Probably the most profound opportunity in the 21st century. And, so far, you may be missing it all…

Here are 30 “rock solid” reasons why you would be crazy not to start your own online side income, immediately, today…

1. It’s open to all

Your background is irrelevant… as long as you are prepared to put in the effort, learn the skills, practice, refine and remain focused (then anyone, with a purpose in life, has the potential to achieve whatever they want)

2. Work part-time

You can work part-time as a hobby… or, you can work part-time to build a fulltime income and then go full-time (it doesn’t have to intefere with your day job, nor do you have to quit your job to get it underway if that concerns you)

3. Global marketplace

The internet is a global net and the program allows you to promote into any country you wish (the world really is your oyster!)

4. It’s simple

It’s just you, your laptop, and an internet connection… the internet is the door to a massive consumer base (you can access two thirds of the entire world with just a few clicks of a mouse)

5. The skills required

It’s no different to learning any new skill such as golf, fishing, riding a bike or the skills you learned for your current occupation (once you crack the code anything is possible)

6. No minimum thresholds to achieve

Income targets are your own targets, set by you, and entirely up to you, depending on what it is you want to achieve (the program doesn’t force you to achieve any target each month)

7. In-depth training

Just like any day job there are skills you need to develop and will get better at with practice… the program has excellent training (you get access to ‘in-the- trenches’ knowledge from others who have done it, not simply theory that sometimes leads to a dead end)

8. One-to-one coaching

And to give you the best chance of success so each student gets direct (phone, mail, email) access to John (the program creator) who will hold you by the hand. This is one of the most critical features in any internet marketing business, is so often missing from other education programs, and yet is the make-or-break fundamental you require (you get one-on-one guidance from a real human, the man whose already made $5 million online doing just this – now it’s your turn)

9. Work when you want

Work when it suits you, not when it suits others (this means you can build your work around your life, rather than have to fit your life around your work)

10. Work where you want

Complete portability… you can work in any country you wish, or in any other country you wish, or in airports, stations, on trains, in Starbucks, or at home (you have complete location freedom – if your spouse has to relocate because of their job you can simply up sticks and move with them – life becomes as easy as that)

11. Work with whom you want

Many of your colleagues will be online colleagues… some can become great friends over time… but if you don’t hit it off you can literally switch them off with a simple click of your mouse (you’re not forced to work with people you don’t choose, as is often the case in your day job)

12. Your WIFI does all the grunt work for you

All products can be delivered instantly at the click of a mouse (you don’t have to worry about logistics, customs issues when crossing borders, or the the product becoming too expensive once shipping costs are added on)

13. Independently capable

The program trains you to stand on your own two feet … but you also have a team structure around you to provide all the support you need when you need it (thus you’re capable in your own right, but have an arm to lean on whenever you need it)

14. No 9 to 5

It’s ideal for those struggling with the endless 9 to 5. Same old, same old… usual drudgery. Where each week (year/decade) is simply a repeat of the previous where you’re one week older and, in many cases, no further forward in real terms (with this program there is no 9 to 5 and what you achieve is entirely up to you)

15. No daily commute

If you’re tired of the daily commute, battling traffic jams and breathing traffic fumes, then this is your way out (you can literally work from your favourite armchair, or anywhere else you choose)

16. No answering to a boss

You may love your current boss but, if not, then he/she (and similar others) don’t have to feature in your future… there are no middle management rungs to climb… you go right to the top of your organisation from day one (no one dictates what you must do today… it’s your dreams, your targets, your activity, your results)

17. No office costs

You don’t need an office so don’t have to take out an office lease or buy special office equipment (this means you don’t have the overhead traditional businesses are saddled with and, for which, there is no money back if things don’t work out)

18. No uptown location required

Location, location, location… not only do you not need a traditional offline office but you don’t have to pay a premium for a desirable location uptown just to get noticed. Online you simply need to know where your prospective customers hang out (and online you can attract out-of-town or overseas visitors to your business with just a few simple clicks of a mouse)

19. No cash to handle

There’s no cash to handle, no cash register to worry about, no cash float to provide for the register each day, no daily tot up of receipts, no invoices to send out nor payments to chase up, no cash to take to or withdraw from the bank (all payments can be handled virtually, online, using easy established secure online payment processors)

20. No employees to nursemaid

You may love your current employees but, if they’re hard work, then breathe a sigh of relief, because with this program you don’t need employees (your work becomes much easier and much less stressful)

21. No complicated labour law to worry about

When it occurs, difficult employees and employee grievances can absorb a disproportionate amount of your precious time and can sometimes cause unwelcome entanglements with employment law (online you can take advantage of virtual employees, if you ever need them, which you can switch on and off at will with the simple click of the mouse).

22. Learn skills that don’t become obsolete

Technology is moving at a such a fast pace many traditional skills are becoming obsolete… will we need hydrocarbons in the years ahead as renewable technologies gather pace… will supermarket jobs be replaced with online shopping (as high streets crumble)… the nightmare scenario is finding your skill set redundant at 30, 40 or 50 years old (this program embraces the fourth industrial revolution, the internet, and will equip you with skills you can use, interchangeably, for many years to come)

23. Bolster your income in old age

Imagine when it becomes a physical struggle to maintain your business… maybe you’ll need special care when you get older… care at home is the best way to go but it’s not cheap… with this program you’re building online real estate which, in itself, will increase in value as you succeed (thus you’re developing a nest egg in addition to a current income)

24. A focus in your old age

When you become older, and less agile…

it’s much easier to turn on a laptop than to commute to your business premises… and it’s much easier to sit in a chair and manage your affiliate entity than to stand or attend customers or hump and move boxes (you can keep working well into your old age should you want something positive to achieve)

maintaining your online presence will give your brain something constructive to do on a daily basis, keeping it active later in life (thus helping to defer the period of mental decline)

and your online presence will help to avert that otherwise lonely feeling, at such an age, as you continue to maintain close contact with your online audience (so there’s still a good reason to get out of bed in the morning)

25. The small print

Let’s be really frank… there’s no such thing as a free lunch and there never has been… what we reap depends on what we sow… a good program will provide you with all the tools, training and support you need to succeed but success is ultimately down to you.

This includes the effort you apply, how seriously you commit to the training, the commitment you make to developing your skills, and persistent application…

Just like in any job, if you can’t be bothered to learn the ropes and can’t be bothered to apply what you learn, or develop your skills, then you won’t hold that job for very long.

Whilst there’s no iron clad guarantee you will succeed, many ordinary people, just like you, have done just that… many with extraordinary results… and all, bar none, were right where you are now, contemplating a potentially life changing program.

So, there’s no good reason why, subject to the foregoing, you can’t achieve the same.

26. Who is this for

Anyone with a laptop, an internet connection, a financial objective, a willingness to learn, and a purpose in life.

27. Break away (once and for all)

Finally released from the 9 to 5, the daily commute, a boss they may not like and ongoing office politics, many online marketers begin to understand the icing on the cake once they get some time under their belts.

Part-time, full-time, anywhere, anytime, it’s just you, a laptop, and an internet connection, building an additional income, which many build into a full-time income (working part-time) once they achieve initial success.

And there’s also the value of the asset when you finally put up your feet.

Costing a fraction of a regular offline business, with no full-time employees, no bank loans, no significant overhead… where it’s simply your time, your attitude, your dedication, your enthusiasm, and your willingness to learn.

28. How to start

Starting is extremely simple… click the link below.

29. When to start

Let’s face it, there’s no time like the present. You’re either in, or out. After all, why put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Enrol initially, learn at your own pace, then, when you’re ready, apply the skills you’ll learn… and get all the support you need

30. The best affiliate offer right now

Probably the best all-round online affiliate opportunity right now is available at the link below. Seriously…

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This is a guest post from Douglas Barker, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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