Today is my first day back in the office after the holidays and let me tell you I’m glad to get back to work. As usual I’ve over indulged and it’s good to get back to normal.

2010 was a sort of quiet year for me but it finished with a bang with the launch of Affiliate Promo Formula and my last ever 72 Hours of Madness Auction. Both were big successes and I intend to start January where I left off in December and that’s with a bang and in the famous words of a famous animated gentleman take my business to infinity and beyond. Here’s some of the things I’ll be focusing on in 2011.


I have my first Affiliate Alliance webinar on Thursday that I’m nervously looking forward to, webinars are not something I do much but I knew I had to step this up and that’s why I have committed myself to 1 webinar per month for the Affiliate Alliance. Sometimes forcing yourself to do something is the only way to get it done and I know I can’t let the Alliance members down so that’s one way of getting things done. Will I be nervous? Yes. Will I enjoy it? Probably. Will it help my business move forward? Most definitely.


I must admit in 2010 I was very quiet on eBay, I still managed to achieve top rated seller status and had a few very successful auctions. However I was not selling permanently on eBay, that is going to change in 2011 as I aim to become highly active on eBay again.

Article Marketing.

You probably don’t know this but I have been using article marketing in my business since 2005. I have been doing a lot of experimenting over the last few months by getting my 2 sons to create huge amounts of content. Article marketing is one of the best ways to drive free targeted traffic to your products and services and if done right is just as effective today as it always has been. If anyone tells you Article Marketing doesn’t work take no notice, I’ve been doing it for 6 years and let me tell you it does.

Product Updates.

I have a few products that need to be brought up to date in 2011, this included Resale Rights Blueprint and as well as Mentorship Monthly (How bad do those graphics look now?) so I will be updating and relaunching quite a few products in 2011.

Product Creation.

I’ve always said the key to becoming a success is to create and sell your own information products and that will never change. The way to make real money online is to become an information product seller more than an information product buyer and I plan to release a record number of products this year. Do I still buy a lot of information products? Yes, but I also sell a lot too and this leads to…

List Building.

List building is the number one thing you need to be doing in your online business, every day you are not building your list is another day wasted. I will be concentrating on using existing methods to build my list but my plan is to become an extremely aggressive list builder in 2011. I’ll be revealing more on this later in the year. (Hint, it ties in with article marketing & webinars)

Expand the business.

My main plans for 2011 are to expand the business and my team, you may not know this but I have 3 staff, one virtual and 2 in house. Some of you may know Paula who handles my support, that wont change as Paula does a fantastic job and helps me provide the best support possible. I also employ my 2 sons Jamie and Alex. Alex handles calls to the office and helps customers over the phone and Jamie helps create a lot of my content to drive traffic to my existing sites. Both are still learning their trade but it’s working well so far. I have big plans to involve them a lot more in the business in 2011 and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I’m also going to be adding Randy Smith to my team on a part time basis in 2011, some of you may know Randy as we go back a long way, he only lives down the road from me and we have been consulting over the last month or so and I have big plans to expand the business that involves Randy.

Help a record amount of people quit their jobs in 2011.

I have plans to do a lot more coaching in 2011 and if you have already checked out my survey you will have probably guessed this. My plans are to help a record number of people quit their jobs in 2011 and anyone who has taken my survey will be contacted in the near future. I aim to set tailor made programs and partner up with people, even on product creation, to help them guarantee their success in the Internet Marketing World. (I can’t say too much just now) This will involve me doing a lot more one on one stuff such as personal consultations and training. It will all depend on each individuals needs and abilities.

If you did fill in my survey I’ll be in touch very soon and maybe we’ll be working together in 2011.

So there you go, I have made myself accountable to you this year, feel free to leave your plans for the year and let’s look back at the end of 2011 and see what was achieved.

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    • Edson Buchanan

      Hi John,

      I’m happy to see you back at the office and I know you will rock at your webinar. I wish I was off work so I could attend but like many of your readers, I still depend on a job to provide for the family.

      Now after knowing you for years, I truly do belive that you will help many quit their jobs and work full time online. I know that this year is a big step for me in heading in the right direction and I know with your help, by the end of this year, I will be working full time online.

      Thanks for everything John,

      Edson Buchanan

    • web design bury

      Hi John,
      I like the post title very much. I’ve just watched Toy Story with my kids and it makes me smile.
      Another spot on post and I am looking forward to be involved in 2011.
      Thanks again and happy new year,
      Gordan Bosnjak

      • Dave Offen

        Hi Gordon, how’s things going since Chris’s coaching course?

        • Gordan

          Hi Dave, Nice to hear from you. Things are going well at
          the moment, I am back to work after few days of hols. How are you

    • Mark McWilliams

      Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting year for you John, and I wish you all the best! 🙂 I’m going to hold my hands up and say I thought you were still a one man band but then I have been in a different world for a while, or not following all your activity at least. Also GREAT to hear you’ll be adding Randy to your team, even if it is on a part-time basis!

    • Cragar

      As a past 2009 student of yours I will be looking forward to hearing your thought and experiences on list building. I am still having problems with 2 items.Traffic and optins.Any help you can offer in this area would help all of us I am sure…as after being in this for a bit…anyone finds out that these are the KEYS to success.

    • Paul

      Happy New Year John and all the very best for 2011.
      Very interesting to hear your thoughts on your business plans and in particular the plan to update some of your products.
      I’m interested to know whether you have started to look at Kindle publishing yet.It seems to me that this could be taking us back to the days when Ebay allowed the sale of direct download products.
      I’m wondering if this might affect your ideas on updating Resale Rights Blueprint and 90 day challenge etc.
      I have both these products and they are great – very interested in your updates.
      all the best,

    • lan McConnell

      Hi John, happy new year!

      Wow… That’s a lot of things to fit into 2011, but I’m sure you will excel as usual.

      I’m looking forward to the affiliate alliance webinars. It’s funny to hear you saying that you will probably be nervous… When we see you as this guru that fears nothing… I’m sure you’ll be awesome!

      Have Fun
      Ian McConnell
      Western Australia

    • Todd Fetters


      Looking forward to seeing what you have in store. I am now unemployed and I am 100% committed to making this business work. I started with one of your products last year and I am much more knowledgeable thanks to you!

      I have to now monetize the business and I am sure with your support this can happen.

      I filled out the survey and I can’t wait to hear from you.

      I really appreciate your commitment to the new year!

      To Your Success(and to ours too!),


    • Ashley Wright

      Like the plan John! Like yourself I have started back today and couldn’t wait as have so much to get done! Can’t complain 🙂

      If you need any advice with your upcomin webinar feel free to give ne a shout!

      Speak soon


    • Stuart Turnbull

      Happy New Year, John!

      I too plan to be a lot more active in product creation this year, I’m also planning to do a lot more personal coaching, in fact I’m putting the finishing touches to a product that will help me do just that and I’m posting the details to my blog as we speak!

      Best wishes and thanks!


    • Keith Purkiss

      Hi John,

      Look forward to seeing what you do in 2011, and congratulations on adding Randy to your team [but put a lock on the drinks cabinet 😉 ]

      I haven’t finished my detailed plan, but I’ve set some targets as the first step:

      Targets For 2011
      12 Monthly Newletters Published
      11 Big Names On My Affiliate List
      10 Thousand Dollars Per month By December
      9 New Membership Sites Created
      8 Webinars Run On Goto Webinars
      7 Emails Added To Each AR Sequence
      6 JV Giveaways Run
      5 IM Workshops/Events Attended
      4 Top Ten Places In Launch Tables
      3 Outsource Workers Found
      2 Coaching Programs Done
      1 Successful Business Built



    • John

      Hi John, I’ve watched You grow! I purchased your ebook website ($97.)way back in 2005. Haven’t used it since Ebay stopped the digital delivery.
      I DO Have a Question for You…I have Sold some of Your ClickBank Products but have Never Received a Commission from CB.
      Does CB have any other Requirements besides the 5 different Credit Cards?
      Does that mean I have to have 5 Sales of Each product I sell?
      Most of my Sales are Made thru a small mailing list and to friends and people I know, DOES CB require Sales to start from my not-so-well-known Website?

      Thanks & Here’s Wishing You a Great 2011… John Rhea

      • John Thornhill

        Hi John,

        I’m afraid you’d need to contact ClickBank about that.

      • Paula Brett

        John, I think you need 3 Visa payments and 2 Mastercard payments before Clickbank will pay you (or it might be the other way round 3 M and 2 V). You need this on every selling account you have with Clickbank.

        • Eamon Diamond

          Hi John and Paula, I remember reading up on clickbank a
          while back on their terms, so if this can help here goes. CDR is a
          security measure put in place to stop you abusing the clickbank
          system for commissions, it’s set up to stop you from placing sales
          yourself or getting friends or family to do it for you, where you
          could end up reclaiming them back for yourself. ClickBank will
          withhold payment of any account balance until the following
          criteria is met: Sales made with 5 or more different credit card
          numbers; and Sales made with TWO different payment methods (either
          MASTER CARD, VISA, or PAYPAL). Note: where it says TWO different
          payment methods, although PayPal purchases are allowed. “Paypal
          does not count towards the minimum 5 different credit card
          numbers.” So what I gather from this is, you must have 5 or more
          different credit cards, PLUS two difference types of credit cards
          like MASTER CARD or VISA.

          • Jacinta D

            Hi Guys,

            5 different credit cards and 2 different payment methods is correct. I had to wait 18 months before I got my first cheque.

            It arrived by surprise last month! I took a photo and all!


            Jacinta 🙂

    • Dave Offen

      Hi John,

      Hope you had a great festive break. Sounds like you’ll need to be refreshed to manage all of your plans for 2011!

      I klnow how you feel about webinars. I have just started running webinars for my own coaching and mentoring program. Whilst the numbers of students is relatively low, I do realise that the recordings of the webinars can form the basis of at least one, if not many products, so for the long term, they will be priceless!

      And I’m really looking forward to your Alliance webinars. What I have learnt from you already in such a short space of time has already had a hugely positive impact on my business…

      Top 20 in a massive launch – and that with a pretty unresponsive list – or so I thought – and great prizes such as iPads and Xboxes to boot!

      And your 72 Hours firesale was awesome value. Can’t wait to take you up on the hands on aspects – consultations and business reviews. You’ll be hearing from me very shortly!

      Anyway John, all the best for 2011. I’ll be along for the ride with you.

      Dave Offen

    • Hi John,

      I’m late posting cos you were on the phone….LOL

      I actually started back Monday – But I seem to have so much on!
      What with a couple of launches to plan myself and then the stuff I’m helping you with, my brain is wondering whatever happened to a couple of hours a day??

      That said – it’s easy to get hooked and stuck in when you have good stuff to work with (and on), so I’m hoping I’ll get used to doing more than 10 hours a week again as I’ve promised Rachel a great holiday this year…hehe

      I’m looking forward to everything this year… I reckon it’ll be a great one for a lot of people!


      • Jacinta D

        Hi Randy,


        Woo Hoo Happy Dance Happy Dance!!


        You will be awesome!!


        Jacinta 😀

    • Luca Di Nicola

      Hey John,
      I look forward to your Webinar on Thursday.
      You have a great line up of goals for 2011, I guess I should start finalizing my list too.

      This is going to be a great year – thanks for all your help.

    • Franck Silvestre

      I’m looking forward for your guidance with ebay, since it’s in my plans for 2011 as well.

      You are one of the few marketers I know that I will get TREMENDOUS value when I open your emails. Keep up the good works.

      Take care,
      the Body Guard marketer

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi John and Happy New Year 2011!

      First… don’t worry about the webcast, I know it is going to be awesome! Although I haven’t never been a host in such events (only a participant), I can only imagine that you are nervous about it. That’s why it is called “stretching your comfort zone” 🙂

      You know, once the webinar is over, I bet you are going to feel just great, because you did something new. And going outside your comfort zone just grows your self-confidence even more! I have had these kinds of experiences many times before, when I forced myself to do something I didn’t want to do.

      And the article marketing thing. I was already about to drop that from my link-building/traffic-generating arsenal, but thanks for pointing out that it still works 🙂


    • Claude

      Hi John

      You certainly going for the kill in 2011.

      Hopefully I will too and I am looking forward to the webinar tomorrow night (I am even giving up my Tai Chi class to attend the webinar). This will be my first webinar, so if you are nervous you are not alone.

      You say that Production Creation is necessary to become a success but to me this is a stumble block, I am still debating what to do about my ebook, hopefully it will become clearer in the near future. So I look forward to the advice of a experienced Marketer.

      Best wishes

    • Mick Fallon

      Hi John Really enjoyed your post looks like you have
      military style planning. Thanks especially for the encouraging news
      on writing articles , yes you here so much these days that articles
      don’t work as well as they used to. Looking forward to the webinar
      tomorrow night, Im sure it’s going to be a real cracker cheers

    • Sharath Chandra

      Hi John, Great to see you back after a good break — You
      deserve it ! I appreciate your knowledge and your unique strategies
      after being such a long time in business. I think I get your
      message in the right way. ‘The longer you are in business the
      stronger it becomes is a very nice truth that you convey ‘, this is
      also my belief. Best wishes for your affiliate promo formula and
      Happy New Year 2011 to you and all your loved ones. God Bless you
      always in ALL ways. Enjoy !

    • Eamon Diamond

      Hi John, I’m glad I bought into the 72 hours of madness
      before it was to late, I also bought affiliate promo formula,
      fantastic value on both and the content, well! I’ve managed to get
      through it and only thought I new what I was doing till I read
      this, now I know how to properly target customers 😉 See you’ve
      given Randy a mention there, I’ve been reading a bit on Randy’s
      site and I have also contacted him recently on other matters, his
      advice was exellent stuff, you couldn’t want for a better helper on
      board with you. Now! Been looking over that survey, Hmmm, tempted
      as I’m nearly finished my product on your masterclass. But I don’t
      know, I spent a lot last year on products to further myself, what
      you think John are there any slots for cheap 🙂 Eamon

      • John Thornhill

        Fill in the Survey Eamon and you’ll see 🙂

    • Andreas Spyrou

      Hi John, Happy New Year! Good to see you back. 🙂 My plans
      this year are: 1) Launching a few quality products. I could make my
      first launch a few months ago but I didnt because I wanted to
      create a really good product first, salesletter etc. I am going to
      need your help. 2) Build a bigger and responsive list. I invest on
      my list in a daily basis. 3) Help my subscribers, blog readers, my
      affiliates/JV partners as more as I can. Without helping people you
      cant go far even if you own a 100K list. 4) Apply the “Affiliate
      Promo Formula” to increase my affiliate commissions by offering
      unique bonuses that provide real value to the buyer. 5) Outsource
      more frequently. Can I “hire” Jamie and Alex for a few hours John?
      🙂 OK. I am looking forward for the webinars as well as for
      everything else this year. All the best for your business! Take
      care, Andreas

    • Andrew Stark

      Hi John

      Sounds like a busy year…

      I’ve already filled in your survey, I have all the answers I need, just a case of getting someone to actually finish the ideas off.

      Also I need more traffic, I like the idea of keeping work within the family, it’s definately easier than finding someone virtual who may or may not be able to do what you want.

      Anyway hopefully I’ll hear back from you soon.


    • John McNally

      Looks like another big year John. It’s great to build a successful business that enables you to employ your sons. 8) I’ve had a similar pleasure in the past employing my wife, mother and brother. Nothing like a family business for enjoying your work.

      I’m pleased that Randy is also getting involved this year. The atmosphere should be buzzing all the way to infinity and beyond.

      Leamington Spa, England

    • Hey John,

      Do you plan on taking Buzz and Woody along with you – to infinity and beyond? Sorry for the Toy Story reference (not really). I couldn’t resist.

      Wow, John! It looks like you’ve really put some thought and effort into your 2011 plan. I suppose that’s one of the reasons why you’ve been so successful! We can all learn from your example – no doubt.

      On your list of goals this year, you left the best for last – help a record amount of people quit their jobs. I have to say; the fact that you included your followers’ (readers and students) success on this list is quite refreshing amidst this era of ME, ME, ME (and I’ll throw in one more ME – just for emphasis) marketing!

      I’ve never met you personally, but nevertheless I want to take this opportunity to say – you are a COOL guy!

      Best wishes,

      Fred S.

    • Adwello

      Great to read your plans for 2011 John! It’s good to hear you’ve got your sons involved and I know you’ll work well with Randy – exciting business development! I’m looking forward to becoming involved in your APF forum this year and also starting to trade more effectively on ebay as I have been off that for over 6 months.

      Please consider releasing a brand new ebook on trading on ebay – I’m a great fan of your Auction Profit Streams but it would be very welcome to have a new product which takes the top rated seller status in and your views on other ebay options such as classified ads.

      I suspect a lot of people feel auctions are ‘old-hat’ as a marketing option for 2011 but I think there is still a lot of mileage there, however we need to approach things differently to the old penny ebook auction days. It may pay to create a paperback book to sell on ebay and amazon to maximize traffic and promote your kudos as a powerseller ebay expert. Nothing ventured…!

    • Jacinta D

      Hi John,

      Love the goals! I think 2011 is going to be a fantastic year for you and for everyone that surrounds themselves and learns from you.

      Having been a student of yours since 2008 it has been awesome watching you grow as a mentor, trainer, motivator, coach & marketer.

      Thanks to you, I have my own website, blog and niche product online.

      I have enjoyed the process and going through the learning curb however, this year I am hoping to step it up a little and actually make some decent money online and create a business instead of it being a hobby.

      I have filled in your survey and would love to be mentored by you personally. I may not have a lot of money right now, but I’ll do your transcriptions! 🙂

      OK I am trying to bribe you!

      Thank you for the motivation and for your guidance.


      Jacinta 😀

      P.S Got my big 40 happening in 9 days! 😯 Getting ready for the 40’s. My 40’s motto: Loving My Family, Having Fun, Feeling Fabulous & Fantastic, Being Fit & Becoming Financially Free!

    • Kerry Russell

      Hey John,

      Sound like it’s going to be another successful year for you in 2011. Like you my main focus for the year is going to be list building. Am hoping i can attend your webinar. I’m sure it will go just fine. Would be great if you could share some list building techniques to get my business of to a flying start.

      Look forward to following you this year.

      All the best

    • Lisa

      Hello John, Looks like a very exciting year! I have filled
      out the survey and I do need a lot more help on the product
      creation side of things, I am actually going back over the
      Masterclass to get myself back into the swing of things! And some
      one on one help would be awesome! (In fact, I just got off the
      phone with Stuart Turnbull and he is soooo cool!!) I am very
      excited for Randy to be working with you, too! He’s another info
      marketer who is totally awesome! Giving, giving and more giving!!
      Such amazing, giving people I have met in the Masterclass! Kathy,
      Randy, Ron, Stuart, Jacinta, Goodness….I can’t name them all
      here! K now, I would LOVE to quit my job and be able to stay home
      with these 6 kids, but that takes a TON of money, so if you are
      helping people quit their job in 2011, I’m there! First in line!!
      🙂 Just let me know what I have to do!! I filled out the survey and
      am waiting for your reply…..waiting….waiting….waiting 🙂 My
      plans for this year is to go back through the Masterclass and
      really focus on product creation and to also learn how to use
      Camtasia so my products will be more valuable to my customers and
      subscribers. I am also going to focus on list building. Building a
      responsive list of folks who really want to read what I have to
      say! I also have my ideas about my second product, once I get my
      first product completed, which should be real soon! And John, my
      biggest plan(dream,goal,desire)….is to be able to work with you
      personally so I can come home from work! YAY!! Very excited for you
      this year and can’t wait to get on the Webinar! 🙂 Take care and
      God bless!! Lisa~

    • Lisa

      P.S. Yes, the graphics for Mentorship Monthly are bad but
      you have some awesome content in there! 🙂

    • Margot Warren

      Hi John,
      So informative and so much for us to learn, who are just starting out. Thanks for all your help.

      Cheers Margot

    • Seb

      John, thank for a very thought provoking series of topics. I get emails from you as I had previously requested information on your program. Unfortunately I just could not afford it. I haven’t tried eBay yet so that will be something for me to try this month.

    • Matt Poc

      Hi John,

      I just purchased your affiliate Promo Formula and I am very happy with it, however, now I noticed WHAT a GREAT offer I missed…… (72 hours of madness)

      Will you be doing it again in the future? I would be really great!

      • John Thornhill

        Hi Matt,

        If you contact support we can arrange that.



    • simon arden-nixon

      Hi John,
      I have filled out your survey and look forward to hearing from you, Ive learnt a lot over the last couple of years from many different sites,Ive also suffered from major information overload but I think if I had you as a mentor it would keep me on track, many thanks for all your great and valuable content.

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