Starting a new business online, diversifying or just trying your hand at a new niche?

Below are 7 tips that should help you get a smooth start.

Use a solid (USP) better known as a Unique Selling Proposition
In other words, what separates you from the rest of the crowd? What makes you unique? Instead of just saying something like, your price or the quality, which is probably use by just about everyone else, try something unique like, easier to make, require less time to make, has fewer moving parts than the nearest competitor, so it’s easier to maintain. Well, you get the idea

Write Down Your Goal
Determine exactly what the goal is. A three-star general once said that dreams are just dreams until you write them down; then they become goals. And goals, are like a roadmap to your future success. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there! So, your primary objective must be clear. Do you want to become an expert in your field, Have a list of loyal subscribers? Or a combination of the two? Either way you need to come up with a solid plan to get you there.

Determine Your Target Customer
The biggest mistake most beginners make is selecting too broad a niche. Which in addition to having too much competition, doesn’t guarantee that you’ll reach the prospects who need the product or service you are marketing. Therefore, the smart marketer does research to find out what people are needing in a particular niche and then develops or designs product or service his or her ideal customer. Then by offering a free product or information that has value helps to build a positive relationship and an opportunity for repeat customers.

Establish a partnership
Partners can come with a variety of talents they can for instants, help with building a list, develop or market a product, do SEO etc., depending on your target audience. Choose a partner preferably who is proficient in areas that you’re not so sharp in, this will accelerate the time it takes to reach your goal., and enhance your relationship. It is best to be up upfront as to who is responsible for items such article writing, emails, blog posts, etc. that way each partner knows exactly what their role is in the partnership.

Focus on Social Media
Choose a couple of social networks with prospects in your niche. Start contacting the with incentives to share your content or try to attract more people running contest or offering free gifts that have value.

Offer Content That Has Value
Like I mentioned above, using content for your website or blog, that is interesting, informative, or enjoyable to read is what works best and shareable. Using humor appear to work well and adding a video is always a good idea, since video is the going thing right now!
But, just writing content and posting it won’t do, you need to email it, use guest blog posting, create a video and use any other ideas that will help get your content to your customers.

Feed them Tiny Bits
Never disclose all of your best tricks to your customers, it’s okay tell them what to do but, don’t show them how it’s done. Let that part be in the product you want them to buy. There is a perceived notion that full disclose of all your secrets will result in more sales, but that simply is not usually the case. Why would you buy my how-to video series, if explained it all in a free guide?

Above are the 7 tips for starting your next business. This is the secret of marketers who sell their products at premium prices to people who appreciate their products because they find them more valuable. So, when launching your next online business, if you want to maximize your chances for success. Write down your goals, and make a plan on how to get there, or short-cut the whole process by joining John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success. The roadmap is already laid out for you!

This is a guest post from Ken McDaniels, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.


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