The biggest secret I have discovered in building a successful business from nothing is this thing I call Unicorn Hunting.

In this context, a Unicorn is not a Horse with a large horn projecting from its forehead!

Rather it is someone who has achieved something TRULY unique Internet Marketing or any other field you are interested in, that you can learn from.

These people have done something that has gone against the flow, worked hard, had longevity in their business, and have been able to prove consistently that what they do and what they teach works!

The other Unicorn qualification is that they must be accessible and willing to help when it is needed. Too often teachers of Internet Marketing create and sell courses and leave their customers with little to no help in implementing their teaching.

A true unicorn will provide coaching over a long period of time and their greatest desire is to see their students make their teaching work and be successful.

You need to get closer to people like this and remember they have something most people don’t, so pay them as usual, the cost is a fraction of what you can learn from these truly unique people.

So when I find someone like this I go into binge consumption mode. Their content, emails, webinars, etc taking notes and putting it all into practice once it has been learned and mastered. I pay close attention not only to what they are saying but what they are doing.

Many people stop at learning or only slightly put into action what they have learned, the best response is to block out every other distraction and take massive action.

Take the information, condense it into something easily remembered, make it actionable, and take that action as soon as possible.

Stay in touch with your coach and let them know what you are doing step by step and ask for their feedback. They will tell you if you are on the right track or will be brutally honest and tell you where you are going wrong.

Be humble and accept correction and the results you get will be massive.

When you find a unicorn take action and work with them. Go Unicorn Hunting!

Speaking from experience I have to tell you that my Unicorn is John Thornhill. I recommend that you take the first step in finding out if John’s teaching is for you by attending his webinar.

Paul Elphick

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