While there have always been some freelance workers, people with full-time jobs are increasingly starting small business ventures in their spare time to supplement their income. If you’ve been thinking about branching out and making money on your own, there are many great reasons to take the plunge. Here are 10 of the top reasons you should start your side hustle as soon as possible.

You Can Use the Money to Invest or Pay Down Debts

One of the best things about having even a small additional stream of income on the side is the fact that it gives you a better chance to set yourself up for financial security. By taking the money from your side hustle and using it to invest in stocks and bonds or pay down your debts, you can improve your overall financial status. Over time, prudent use of your extra income will yield large returns and help you achieve financial freedom.

You’ll Develop New Skills

Freelancing or running a small business will make you deal with challenges and obstacles you’ve never encountered before, and you’ll learn new skills in the process. Whether learning about the ins and outs of digital marketing or developing a better feel for customer relations, having a side hustle is a great way to round yourself out as a professional. Better still, these skills can carry over into your regular job and make you even more effective in your 9-5 career than you already are.

Unexpected Expenses Will Be Less Frightening

Nobody likes having to pay a medical bill or finance a car repair out of the blue, but having a secondary income source makes unexpected expenses much less terrifying. A side hustle not only gives you more money to work with when unexpected bills do arise, but it also gives you the ability to make extra cash on demand if you come up short. If you suddenly find yourself needing a few hundred dollars for something, you can simply put in more hours on your side hustle for a few weeks to cover it.

You’ll Gain More Confidence

One of the benefits of a side hustle that people rarely discuss is the massive boost it can give you in self-respect and confidence. Knowing that you’ve developed a second income stream successfully gives you the confidence in yourself necessary to tackle other large projects. As a result, you’ll notice that future tasks will seem less difficult, even if they require a great deal of work and effort.

A Side Hustle Can Turn Into a Full-time Business

While you may be satisfied with just having a profitable sideline, you may decide to turn your side hustle into your full-time job. Having a second stream of income already developed gives you the opportunity to transition to working on it full-time whenever you’d like. Even if you never actually decide to exercise this option, it’s always nice to have it in your back pocket should you want to.

You’ll Have the Freedom to Look at Other Career Opportunities

If you want to make a change in your career but have been too worried about the instability that might come with that change, building a small business on the side may be helpful. Because you’ll have an income source that is completely independent of your employer, you’ll have a greater latitude to explore other career opportunities. With the extra income, you can even take a modest reduction in pay to break into a new field at the entry-level without sacrificing your standard of living.

You Can Make Money Pursuing a Hobby

Believe it or not, having a side hustle doesn’t necessarily mean having to do more work you don’t enjoy. Instead, you could make money pursuing one of your hobbies for profit. Whether you enjoy photography or like building things in your spare time, there’s a way to monetize almost any hobby. Even if your hobby isn’t something people normally pay for, you can create online content for other enthusiasts, then monetize that content with ads or affiliate links.

The Quality of Your Work Will Improve

Though it may seem strange, doing extra work outside of your 9-5 job may actually make the quality of the work you do in that job improve. With less monetary stress and higher levels of life satisfaction, you’ll be able to put greater focus on your ordinary job. Working on your own will also help you learn to motivate yourself rather than waiting for someone to do it for you. This self-starting capability will carry over into your regular career and allow you to be more productive.

Your Vacations Could Get Much Better

While you probably get some vacation time from your current job, you may not always have the money needed to make the most of that time by taking yourself and your family to a great destination. If the ability to travel more freely is something you value, you can set aside some of the income from your side hustle for a nice vacation once or twice a year. With this extra money, the short road trip you normally take when you take a week off from work could turn into a more enjoyable international trip.

One Opportunity Can Lead to Others

Many serial entrepreneurs these days start with small sideline businesses. Once you’re comfortable managing your own time, dealing with clients, and marketing your product or service, you can apply those skills to any future business ventures you may choose to start. This fact is especially relevant if you’re a younger person starting a sideline to your regular job since you still have several decades ahead of you in which you may choose to start other businesses.

As you can see, the benefits of starting a side hustle of your own are wide-ranging. Whether you want to increase your income, build new professional skills or gain a boost in confidence and self-respect, starting an income-generating project of your own on the side can help you achieve your goals and improve your life.

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