Wow, is it just me or is this month flying by? We are already past the halfway mark and it won’t be long till this month is over, how are your plans for the year going so far? I hope you are keeping to your New Year Resolutions.

For me things are pretty much going to plan. I mentioned in this blog post in late December 2011 that I planned to launch 3 products in January alone and I am still on course to do that.

After the successful launch of 30 Day Traffic Flow with Dave Whitworth I launched a developer version of Like Page Builder with Dave Nicholson as a Warrior Special Offer on Saturday, so far it’s going very well and people are delighted with our offer, if you still haven’t checked it out you can do so here.

Basically if you join at the pro level you will receive a developers license worth $197 free. This license enables you to build Facebook pages for an unlimited number of clients. Let me tell you this is a highly lucrative marketplace and it is an area I am already looking into, I will of course keep you posted.

I also created another blog last week called, it is another site that uses the Flexibility 3 Theme. I’m just sort of messing about with it at the moment but the plan is to fill it with $5 Warrior Special Offers and provide some free WSO training. If you have been following my WSO Domination training and have launched a $5 WSO please let me have the details and I’ll put it on the site for free. Incidentally if you like the look of and this blog you can create one just like it by checking out the ‘copy this blog’ tab at the top of the page.

So far I have mentioned 2 of the 3 products I planned to launch this month. I’m not going to mention the third product I will be launching just yet but let me tell you that it will be my biggest and most intense product to date. Before I reveal any more I have compiled a 30 second survey and I would appreciate it if you could help me to help you by filling it in. It’s completely anonymous and you only have to answer the questions you want to, I’ll be sharing the results and my thoughts and more details about this very soon.

You can take the survey here.

So that is January in a nutshell and let me tell you this is just the beginning, I already have another launch with Daniel Sumner planned for February and I am going to dedicate the month of February by putting together a series of free training videos and webinars for my subscribers. I am going to make sure that no matter what level you are at that I provide you with something that can help you move forward.

Sidenote! Have you noticed how many products I have released recently, it’s a lot isn’t it? Well you haven’t seen nothing yet as I plan to launch a lot more this year, some will be highly successful, some maybe not so but all will make me money and help build my business.

I have said from day one and I will say it again that product creation is the number one reason for my success online and once you get into the habit of creating new products there really is no stopping you. The most important thing you can do online is put buy buttons and opt-in forms in front of people, never forget that!

That’s it for now, as always feel free to share your thoughts and also let me know how your plans are going so far this year.

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    • Eamon

      Hi John

      I agree…was just saying to a friend the other day how quick January is flying by.

      I’ve been over to your other WSO site a few times and things are looking really good…and I’ve also been following your WSO Domination training and have launched a $5 WSO 🙂 Superb training by the way, I’ll not leave the link in here John as you maybe don’t want a messy link in people’s faces, so I’ll send it over to you in an email if that’s OK.

      I’m half way through another product John – I’ll send it your way when I’m finished to take a look at…wish you all the best and I’ll be hanging tight to see those other products you’re talking about come along 😉


      • John Thornhill

        I’m glad to hear you’re taking major action Eamon, and feel free to share the link to your WSO, I don’t mind.

        Good luck with it!


    • Steve Wilkins

      Nice one John!

      I have watched on in fascination after seeing you launch product after product and your WSO’s to date have been absolutely fantastic value (the conversion rate of your wso’s must be through the roof!, what is the conversion rate out of interest? Go on…. you can tell us ;))

      I also already have the standard Likepage builder software but am just about to sign up for the developers licence as I have big plans for this kit in my offline services business this year so thanks againn for another fantastic WSO.

      This must be the secret to your huge success, you provide quality products that over deliver on value and under deliver on price, this is a formula we could all learn so much from.

      Anyway, I will watching out for your future products this year (I’v purchased most of yours already so why stop the trend eh?) Just keep over-delivering like this and I will be a loyal subscriber and buyer for life.

      All the best,
      Steve Wilkins.

      • John Thornhill

        Hi Steve,

        The conversion rates differ but the $5 WSO’s sell best and that’s what I advise. And you’re right, provide quality products at the right price and people will but them, who would have thought? 🙂

        Good luck with your Facebook business.


    • Franck Silvestre

      Hi John,

      Since I started as an affiliate marketer, I didn’t get it at first…when I stepped into the product creation phase, I created products, made a lot of sales (even got some killer wsos in the past), but I missed something. I didn’t capitalize on the momentum I got from my previous launches. Now this is going to change. I already have a lot of products, but I am creating even more to sell to my existing customers.


    • Dave Whitworth

      Hi John,
      How about creating a product called ‘Finding Time To Do It All’

      I really don’t know how you do it. You must be working your boys like slaves. 🙂


    • Sue McDonald

      Hi John

      Yes halfway through the month already.

      You have well and truly laid out your plans here and that is what everyone has to do. Write out their goals and take ACTION. Without action you do not achieve.

      To YOUR success


    • Andrew Stark

      Hi John

      Great that you’re taking you own advice and creating and launching products. My challenge for 2012 is to get a virtual assistant to do the dull day to day stuff that’s keeping me back from the action taking on the ideas in my head.

      Oh, and I’ll be taking you up on the $5WSO offer.


    • Mary Kathan

      Hi John

      Very impressive – as always!


    • Chris Deals

      Dude, every time I read one of your blog post I get pumped 🙂 Im still working on my product which I have committed to releasing in January.

      I need to get some buy buttons and opt in forms out there.


    • Donald

      Hi John,

      Unbelievable, if this doesn’t spur anyone on (me especailly) I don’t know what will. You’re certainly going at a rate of knots. And what is mentioned on your header.

      “Simple, Honest, Ethical”

      Nothing more to say..

      Kind Regards

      Donald MacLeod…..who needs a kick up the a…

    • Dan Sumner

      If there is a world record for product launches in one year I think you are going to be in the Guinness book of records!

      February is definitely going to be the best one 😀

      See you tomorrow JT


    • Craig Pullman

      John, your success is a direct result of practising what you preach. You are and will continue to be successful because you take action. you have also given me the confidence to take action. Thank you.

    • James Hughes

      Great post John

      Intrigued by these WSO products that you keep churning out.

      I don’t know where you find the time.



    • Tony Sanford

      John, Im really enjoying WSO domination and look forward to seeing more from you this year, I hope to have 1st WSO out in the next couple of weeks and will post my sucess in forum, shame I keep missing the webinars tho!

    • Dave Alcock

      Hi John,

      It’s pretty funny that you sent out a survey. As I was coming to the end of you One Month Mentor and I’ve been looking around I found all about the importance of find out what the issues of your subscribers are.

      I’m just finding my feet but talk about taking a lot in. I feel like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

    • Hey Mate,

      I just noticed your Alexa rank has really jumped recently!
      We used to be around the same between 125000 and 130000
      Now suddenly you’re at 66,803 !!

      Got to wonder if this new blog look has some extra benefits in SEO terms?


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