Most online business owners get nervous when they think of letting go of certain tasks in their online business, especially if they need to outsource work. I know that I also sometimes get nervous thinking about it. You will have to realize that it is the only way of growing your business to be better. There is no person that can do everything themselves. You strategically will have to choose when and how to outsource.

The following things need to be considered:

* Things you don’t do well
* Things you don’t like doing
* Tasks that you do not know how to do.
* Tasks that take a lot of your free time, but don’t necessarily contribute to earning more money.

Here are 7 things to outsource effectively.

1. Content Creation

Most of us are slow writers. Get ghost-writers to post new content to your blog regularly, make them create information products such as for example e-books that you can sell to your niche audience.

2. Customer Service

After in business for a while, you would have built up a list of frequently asked questions from your customers.

Outsource your customer service to one or more workers so you have good coverage. Consider using a ticketing portal to help keep everything organized.

3. Bookkeeping

Unless you know enough about accounting, it is best to outsource this to someone that does. Keep accurate data of your finances to make the job easier and keep costs lower.

Don’t hand the accounting department a mess of paperwork a few days before taxes are due.

4. Keep Updating Your Blog

It does not matter if you write the content yourself or make use of someone else, the content will need to be uploaded to your webspace.

This is very easy to do for a virtual online assistant or person who knows how WordPress or similar blogging software works.

5. Logos, Artwork, and Images

Unless you are a professional, chances are you would be in a better position hiring someone who already has the software to do graphics and is skilled at using all of the advanced features of the software.

People do look at a cover, so if you are publishing e-books or multimedia courses, do make use of a professional designer who can make your work look like worthy buying.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a must for all modern businesses. Most business owners just don’t have enough time to do it. It is also a fine skill to market effectively on Facebook or LinkedIn.

There are many trustworthy and skilled freelancers at networks who can help you to take your business to a higher level.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is important for a successful business. You need to create new lists, offers, and a “funnel” to capture subscribers all the time. When a person gets on your email list, you need to send them information and promotional email offers so they will want to buy from you often.

Email marketing is not the most difficult thing to do, but it can take up a lot of your time.

Your need to track the success rate of what you are emailing to them.

An email marketing expert can track your success rate, test different products and use different strategies for your marketing, etc.

They can also upload the information or content you wish to provide, as well as set up new promotions from you, depending on what you want to target within your niche.

You must not be afraid to let go of these tasks unless you have the time and already is an expert on them.

You’ll end up with more time doing money-earning activities that others cannot do, as well as things that you enjoy.

If you want to find out how to set up your online business click here.

This is a guest post from Johan Oosthuizen, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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