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1st Quarter Report: To Infinity and Beyond

You may remember this blog post I made at the start of 2011, we all start the year with high expectations don’t we? Well I have decided to give you an update on my progress so far this year. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate to some of this and it may help you move forward. Also, as I make myself accountable to you it may help me to keep going.

Here’s some of the things I said I’d be focusing on in 2011.


I promised myself I’d do more webinars as it’s something I don’t do much. I started doing private weekly webinars with my Partnership to Success students in January and I must say this is something I enjoy tremendously. I also plan to start doing some free content packed webinars for all of my subscribers so watch this space.


I said I planned to be highly active on eBay, that is still planned and I’m hoping to get back on eBay in the next 6 weeks. I haven’t sold a thing on eBay so far this year but I am still a Top Rated Seller so hopefully if I move fast I’ll be able to keep my Top Rated Seller Status. Once again I’ll keep you posted.

Article Marketing.

I’m still doing a ton of article marketing, you can check out the articles I have submitted here. I aim to keep this up but as this is something I 100% outsource now the workload has not increased.

Product Updates.

I still haven’t performed any product updates yet but is about to have a major overhaul to bring it right up to date, I have acquired the domain and that’s what the new product will be released as, again watch this space.

Product Creation.

I said I’d release a record amount of info product this year and this will happen. I have already released my Partnership to Success Program, One Month Mentor and as of today The Affiliate Masterplan. Thats one per month so far this year. There are 2 more products in the pipeline that should be released in the next 6 weeks, although with one I am a silent partner so my name wont be on the sales page. (I’ll explain more about this later in the year)

List Building.

I said I’d be focusing more on list building, I still need to ramp this up but at the same time I still generate 100+ subscribers most days from all of my products and this blog, the plan is to at least double that intake by the end of the year and most of this will come from releasing more products.

Expand the business.

My plans to expand the business are well on track. I have 5 employees now and this may grow before the year is up. I have learned to outsource more thus giving me time to do what I do best and that is create more products.

Help a record amount of people quit their jobs in 2011.

The One Month Mentor program that started on March 1st is coming to an end and I will start to receive feedback over the next few days. I really think this program will help a record number of people this year and I aim to relaunch it very soon once I get some feedback. More to follow.

So there you go, once again I have made myself accountable to you and I am giving you an update, feel free to let me know how your plans for the year are going and let me know if you are on track. I am happy with what I have achieved so far this year, are you?

This is a guest post written by Matt Poc. If you would like to be considered for a guest post, simply contact me.

Everyone needs traffic. People try to get traffic, but they get no traffic… Why? Because they are doing something 100% wrong. They try every latest and greatest technique only to find out that it doesn’t work… I know how it feels, because I was absolutely the same… until I have found an interesting idea or even a fact…

What would happen, if I’ve mastered just one traffic generation strategy and then get traffic from every latest and greatest trick? It would be cool… wouldn’t it?

Do you think it’s possible? Absolutely. Can you guess what is that?

It’s generating traffic using the power from people who already manage traffic – affiliates!

So it’s just simply getting traffic from OTHERS, who are masters of these latest tricks!

Can you see the power of getting affiliates to send traffic for you in exchange of commission? You just learn how to recruit affiliates and BOOM, you are the master of 100s traffic generation techniques!

And that’s why this is 100.00% best strategy to get avalanche of traffic to your site.

I hear you’re saying: “but Matt, no one will promote for me even if I offer 75% percent commission!”

Well, yeah, it is a little problem. But only a little and I will show you how to solve that in the next few minutes.

So, how to get others to promote for you?

It is actually dirty simple… Lots of people complicate this process. All what you need is to set up an affiliate program. Just create an information product and put it on Clickbank. Creating product is even simpler than getting traffic… just prepare some PowerPoint slides, plug in you microphone for a couple of hours and you have a product!

It is way more easier than it actually looks like.

Use Incentives to get affiliates to say “yes”

It is absolutely crucial to use some kind of incentives to get affiliates to say “yes”. They are no longer impressed by 50% or 75% commission, sometimes even 100%!

So you have to offer some kind of incentives. You can offer them to write 5 exclusive 600 words articles, make 4h of video content, do something technical like approving blog comments, moderating their forum, creating graphics.

You get the idea, offer what they need

I suggest you to do a research every time before offering something, because everyone is different. One person may need video content for their membership site, other may need some great articles for their blog and so on..

First of all, build relationships

Before you contact potential affiliates, build relationships with them. You can do this by commenting on their blog, writing a guest post, doing an interview (it is one of the most powerful strategies to build relationships that I know), or even go to their live seminars. Promoting their products helps as well.

If you do this right, you will have a much more bigger chance to get them to say “yes”

Always think what’s in it for them

Never contact them if you don’t mention what’s in it for them. And don’t say what’s in it for you, they don’t care about that. This point is crucial.

Ultra sneaky trick which generates 30,000 visitors

Prepare to be blown away! I have some amazing content to share with you… Okay, so the trick is:
First of all build relationship with a marketer who may launch a new product (and get a lot of traffic). Then, offer to do everything for the launch (write sales letter, order graphics, create a freebie, upload everything, install a shopping cart etc…) in exchange of putting your banner on the product’s thank you page and exit pop up!

This is extremely powerful and I’ve seen nobody doing this. It is such an amazing tactic that… I can’t tell you how excited I am about it (but the person who is launching a product needs to trust you)!

Crazy idea – don’t ask for a broadcast, try to get traffic passively!

Lots of people try to launch their products and ask for broadcasts. However, people are more interested in promoting evergreen products. And the fact is, it’s much easier to get them to put your banner on their thank you pages or blog than to get a broadcast sent.

In fact, you will get more traffic and you will get that traffic consistently! Not many people do this, so I suggest you to take advantage of this strategy!

Pick up a low handing fruit!

Don’t ask to promote you if they are well known. It is really hard to get them to promote for you, unless you build deep relationships with them.

Aim for people that aren’t recognized, but can drive quite a lot of traffic. Believe me, it is way more effective.

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