Everyone should have a blog online, it’s the most important site you will ever create bar none. It helps your readers connect with you and find out what you’re really about. If done right you can generate traffic, build your income and make massive profits while creating an army of followers.

However, there is a problem? Not everyone knows how to start a blog that is going to bring these sort of results. You see so many people starting blogs, posting a few articles and then giving up due to lack of traffic, content, comments etc. This happens because those people are doing it wrong.

So when I found out that blogging expert, Daniel Sumner had put together a comprehensive guide called The Bloggers Roadmap I had to find out more. After reading The Bloggers Roadmap from cover to cover here are my thoughts.

First of all let’s look at the product.

The Bloggers Roadmap is a complete guide to setting up and profiting from your very own blog. It’s a 22,000 word, 68 page eBook and Daniel has poured everything he knows about blogs and blogging into a single guide. It’s very well written and covers everything you need to know. Here’s a sneak peek inside.

Throughout the guide Dan has added tons of ‘blog tips’ to give you more ideas and I must say these are great little additions. There is also an upsell priced at $19.99 that is a collection of video tutorials created by Dan. Again, these are well presented and walk you through the actual physical process of setting up your own blog, although the videos are not a requirement, if you feel you are a beginner in the blogging world they would probably help you get more from the product.

Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone that owns their own blog or wants to learn how to create and profit from their own blog. As this product only focuses on blogging if you don’t own a blog or never intend to then this product would be no good to you as it only covers blogging techniques. However, anyone who owns a blog or wants to learn how to create one can’t fail to benefit from this content as it covers everything you need to know in a step by step manner.

Does it work?

The fact Daniel has built a considerable blog following would make me say yes, after all if you create a product about blogging you better have a successful blog yourself, Daniel has and should you need to find out more you can check out Daniels Blog here.


The only real negative I can find is you have to pay more for the video training, however I feel this is actually done with the customers interests at heart as the eBook is so reasonably priced on it’s own at $5.95. Daniel has considered this and understands not everyone will want the extra training and those that do will only have to pay a small premium.

All in all is The Bloggers Roadmap is all you need for blogging success? The answer is yes, as long as you are prepared to work at your blog, this is not a magic bullet and it does take work, but if you are prepared to work I believe this is the finest blogging product you will ever find. Blogging products are few and far between and this product is something you can refer to time and again to help you succeed in the blogging world and it comes with my highest recommendation.

Find out more about The Bloggers Roadmap here.


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    • Cararta

      Extra Ordinarily complete. Looks like it could be used as the new Bloggers Bible almost. I am working on Hub pages, Blogger sites and Squidoo ….pInterest I haven’t quite figured out…have it, but using it is another storey.

    • Brent Martin

      Great review John, I was able to get The Bloggers Roadmap a few weeks ago as a bonus product in the Buzzinar launch that Daniel was promoting. The book itself is packed full of anything and everything that you need to start a blog or improve the blog you already have. I also purchased the videos without hesitation, I purchased them before they were even finished. I also joined the Facebook group and when you watch the last few videos you will see about 4 peoples pictures in the Facebook group and I am one of them, that is how fast I jumped on this offer.

      Brent Martin

    • Daniel Sumner

      I think this is the best Blogging product on the market! It has it all, the tips, the twists, turns, even the twist at the end 😀

      Thanks for the review JT much appreciated. Any questions I’m here to help.

      • Des

        Hi Daniel
        I notice from John’s review where the Contents of your ebook are listed, that you’ve focused on WordPress. Now I totally understand this, WP is a powerful system and used by millions. I began with WP but in the past year have let this slip. Here’s why.
        The website building platform that I use is Sandvox (for mac) and this has a blogging component within it. In my website NewTimesHomeBiz I’m using some of the essential elements like SEO, meta description, meta tags/keywords, Google integration etc (all easily integrated in Sandvox). SV is a wysiwyg program, so I’m able to add content and blog entries when I’m away from my office, as was the case recently when I was away for 4 months in an region of limited internat access, and used my iphone as a modem to upload new content. It kept me going.

        Now, not everyone has a mac, but I’m really warming to Sandvox for its simplicity and power.
        What has deterred me from WP are the huge number of plugins available. To me, it became too confusing and un-necessary. My objective has always to build a solid business using my offline experiences, and to provide the best content that I can. So I don’t really have a need for all those plugins. Maybe I’m wrong.

        Nevertheless, I’d like to make my blog a key part of my website, so that it can get to as many people as possible. My question is – will your ebook be of benefit to me with a Sandvox blog?


        PS I was impressed with your “eBook Cycle” ebook so I’d say your Blogger’s Roadmap would be of like quality.

        • Dan Sumner

          Hi Des,

          I guess you could use most of the Book as I do explain more about content, traffic, niches, reasons to blog. The parts that would possibly effect you would be themes and plugin’s, but I suppose you have all that covered already.

          It will work for you Des 🙂

    • Lise Lafontaine

      John, Showing the Content Page was a GREAT idea – what better way to give us a look at what the book covers. Your complete
      review (the good, the bad and the ugly) more than any other
      promotion is what convinced me to buy Daniel’s book. Thanks.
      Talk Soon, Lise

    • Gerald

      Hi John, I purchased the bloggers roadmap today and have skimmed through some of the content and it is truly a comprehensive guide to blogging. I will be going through it in more detail, I just had to take a sneak peek first. A must for anybody starting a blog.
      All the best,

    • Ian McConnell

      Great review John. I’ve made great money from blogging over the last 5 years but I still bought the bloggers roadmap. I believe you never stop learning and after a quick look through, it looks like a very comprehensive guide.

      Ian McConnell
      Western Australia

    • Mark Gray

      Hi John,

      Awesome review, in fact its that awesome it made me buy the product 🙂

      My blog is now changing at the speed of light with all these new and fresh ideas running around my head.

      Thanks again John for a great review.


    • Matt Morgan

      John is right, everybody needs a blog to engage with their readers, and get their ‘content’ out there.

      This looks like an excellent guide to giving people a step by step roadmap to blogging, especially to them who don’t have a blog, or wish to but haven’t got around to it.

      Blogging is a vast field, and this guide will make sure you get the best potential from your blogging experience.

      Dan, my best part of your sales page is the way you have used clickbank colours for your Headlines throughout the sales page.

      Yes, I do pay attention to detail.

      Matt Morgan.

    • vinodhsen

      I am going to buy this daniel sumner ebook after reading your honest review

    • Donald MacLeod


      After listen to the interview with John & Dan I am going to purchase the eBook. Having decided to stop buying products I have changed my mind for this one.



    • John

      Hi Dan, could have sworn that I bought this years ago, but as I just joined JT’s Partnership to Success (and must have lost the Roadmap with one of my old PCs) I’ve rushed in and bought your guide again.
      I’m very surprised to see that the only comments visible here date back to the time when I probably bought this before, had you noticed that nothing current was being shown?
      John Reed, York, UK – JohnOYork to most of my Marketing friends.

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