Okay, so I have watched training videos on this, and apparently, this is what I should be doing.

The title of my blog should be catchy and easy to remember. It should also be short and concise.

I should keep in mind that my blog should have a distinctive voice. This will make it more interesting to read and more memorable.

It is important to know the audience I am writing for so that I can better understand their needs, interests and what they want to read about.

I must remember that blogs are meant for sharing my opinion with the world, so I shouldn’t be afraid to share mine.

As I’m new to blogging and want to learn the basics.

1) I have to decide what I want to write about.
2) Write a catchy headline with a clear message.
3) Create a compelling introduction that will generate interest in my blog post.
4) Include an engaging call-to-action at the end of my blog post.

So here goes.

I’m what you would call a newbie in the online world. I have dabbled in the past with affiliate links, but had no success and did not make a single penny.

This has now changed with the Ambassador program, and I am finally making it in the online world. I had gone out of my financial comfort zone with this program, so it had to work for me.

I believed that because I had paid for this program, I would give it a good shot and not give up so easily as I have done in the past with free or low-cost programs. I’m so glad that I did!

I’ve had up until now the “Shiny Object Syndrome”, and have joined one program after another, cos they looked so good…. But all I’ve gotten is a big fat Zero!

Does this resonate with you? Have you been dazzled by every other “shiny new object” only to be disappointed time and time again? I’d love to hear your stories, so feel free to leave a comment and share this post.

However, I have finally found the perfect program to make money online.

Please click here and watch a free webinar that can also help you.

Though I’m in my sixties, I believe that you are never too old to learn. Only last year, I completed a TEFL course (teaching English as a Foreign Language) and passed the exam with a score of 94.3%. Even though I have been teaching English online for the past six years, I thought it would be good to have a certificate.

I do like to take my time when learning and I’m quite happy to re-watch training videos a few times over, just to make sure that I understand everything.

My career background has been mainly in B2B and B2C face to face sales over a 25-year period, for a few different companies in the UK.

I’ve sold advertising, accident insurance, cosmetics, double glazing, and gas central heating systems. You name it, I’ve probably sold it.

I left the sales field in 2006 and went into the training and tutoring field. Which I have been doing for the past six years since I returned to my birth country of Mauritius.

Yes, I know I don’t need those photos showing me all the wonderful holidays that I can have on sun-drenched beaches by making a lot of money. As I’m already living on a paradise island.

But the extra money is still nice. Especially for my old age and to be able to enjoy the finer things in life.

I must admit I do miss London, as my siblings and their kids are there and a lot of my friends, even though I have made many new friends here as well. I’m happy to say that I am going over for a visit in July and looking forward to seeing everyone again. Video calls aren’t the same as being there.

Meanwhile, I’m hyped up with the Ambassador program and finally making some money online. And if I can do it, a sixty-four-year-old woman, then there’s no reason that you can’t.

Bye for now.


This is a guest post from Nalini Golap if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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