1. Look for Long Tail Keywords Opportunities.

Here you are, ready to start with the ranking. First, think about how you wanna advertise your business or product, then use a keyword planner tool (google has one for free) and look for alternatives that have good traffic and less competition.

A great option is looking for longer sentences than your main keywords, in the related keywords suggestion section of the tool, these can have less search volume but are be less conglomerated and could be great traffic opportunity to start with.

2. Use your Keywords on Key Places.

Identify at least 5 other keywords related to the main one and use them like this:
The main one in the name of the video file,
2 in the title (main one included),
All 5 in the description (repeat them al least in two sentences each one). Remember to use them in a natural way, insert them into complete sentences.

3. Use captions in order to have an unfair advantage.

A great trick is to put your main keyword sentence as subtitles almost at the end of the video, this is going to give you an extra impulse and an unfair advantage to beat the competitors. Don´t saturate your video, just one caption is ok to draw the attention of the search engine.

4. Stand out of the crowd with special characters.

🆕 ▓►✫ Just letters are boring, so ad emojis or special characters in your title, for example, you can use stars, hands, smiling faces, or anything that can give an extra engaging characteristic to your video.★◄▓ You can copy the ones I put here.

5. Use Live Events as your Advertising.

If you are looking to rank a local business or service with phone customer service, your best option can be to rank a “Live Event”. Here is how it works: just make a good thumbnail for the video that has the name of the business and the phone number (or website) in big letters, use bright colors but keep it simple, don’t use images, just an elegant background.

You can use Canva as an editing image tool for this, and there you can choose the special size for your email to fits the Youtube Thumbnail settings.

When you are going to select the date of the live event select just “later” or a far far away date, so it appears every time as a coming Live Event. Don’t forget the things we already talk about, keywords, description, emojis, etc, and then publish. This can make your business rank fast even on Google too!.

6. More settings. Set the Place, Language and Category is a Plus.

This task you can do it before or after uploading your video, you have to go to more settings in the description section.

First, select the place of your video because this is important if you want for example more us traffic, or if your ad is about a local business then you will be interested in specifying the city where it is located.

Second, select the language for the same reasons, especially if you are for example in Japan and want to captivate English speakers.

Third, set the category of your video this will target the right audience, for example, if your video is a review use the “I recommend news & politics” category so the people looking for opinions can find you better.

7. Use a Tool for Niche Analysis.

A good Niche Analysis tool can give you the best advantage to sneak in the competitive youtube world by giving you information about:
– How easy or hard is to rank in your chosen keyword.
– How many views can you expect to receive per month (nobody wants first place in a keyword with almost zero views potential)
– How good is the SEO of your competitors
– Rank Tracking: To measure your stats after you place your video.

Watch me using my favorite tool for all this here.

I’m sure this will help you and see you on my blog stelaahau.com to continue learning about online marketing. If you like it, please Share, Comment and Smile.

Thanks for reading,
Stela Ahau
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