If you have been anywhere around internet marketing over the last 25 years there is one saying that seems to be preached by most, if not all of the gurus and that saying is “The money is in the list”.

It’s true! The money is in the list. So then you must ask yourself, ok how much money or how big of a list do I need to create money. I’m glad you asked.

I’m often told one can count on getting back 1 dollar a month for each email address on a list. So if you have 10,000 email addresses on your list you can expect through the promotions you send out you should average about $10,000 dollars a month. Of course, it’s not set in stone that all lists will be equally profitable.

So how do you grow your list so it meets the criteria?

You need to find and target a market full of buyers, hungry buyers. People who have the money and want to trade dollars for what you have to offer. So you just need to put ads/copy that your audience is interested in, in front of them so they see it, want it, and click through to get it. Simple!

Just like the ads on TV or the radio. You see or hear an advertisement for a new car, if you are in the market for a new car you pay more attention. Getting people to your list is the same. If you sell fishing equipment get your advertisement in front of as many people that fish. If they want what your ad says, bingo!

There are many ways to get people on your list and I’m sure you are familiar with most. Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube videos, Banners, Blogs, PPC (pay per click ads), etc.

So your next question is probably which one should I use, or do I need to use all of them? Great question.

Some people will master one method and once they have a campaign making money, they scale it and put all their dollars in, others use many methods and spread their dollars around.

It’s easy to spend. There are so many businesses on the internet wanting your money it can become overwhelming. Good and bad businesses are competing for your money. You will get burnt a few times along the way but you will also find true honest businesses that will help you reach your goal.

When I started out I did everything on my own. Spent a whole lot of time designing one-page websites and doing SEO to get Google to rank my pages higher in the search ranks so when people searched for a term my site would come up, but that story is for another blog post. Now I have help.

What you need to know is help is out there. Many gurus have coaching programs that will help guide you so you don’t pay 10x more for your list than what it’s worth and you don’t spend years trying to build one.

My three favorite people to work with are John Thornhill, Igor Kheifets, and John Crestani. I highly recommend looking into their training below.

Ambassador Program

301k Challenge

Super Affiliate Business

So start building, get some help, and succeed. Grow that list.

To your Success,


This is a guest post from Bob Robertson, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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