’t find you in my system from the email address you have used.

            If you are withing the 60 day refund period then you can request a full refund and you’d need to contact support to do this. However, if the 60 day refund period has passed then I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do as refunds can’t be processed after 60 days have passed.

            But get in touch and let me know your details and I’ll personally look into this for you.


          • Emmanuel

            Thanks John, I would be so happy if you could do something.


          • Emmanuel

            Hi John, Any news yet?


      • Chris Barltrop

        Bob. I beg to differ. I joined John’s Masterclass year and
        have had excellent support from his team. It is also one of the
        best courses available, but you have to put the work in to make it
        work. I have also requested refunds on a couple of superfluous
        products I bought from John and there were no problems at all
        getting refunds within the terms agreed. Regards Chris

        • John Thornhill

          Hi Emmanuel,

          As I have already said contact support and we will look into your details and see what we can do for you.



          • Emmanuel

            Thanks. Will do now.

          • Emmanuel

            Hi John, Had done but it might required you looking into it as promised,please.

            Support Center ยป Ticket List ยป KRW-715561

            • John Thornhill

              Hi Emmanuel.

              I’m afraid we can’t refund payment for a product that was purchased 8 months ago.


          • Emmanuel

            Hi John,

            Its me again and again. lol

            True, it now 8 months but IT IS NOT LIKE a made a purchase 8 months ago and NOW wanting REFUND. NO.
            The Program is on installment arrangement. For the reason of personal issue, I could NOT even register a domain name which was the first and simpliest thing doing in the first week. My other means of income was totally affect hence the periodical payment of the program. And obviously access to any part of the week course was BLOCKED
            True, REFUNDS are meant to be for 60 days. If I was simply after the REFUND, I would have done so within those 60 days or so. Neither do I WANT to reap where I did not sow by gaining your knowledge WITHOUT wanting to PAY for it.
            John, I agree, REFUNDS are within 60 days. I had hope to come back on the program but NOW would simply WANT one of your 72 Hours of Madness EBay Sale and get the rest of the installments back. Please do think on this compromise.

            Come to think of it as one of your students was unable to complete his program and HAD LOST 8 MONTHS – almost the whole course period. Time lost, Course knowledge lost, Installment payment? No access to program? Lost his main source of income?

            What would you do?

            • John Thornhill

              Hi Emmanuel,

              Please contact support again as this is not the place to be discussing this. I can certainly set you up with 72 Hours of Madness and also restart your installments.



    • Colin Tazey

      Wise words John my first stop is always the warrior forum when I get news of the “Latest Greatest Push Button Offer”


    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John good advice on the marketing of these products yet again, I personally now delete most of my e-mails before reading them as I now know which marketers I trust. i.e not the ones that pitch one product in the morning and another in the afternoon. I should really unsubcribe form the e-mails I now delete but I resent the time it will take me to do this.

    • Clive O'Hagan

      Hi John,

      Happy new year and all that. I got your mail about this blog post and was just in the middle of writing a similar post for my own website as I too have had enough of the crap out there and have wasted a lot of hard earned cash on silly non-sense products over the last 12 months.

      I am just going to put a post up linking to this well written article, which for my money says it all.

      Looking forward to working with you in 2011

      Kind Regards,


      • Kin Lau

        Hi Clive

        How do you think the IM industry can add value to people’s life?

        This is the question I always ask myself, being a marketing is to promoting products, and the aim of the product is to get people to buy, and learn how they can make a product and promote to other people. Whould that really add value to the end buyers?


        • Clive O'Hagan

          Hi Kin, Nice to meet you. Thats a very good question and
          one that I feel a lot of marketers don’t get or care to ignore
          whilst promoting to their list. I think that the IM network is so
          cut throat and split up that it is hard to offer any kind of value
          to clients without being suspected of subterfuge. Look at poor old
          John here in a comment from Bob above as an example of how people
          take you. In order to provide life changing value to real people I
          feel it is absolutely imperative you try to be 100% honest at all
          times and only try to teach or promote strategies and tactics which
          will help people achieve their goals in life. Add value to your
          subscribers by asking them what they need or want from you and give
          it to them (if you can ) through the best of your ability. Give
          away your knowledge and it will come back to you in spades, trust
          me I know. If I didn’t answer your question please let me know.
          Regards, Clive.

    • Kin Lau

      Hi John

      That is so true, I try to stop buying product after product promising I can get rich quick. I found the truth of internet marketing, which is “There is no secret”! Even the latest product and things going around, they are trying to do one thing. Get the right message to the right group and people.

      It is very hard to find an honest marketer and at the end, everyone try to claim they are expert, they are trustworthy, but all they want is pushing more product to their list and not offering anything new.

      I’ve been follow you for a while and I do like your style, honest and down to earth.

      I think the next successful generation of marketer will be those who can respon to their customer in a personal way and have wonderful support if they have any questions about the product they bought.

    • Andrew Stark

      Absolutely brilliant advice John

      People who follow this will also save hours of frustration.

      Hopefully the people in charge of clickbank will read this post and realise that they should actually be banning these “product” owners from their marketplace.


      • Adwello

        Clickbank need to seriously consider any vendors with an unacceptable refund rate. If these guys were selling on eBay anything higher than 2% customer dissatisfaction would have them banned.

    • Chris Barltrop

      Hi John

      Yet more words of wisdom to start the New Year. It is absolutely right about all these glossy sales page showing big numbers. It is also a major distraction from getting on with the task in hand especially when there are only so many hours available after work and family time.

      I have now set up a separate GMail account where the majority of sales and marketing emails go to. This at least reduces the distractions.

      I was one of your Masterclass students last year, but unfortunately I lost my way before writing my own e-book.

      This year I am going to go back to basics and complete your Masterclass course because I am convinced that it has all the key ingredients required in order to start and build a successful on-line business.

      Looking forward to many more words of wisdom John.



    • Hi John,

      I appreciate your willingness to call it like you see it, thank you.

      Sometimes the answer is right in front of our eyes and we fail to recognize it until someone points it out for us. How many IMers are familiar with the Warrior’s Forum, but don’t even know about the Product Reviews and Ratings section? I suspect it’s pretty common.

      Another good resource can be found at, which will, as the title implies, provide a grade for popular IM products, services and/or “gurus”.


      Fred S.

    • Paul

      Hi John, A good post with excellent advice. I’m sure that
      we all receive lots of those ‘latest and greatest’ emails daily, I
      know I do. there was one recently that caught my eye and out of
      curiosity I decided to look at the sales page. It claimed that a
      new account had been opened and in 1 week had made Xthousand
      dollars with screen shots to prove it BUT upon looking closer at
      the screen shots I discovered that the 2 shots told a different
      story, they were actually 1year and 1week apart! No need to say
      what my next move was. Keep up the good work. Regards Paul

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      Thornhill who will spell it out for you here… Taken from Affiliate Promo Formula by
      John […]

    • Evelyn

      Thanks, John, for some great advice! I think you just saved
      me a bunch of money.

    • Eamon Diamond

      Hi John, I’ve had to hit that un-subscribe a few times
      around, good advice here. I will say that everythings included
      about this in your affiliate promo formula, glad I got it.

    • Luca Di Nicola

      Hey John,
      I wrote about this to my subscribers just a few days ago with a subject line similar to yours and guess what? the open rate was the lowest it’s been in a long time. It’s unfortunate but the diceptive subject lines that lead to the type of offers you talk about are the ones that work – it’s rather sad.

      Having said that I don’t worry about open rates as much anymore beacause I know that the ones that really matter are the people who actually read my newsletters.

      I had to laugh when you mentioned getting JV invites and not telling you what the product was – but hey great prizes.

      I’ve unsubscribed to quite a number of marketers in the past 2 weeks as they sent the exact same email with no mention of what the product was. As you say in Affiliate Promo Formula – don’t be a sheep.

      Thanks for the heads up and pointers.
      P.S. See you in the Affiliate Alliace Forum

    • Jillian P

      Excellent post, which does bear repeating ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very timely
      too, only today I found myself tempted just out of curiosity…
      Went to the Warrior Forum, and discovered that the actuality bore
      no resemblance to the sales page whatsoever! Trouble is that by the
      time newbies have learnt to be wary, they will already have been
      burnt, probably more than once.

    • Gary Simpson

      I sure hope Bob Howard above finds whatever it is he is
      looking for. I like the way you handled that John. Gary

      • Timo

        Yes, this is exactly what I felt when I read John’s answer!
        Lesson for all of us to learn how to handle customer

    • Mark Sherman

      Hi John,

      Great advice John and I have certainly been coaxed into pushing the “buy button” more times than I would like to admit. Some have been good choices and others… not so much!

      I previously wrote a blog post similar to yours and I always look for Warrior Forum reviews on products I am considering purchasing. You can get “the real scoop” on the good and bad of products.

      I really appreciate the way you market and that you are so trustworthy. That is very refreshing these days. Thank you for all that you do!

      Best regards,


    • Todd Fetters

      John, I absolutely agree with you. I have made the mistake
      in the past more times than I can count. I recently have gotten
      much smarter and with your advice have written my own ebook. I am
      making final edits to it and it is done! Good way to start the new
      year. You are an inspiration and I love how you share your
      knowledge with us. Cheers to you, Todd

    • David Taylor

      Thanks John, I was going to say that technique has saved me
      a fortune recently but that wouldn’t be entirely true. I am so
      tired of the recent barrage of push button products that I have no
      intention of ever buying on again. I do quite like looking through
      the sales pages and spotting where they avoid the truth – “you
      won’t need….” etc, then going to the Warrior Forum and seeing
      what it actually is. Very entertaining. Surely an honest letter
      telling what the product is, what it does and who it will help
      would still attract sales. You proved it does with APF. No BS and
      it still sold well. I do hope that catches on. Seems it’s what
      people want – honesty. All the best John, David

    • Kerry Russell

      Hey John, I could of done with you publishing this post not
      so long ago as i was guilty of falling victim to many of these over
      rated products. I learnt my lesson eventually and i think after a
      while and losts of money of course, you wise up it. All is good now
      though. I now have a fab mentor and things are looking up. All the
      best for 2011 Kerry Russell

    • Eddy Rush

      Another excellent post John.

      I too was fed up of all the terrible product launches last year and decided to do something about it and so wrote a free report to guide people – especially newbies – on how to protect themselves online and find the honest ethical marketers.

      If anyone’s interested it can be downloaded from my blog over at

    • Franck Silvestre

      Yup. I wasn’t online too much in 2010, but I’ve see what
      marketers launch, and frankly. No Comment. People like to buy hype,
      this is the real problem. And markerters know that. They pay
      copywriters that make newbies and even intermediate pull out their
      credit card and hit the order button as if their life depended on
      this. And after just one week, they are stuck in the loop again.
      When you look back on year down the road, guberus are getting rich,
      and online business builder wanna be quit. Sad. I mentor some
      marketers with product creation and business building, yet some of
      them email me (while their assignment isn’t even completed), and
      ask me for this new product that just launched. First, I tell them
      they don’t need it, and that if they got it, one of the best thing
      they could do would be to forwarding it to their VA. looking
      forward to see what you come up with in 2011 John. Franck

    • Timo


      This is a great topic that you brought up.

      I actually made a new year’s resolution, that I’m not going to buy new products for a while. I still have too much stuff to go through and digest.

      There are only a few marketers that I follow (that I trust) and that have an access to my primary e-mail address – others are directed to another e-mail address, which has been created for this purpose only.

      Buying new courses and training all the time has many other disadvantages than just wasting your money (especially if you don’t implement what you have learned): you waste your time and you get distracted and overwhelmed too.

    • Welly Mulia

      Hi John

      Haha I can totally relate to your post. I’ve long unsubscribed to the gurus lists. Kiss them goodbye.

      And I got more productive since then, because I get less distractions and are able to focus more.

      Anyway I’ll be contacting you shortly ๐Ÿ™‚

      Many thanks for your post!
      Welly Mulia

    • Doug Prentice

      Hi John,
      excellent advice as ever. If I can just one further tactic I use. Make a list of the products you’ve bought over the last year and see how many you’ve bothered to implement. If you still have good products to put into action you sure don’t need to buy any more. As a further reminder list the price you paid for each item and keep it accumulating.
      I guess for many of us it will make sobering reading and will serve to keep our fingers away from the BUY NOW button.
      I also keep in mind Randy Smith’s ongoing advice – only buy it if you need it NOW!
      If after that you’re still determined to buy I think we should all follow your great advice about the Warrior Forum.
      Best regards

    • Gary Tannahill

      Hi John, Yes I agree too, great advice from you, as always.
      I am always careful when buying hyped up offers on line. There are many sources on info to check before you buy. As you say “worrior” is good, only started using it since you mentioned it in your AffliateProForm course. Good old “Google” is another good way of checking on products. Just do a saerch under the product name and look for info and reviews or scams. Also “” is an invaluable source of product info, aswell as a product source in its self.

      Keep up the good work.

      Gary T.

    • Edson Buchanan

      Hi John,

      Now that we are into the year, it seems that thousands of people are still into the hype of making money quick with an easy button system. I hope people understand it does not work this way..

      you need to work hard at your online business and the results will show for what you do..maybe not today, not tomorrow but within a few months you will see results if you work hard at it.

      Another great post John


      Edson Buchanan

    • Danny Howard

      Hi John

      Great advice mate, This is what people miss about following honest marketers such as yourself, that provide real value to there subscribers and offer advice about things if they need it.

      Always a pleasure to read your emails John, and always have done for years.



    • Steve Wilkins

      Hi John,

      Great advice! I have been using the WF to review new launches for the last 6 months and I would estimate that method alone has saved me around $3000.00.

      The sales pages these days just make you feel so excited and suck you in so quickly that you almost race to the buy now button without even knowing what the product is supposed to do.

      The sad thing is that I keep receiving mailings for these really crappy low-end products from a really well respected marketer and the only reason I stay subscribed is because it is an update list for a bonus package I claimed from him last year.

      But the truth of it is that he makes me really mad because he is really well-known in our industry and shouldn’t be behaving this way, and what’s more he should not be using ”vip bonus claimers update” list to be promoting to us in the first place but rather be providing useful updates.

      Should I unssubscribe and be done with this guy? This is the question I keep asking myself or perhaps a polite reply to let him know what I think if him. Not that he’ll bother reading it I’m sure!

      Steve W.

    • Susan Owen-Thursfield

      Hi John

      Excellent advice. If you don’t understand what a product IS (let alone IS FOR) and how it will fit into your growing business, don’t buy. Easier said than done though sometimes – the highly paid copywriters are highly paid for a reason after all… and if you’ve succumbed, there is always the refund option!

      Best wishes


    • Lisa

      Hello John,
      It’s kind of ironic that you wrote this post now….just this past weekend I got 2, (not 1) emails from a very well known marketer who I totally trust, about a new “gadget” and I thought it must be really good since I got 2 emails and he is a very smart marketer.
      He almost had me hooked UNTIL I went to the Warrior Forum and checked out this new gadget and the reviews were terrible! Almost illegal! How disappointing!
      I totally trusted this other marketer! What he says, his reviews, his skills, etc. BUT I know now that even really cool, trustworthy marketers have to be double checked sometimes! And now I am not too sure how much I trust what he says ๐Ÿ™ THAT is more disappointing than the gadget. ‘Cause I thought I had found a few trustworthy folks online…..gonna have to rethink that one!

      I am not buying anything in 2011 that doesn’t have your name on it!
      It’s as simple as that!

      For the folks who asked for refunds in the Masterclass, sorry you didn’t get what you expected out of it. I went through it once and am going back through it and you just gotta stick it out and LISTEN to people who have already done things and stop looking for the Magic Button! There isn’t one!
      From personal experience, I know that the Masterclass can only help you if you put the time and effort into doing what John teaches!
      I have been in a few classes and John Masterclass is the best one I have came across, so no more searching!
      And like I have said before, the relationships being built in the Masterclass are far worth the price tag!!

      Thank you John and God bless!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Robert Deveau

      Funny, I never thought to check the reviews in the Warrior Forum. I check reviews before purchasing a $2.00 app for my Itouch but not before purchasing a $50 product. Thanks for the enlightenment.

      By the way, Bob’s an idiot.

    • Ruth

      Brilliant advice. And my mission last week was to unsubscribe to at least 20 so called gurus that had been doing that same thing for far too long now.

      There are not enough ethical and honest marketers around and I for one will be linking Johns post to my blog so more people can take his advice

    • lan McConnell

      Hey John… Great post

      Today I got an email from a guru that I have trusted for a very long time. The email was for an automated system that would make me thousands of dollars every day on Clickbank… A quick search on the Warrior Forum told me that this product was absolute crap.

      I immediately unsubscribed from the guru’s list and I am about to cancel from his monthly membership program that I have been a member of for over a year.

      Don’t these people look at their stats? Because they would realize that they are loosing quality subscribers and customers.

      Clickbank should have a policy that if a vendor gets a refund rate higher than 20% they are banned for life…

      Ian McConnell
      Western Australia

    • Barry from Saskatchewan

      Sir John,

      Bob is an interesting character but you are waaay more interestinger.

      When I grow up I want to be just like you.

      Okay, not when – If…

    • Terry Conti

      Hi John, there sure are a lot of crappy products out there. What I hate the most is when you try to x out you get bombarded with- Wait! Bla, Bla, Bla.

      I don’t mind one or two pop ups but to abuse us with 4 sometimes 5 pop ups in your face when you are trying to leave can become very nerve racking.

      I also want to point out there are many marketers out there who do nothing but sell, sell, sell you stuff when you are on there mailing list. That’s it, that’s all they do. No insight, no value, no getting to know who they are, just buy this and that with misleading subject lines and crazy pop up windows.

      To all who suffer this abuse- Unsubscribe! Thanks John for letting us know about the Warrior forum for finding out about how certain info products are. It sure will help us save money.

      The Warrior forum is a great resource to have for learning and helping others.

      Terry Conti

    • Michelle Haku

      Hi John Brilliant advice. I have unsubscribed from a few
      lists that promised “the world” I am still loving the Masterclass,
      and am really glad that I have joined your Affiliate Promo Formula
      Alliance. Thank you so much for your advice and products, they have
      really helped me to come a very long way, in an extremely short
      amount of time. Many Thanks Michelle Haku

    • Adwello

      I’ve been doing just that in recent months – checking out what the Warrior Forum has to say. My personal rule of thumb for myself is never to purchase a product that dazzles me with clickbank shots and to spend my cash on tools and resources and advertisements rather than push button systems.

      The only person making money with these dazzling hot systems is the one selling it to you! Hence the affiliate incentives. Build your own blog, email subscriber list and promote tools like hosting and an autoresponder or ebooks you enjoyed reading, have something to say, and network with other marketers.

      Focus on building value for the future of your business by giving value to your subscribers. No magic system: just marketing by building a list of prospects and promoting and producing useful web resource products and How-To training materials. Best advice is to join the War Room on the Warrior Forum and resist buying every special offer there!

    • John Chadwick

      Happy New Year John. Great post and good to see you are still sitting on the fence and sugar coating everything (LOL!!). Good to get honest advice from one who knows the ropes better than most.

      Also wanted to re-dress the balance a little and say that I had problems with my subscription (PayPal related – new card etc etc) and the support desk (particularly Paula) was exceptional. Patient, understanding and above all quick to action my requests.

      Best Wishes,

      John Chadwick

    • Zahid

      Hi John

      Great words of wisdom, getting a bit tired of people keep selling the “pipe dream”.

      They tell you everything except what the product truly is. I have got tougher in my approach to this junk now and if I get stuff and it is not what they hyped it to be be….they are unscribed.

      I know we are in the marketing business but you need to give your customers value in your products…the hype only creates BIG expectations and sometimes they only work if you already have lists and get zillions of hits on your sites to convert.

      John…I am a student of the master class and have bought a few of your products…and I think they are really great.

      I can really say the master class program is the best thing I have done. People have got to start getting the message that
      ” You have to put some time and effort into setting up your business”.

      Building the foundations and developing things…it all takes time and its part of the learning curve…especially if you do not have a lot of cash…YOU NEED TO DO IT and learn at the same time.

      Why would you want to run a business that you do not know your self?
      Essentially thats what the silver bullets promise..push idea whats going on behind the scenes.

      In my earlier days…not thats its been that long…I was getting sucked in all the time and wasted hundreds of dollars. Now I think back if I had not been doing that, I would have saved a lot of time and money and would have been further ahead.

      I am really looking forward to 2011,as I want to kick things up a notch.

      One of my goals is to to meet the names in the business…that includes you John. Build relationships with people and learn from other peoples experiences.

      Well I will leave it that..lols ๐Ÿ™‚

      All the best for 2011.



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    • Martyn Boaden

      Great advice, John. Last year I was tempted by a couple of heavily promoted launches. But I checked them out in The Warrior Forum first AND saved myself $1,000s! I also use to check out marketers I’m not familiar with. I was surprised to get emails from a top marketer promoting someone else’s product that was heavily criticused on

    • John McNally

      I have actually unsubscribed from EVERYONE John. I’m not buying anything, so what’s the point of wasting time reading sales pitches?

      Consulting the Warrior forum is a good safety backup for when you are itching to get the credit card out. As you said though, if the sales pitch only said what it isn’t, not what it is, that should be warning enough.

      I started your Masterclass in March 2009 and I’m really enjoying it, especially the fact that it’s so flexible I can drop out and rejoin any time I like. 8)

      I only did the first 10 lessons, but I’m now looking forward to completing some more.

      Leamington Spa, England

    • Howard Piesik

      Hi, John
      Koodos to you and Dave, for winning hands down, the competion.
      I love your choice of the carity. Pet’s need your generosity more than enyone else!

      And I to bought your Master marketing Class. I’m guilty of not staying on top of it. I’m getting back to it. I think I made it into about the 6th week. I’ll have to start at the begining again refresh my memory. I purchased my course threw Paula Brett’s link.
      (And I would like to thank you John, for letting her sell your course, on the pymt. plan with out interest) That really was a savings.

      I really don’t understand some people, becuase they bought your course, they seem to think they bought all your time. Silly.
      I have had no problems getting responses to my questions going threw the help desk.(directly from you, Paula or Dan). Thanks.

      As this blog post is stating don’t buy, if your not very clear as to what your buying.( there is NO, 3 clicks and your rich) And it really annoys me when you see these sales pages, and there is no “name” attached to them, only a buy button. And some vage guarantee.

      The Master marketing Class Was very clear, as to who made it.
      The experiance, of the marketer that made it.
      What you were going to get with it.
      How long it would take to complete.(as long as you stayed with it)
      How it would help you. The cost.
      The time, and effort you’d have to spend in it.
      And it comes to the old saying you get what you pay for.
      Thanks John Thornhill, You delivered as promised.
      The videos in this course are very professionally done.
      And cover Everthing you need to learn…
      I didn’t realize that there was so much, you have to learn to build
      a web blog.(a good one anyway).
      Thanks John Thornhill
      Howard Piesik

    • James

      Great Post John.

      Theres a lot of crap out there.

      As you say its very easy to get sucked in by these products.



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