The coronavirus outbreak all over the world has turned the education system upside down. AP, ACT, O Level & A-Level, and other entry-level exams went online, schools and colleges are going test-optional.

Many students, from kindergarten students to college/university students might still be learning online in the fall. Many institutions are in a fluid situation, still uncertain how classes will be executed, maybe all on campus, maybe some days on campus plus, online, or all online.

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This new model, with every school curriculum migrating online, whether fully or partially thus far, has exposed the current school system, its strength, and its deficiencies.


1. The Education System is rigid and has been executed the same way for the past three hundred years and exposed how rigid the system is and its difficulties to adapt to sudden and radical changes. This system needs to change with the times and better prepare our students for the ever-changing years ahead.

2. Students are mostly not taught financial literacy and current financial strategies in high school all through to University. Unlike years ago, each child was taught basic economics, taught how to balance your checkbook and other basics. Time to return to the basics and lay greater foundations for building stronger generations.

3. Students are not taught how to utilize all the wonderful technological innovations and social media savvy to create businesses after high school and college/university.


1. Schools & colleges/universities have the capabilities to reach and provide cohesive learning to the masses to fulfill the mandatory attendance to school as required by the laws of the country.

2. Provides socialization to develop the necessary skills used to navigate the landscape of becoming a productive citizen of the world. For some students, it provides the only means of meaningful interaction with kids their age and also sometimes their first interaction with a responsible and nurturing adult.

3. Provides nutritious meals for the student and, sometimes the only meal the student will have for the day. We have seen this situation happening more and more often these days where parents are unable to provide the necessities of life for the students and luckily the school is able to step in and help. Sometimes also providing counseling and pointing the family to government agencies that can provide help for the whole family.

Whatever the role that school and colleges/universities plays in the student’s life, we have to be thankful for schools and colleges/universities and for the educators that help to nurture and educate our children.

However, it is time for schools to get forward to teaching the skills that pay the bills, the vocational skills that can be implemented immediately after graduation, and allow children to nurture a spirit of independence and a growth mindset. These practical skills should be started as early as elementary schools, continued and developed in high school, and certified to be ready for employment and/or starting a business in the related field of your certification.

Time to include more teaching strategies around cultural aspects and learning about each other to garner a better understanding of classmates thus fostering more tolerances of their differences eliminating friction and hopefully bullying. So by the time the student becomes the employee or employer they will be exposed to the cultural differences of each other and facilitate improved working relationships thus a more harmonious office environment with lees people being unhappy with their work environment as the needs of all will be considered and included in the daily running of the place.

Intellect is a medium of exchange in power and value. This will be even more important in the years to come, learning about computers, digital environment, making money online, vocational skills, and improved problem-solving will determine one’s success in life.

In that regard, there are many new online programs that are stepping up to assist in teaching the necessary skills that are crucial in navigating the digital environment especially the making money online arena. One such platform that comes very highly recommended by many people of all walks of life and a personal favorite of mine is  John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

This program teaches the basics of navigating the digital arena with detailed, easy to follow step by step instructions that is useful for setting up a business online but also for understanding the more advanced workings of the digital environment. The instructions are not only in written format but also have a webinar that shows you how each step should be executed. It is one of the best vocational training programs in today’s digital marketplace that is easy to follow by a high school graduate or a college/university graduate who wants to learn about the practical workings of the internet to set up a business and start earning right away.

It is always great to always be learning and growing in intellect while developing the highly desired skill of problem-solving, whether you become an employee or start your own business and become the employer.

Whatever happens in the future, right now it’s time to navigate the unrelenting world of the coronavirus, Covid-19, and return to school, whether full-time on campus, partly on campus and some days online or fully online. As the schools and colleges/universities are in a different state of preparation for what is to come, we wish them and the students a year of remaining Coronavirus free and be safe.

This is a guest post from Deanne Woon, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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