To win on social media or YouTube, you need consistent, quality, strategic content. But I’ve learned that being consistent and having quality content is actually not enough. There’s a lot of people that are putting valuable content out, and they’re doing it on a regular basis, but they’re still not breaking through. And so, this is a critical component of the formula because you actually have to have a strategy.

All of these platforms are so powerful, but the question then is how do I stand out in the midst of rising competition?

if you feel like you have competitors in your niche, and it’s discouraging like you look around and you think, there are all these other people that are doing what I’m doing.

How can I break through?

How can I stand out?

And so, that’s really why we crafted this formula here. And this formula is universal for social media, and everybody has to do this if they want to win. Like, it’s kind of like an unbreakable framework, and so let’s dive into it. Here’s what it is if you want to write it down.

To win on social media or YouTube, you need consistent, quality, strategic content.


This is not just like the frequency of uploading. That’s important, and if you want a strategy, it’s again, how do I start to really gain traction on YouTube?
In my opinion…

you need to be posting at least one video a week Like, I think that all of us need to commit to some piece of long-form content, it might only be five minutes, seven minutes, but meaningful content at least once per week. Consistency is also about the message.

If on your YouTube channel one day you’re talkin’ about how to, you know, get better biceps. I don’t talk about that on YouTube because I have no results there. But if you know one day, and then the next day, you’re talkin’ about how to level up in Minecraft.

then it’s going to be hard to build a brand because that’s two totally different things. And that might seem obvious, but it’s not just consistency of frequency. It’s also the consistency of messaging, consistency of brand. What we’ve noticed is that a reason that some people don’t break through is that they have not defined, like, a consistent message that they stick to.

So, maybe, Instagram’s hot. You could commit to at least one valuable piece of content per week on something’ like Instagram TV.


When it comes to quality, what most of us think is, you know what to win on YouTube, to win on any of these platforms, I need to have a real fancy camera. I need to get the latest gear.

In fact, I’m not gone start my YouTube channel, I’m not going to start my brand until I get the right microphone or the better lens. And friends, this was me. So, I would kind of make excuses, like well, when I get that new lens, then I’m gone shoot those new videos or when I get that microphone, then I’m gone shoot those new videos. But friends that quality is really not what makes the difference when it comes to winning online. It’s actually more about the value of the content.

It’s the content value that is most important. And so, when it comes to getting started, all you need’s your phone, right? Your content has to fit pretty much if you want to win into one of these buckets. And so, if you’re building your brand, you got to pick out number one it could be information. Just information. If you’re a business owner you could just be sharing the latest investment…

Let’s say real estate in Las Vegas.

You’re sharing the latest information of what the rates are right now. Is it a good time to buy or is it a good time to sell? You’re just kind of sharing the facts, the information. This could be the news as well. this is the news that’s happening now, the other one’s entertainment.
to win with a vlog, you have to be entertaining. That is, you know people aren’t watching your vlog to get news. They’re watching it to be entertained.

So, they either want to laugh, the story’s interesting, there are cliffhangers, you know, there’s a reason to keep watching. It’s really good to maybe study reality TV, study arcs of story arcs. It maybe falls under entertainment. Now, it could be inspiration and motivation I’ll start my morning, I just turn on some motivation stuff. I want to get inspired and motivated. This is a good bucket to put content in Education. Education would be of course, how to use a camera. How to get views on YouTube.

And the last one will be a connection. I think online video, there’s a lot of people that they almost provide a connection. Maybe they mixed a few of the other things, but it’s kind of like a community aspect to it.

Like you build community, you feel connected, or you facilitate connections. Maybe you do an interview show or multiple talk shows, and thinking about how people are feeling involved or connected.

Now, here’s the deal, you want to pick one of these or stack multiple of these. One of the trending terms right now is edutainment.

So, that’s education and entertainment combined, and you can make your content even more powerful. But I’ll tell you what, if your content doesn’t have any of these, you’re going to lose. Like if you don’t have, you have to have one of these. And now, before you press record, we always like to say “Research before you press record”.

Plan before you press record.” You should be defined to say, this is exactly what I want to deliver as far as content value to the end-user. But I’ve learned that being consistent and having quality content is actually not enough. There’s a lot of people that are putting valuable content out, and they’re doing it on a regular basis, but they’re still not breaking through. And so, this is a critical component of the formula because you actually have to have a strategy.

One of the things we learned, is how to get your videos found in search. And that if you go to the YouTube search bar, you type something in, we were talking about this. You could see predictions of what people are actually searching, but one of the strategies, in fact probably the key strategy of why we are where we are today is because I discovered that YouTube is a search engine, and I discovered how to do keyword research and then reverse engineer valuable videos to answer the questions that people are searching for online. And that’s just one strategy. But I’m here to tell you that you’ve got to have a strategy got to have a plan, and you want to put together a winning strategy if you want to ultimately, breakthrough. And then finally it’s content. We got to be consistent, right?

We have to have it be quality, decent AVL: audio, video, lighting. But, it’s more about the content value. We have to actually have a strategy. And then, finally, it’s the content itself.

Content is king

Content is how social media works. And so, this is defining what am I posting and where? Mobile is the number one place people consume content. And the majority of time people are spending on mobile is actually on digital audio first. It’s a huge trend. Right growth video. We learned it yesterday, that one of the best things to start is a video podcast because audio is the number one-way people are consuming content. Spotify, iTunes. But even beyond that, YouTube Content And then it’s picking your platform.

Now, here’s a tip, when you’re starting out, don’t try to focus on too many platforms. We recommend one actually, and maybe just one support platform, and so be consistent, quality, strategic content.

That’s the formula Keep working it, Work it and it will work, especially when you persevere over time. So, I encourage you. Press record. Punch fear in the face, punch perfectionism in the face, and post some content.

The question of the day is:
What is your main social media platform and how often are you posting content on that platform?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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