If you are just starting out or even just thinking of setting up your own business online there are a couple of things that would be useful to know, things that I wish I had known before setting out on my own online adventure.

When you first begin it’s difficult to know where to begin? There are a number of seemingly unanswered questions, such as:

Do I start out as an affiliate?

What niche do I start with?

How do I begin to build an email list of my own?

Where do I get traffic from?

Do I focus on SEO for traffic or do I pay for advertising?

How do I build a website?

Etc, etc…

I had these questions to answer and yet even though I looked around and asked others online I still couldn’t get a straight answer, hence I was stuck for some time!

Then there was always the added problem of knowing whose advice to trust coupled with the well known “Shiny Object Syndrome” that afflicts so many people these days who just want to start their own honest, ethical and successful online business. And of course there is the “Get Rich Quick” ideas that are scoured all over the internet, which can eventually stop anyone from even starting anything!

Fast forward many months later though, I eventually discovered that why do all this on your own anyway?

Why waste months, possibly years trying to work everything out on your own when there must be a more straight forward way of getting started.

Why not work alongside, hand in hand almost, with people that have already worked things out for their selves and made enough mistakes and learned from them to find out what does work.

And now they are in a position where they can help you get started!

And all this brings me up to this point. Where now, I get to work alongside in a partnership with John Thornhill and his team, something I wish I had done many months ago.

I have begun the journey to creating my own digital products, and I realise now it is the best way to go as I get to control my own destiny online. All my questions have been answered and it would give me great pleasure that other people’s questions can be answered so that all the confusion can finally disappear.

I would like to thank John and his team at Partnership to Success and also, thank John for inviting me to contribute to his blog.

Darren Houghton

This is a guest post from Darren Houghton, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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