This is the follow-up to the first Post- Warming Up A Cold List- if you haven’t already checked it out you’ll want to before reading on further – I’ve included the link at the of this Post. Plus, the bonuses alone make it worth the read as they go so well with everything we discuss on this subject.

Okay, so to recap: step 1 was you need to scrub your email list to make sure you’re not emailing dead email addresses.

I’ll go over step 2 here in a moment, it’s pretty easy. But first why the heck should you be emailing, anyways?

Email marketing gives your brand an edge in a tough market. Daily, weekly, or even monthly emails will keep your brand in your target consumer’s mind. As more and more of the population begin to use email, email marketing will become a standard in the marketing industry. Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers, and Super Affiliates (the real laptop lifestylers) all agree and use the power of Email Marketing.

Even if you run a conventional offline business you can use email marketing to drive foot traffic through your door. Finding another marketing method that comes close to all the benefits that email marketing offers are nearly impossible.

So I’m sure you can see why you need an email list, and why you should be emailing them right? Today I’ve got something special in store for you.100% Free Download – Access It At The Bottom of This Post. Okay, so

This step is really easy. You need to get some email software. To send this email and the previous ones I’m using Aweber ( ). They do have a referral program, but as you can see I didn’t give you an affiliate link or anything. I have my own software, but I actually use Aweber for two reasons:

1) so I can see how they do things and get some ideas to integrate into my own software, so far so good;
2) because I have a high ticket offer and campaign setup on it.

There is a free and a paid version for Aweber, but for me, the paid version is well worth it. You can also use my favorite software Chriply to send out emails (and so much more), I also use that most of the time, for everything. You can access Chirply via the link I’ll include at the bottom of this post. Check it out for yourself and let me know how well it works for you.

Feel free to use anything you want and do your own research, but I am personally using Aweber and it’s working well. And that’s really it for step 2.

Get the software you can use to send out email broadcasts and manage your lists, you want something that makes it very easy for people to unsubscribe, also Active Campaign has a built-in spam checker for your email content.

In the next few days I’ll be sending you the next steps to warming up your email list, so feel free to subscribe to make sure you receive your next steps. You may be wondering why I just am not telling you right now, but I’m sure it will all make sense to you in the next few days. You’ll also receive free bonuses with each step to help you build your, your brand, and your business. Here’s your link to Warming Up A Cold List.

Hope you’re having a great day and loving your fellow man. The world is a little crazy right now, but we will all be okay, we have love in our hearts and we just need to keep a positive mind.

Because Only Results Matter,

C L Arrington

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