Today I have an extra special gift for you that I know will help you become more successful online. Not too long ago I held a secret ‘banned’ webinar with Omar Martin, Dave Nicholson and Michael Cheney. We basically got together with some of our customers and answered all of their most pressing questions live on air. Let me tell you some of the info we shared was priceless.

Some of the info we shared included:-

  • The best way to get started online
  • The skills a newbie needs to master to become successful online
  • How to push through self doubt
  • How to decide which products to develop and market
  • Why paid advertising sucks
  • And much much more

The good news for you is the webinar was recorded and we have decided to make this information public 100% free of charge. All you have to do is click play below and all will be revealed. Unfortunately the audio quality is not the best so I have also had the full call transcribed.

[wpevp id=”evp-7724609238976d077a2e0a8090a6188b-wrap” class=”evp-video-wrap” imgsrc=”” src=”” type=”Init” init=”YmFubmVkLXdlYmluYXItMi5tcDQ=%%LBRACKET%%evp-7724609238976d077a2e0a8090a6188b%%RBRACKET%%” description=”This is a recording of the banned webinar held by John Thornhill, Omar Martin, Dave Nicholson and Michael Cheney.” title=”The banned webinar” /]


 To download the transcript click the image below.


If you have any questions about the webinar and what was discussed or just want to add to what we discussed please leave a comment below.

    14 replies to "The ‘Banned’ Webinar Goes Public"

    • Peter

      Thanks for this John.

      Your information is always quality and worth reviewing again and again.


    • Carl Picot

      This looks great thanks John

      Look forward to it

      Shame I missed the original webinar – when did it go out live ??

      Cheers Carl

      • John Thornhill

        It went out live a few weeks ago Carl, it was a bonus offering.

    • Dave ball

      Thanks for sharing John all your material is always over delivered on an your support is quality itself .
      Lookin forward to this one as usual .
      Thanks John

    • Mark Burrows

      Hi John

      Sounds very interesting as is all your content.

      Particulartly interested to hear why paid advertising sucks.



    • M.A. Xavier

      Thanks a lot for publishing this webinar, John! I’ve only read half of it tonight but have already picked up some nuggets!


    • Dave ball

      John and company , just watched the first hour and I absolutely love it, the fact that you have it in a transcript format just makes it so handy if you haven’t got 2 hours for the webinar .
      Thanks guys awesome

    • catherine Barthell

      Hi John i think every thing you are during is great God bless you

    • Lisa

      Holy freekin moley!

      Just listened to the whole webinar. Best 2 hours I have spent in a long time! So glad that y’all recorded this, I would have missed out on some serious awesomeness!

      John, you know me (quite well now, after a few years…) don’t ever let anyone bitch about not having time…not even me…6 kids…full time job, 3 dogs and 67 fish. No time? HAH!! No excuses! Thanks for all your help and graciousness, Mr. Mentor!

      Omar, market-ed to market-er. Awesome info you spoke about. Business plan? I have tons of notes scribbled over here just from YOU! Thanks a bunch!

      Dave…camera fears, too? Been there done that. Now I make ALL the videos for NonStoPinterest 2.0! After 2 years of FEAR!! Lol And thank you for your wonderful help this year! You ROCK!!

      Michael…Zig is one of my first thoughts when I wake up every day. “What can I do today to help someone else get what they want or need?” Glad to hear you like him too! Love your videos!

      It’s nice to hear that even millionaire marketers have the same hurdles, fears and successes that other folks have and y’all aren’t afraid to tell it. Love it!

      Commenting Peeps….don’t just comment “oh cool, I’ll listen to it later” this webinar is gold, Listen to it now and take notes!

      Thanks a bunch to all y’all and I hope every one of y’all have a Happy New Year, Be safe and thanks for everything! My head is spinning, but it was well worth it!

      Happy, Happy, New Year and God Bless You All!!


    • Matt Morgan

      Hello John, How are you doing ?

      Great webinar and a great gift for your customers which will give them a kickstart for the New Year.

      Thanks for the contribution, which i’m sure your followers will love.

      Happy near year John, do you have many new years resolutions ? (besides make more money)

      Matt Morgan

    • Trevor Lundstrom

      I am just about to sit down quietly and give this webinar MY FULL ATTENTION.

      Thanks John for letting us watch it. I miss most live webinars because they all come in the we small hours and I just cant handle them.
      Thanks again and all the best for the new year to you, your family and your amazing business.

    • Barry J Hall

      Cheers for this John, great content as usual.
      Good to hear from four great IM minds.

    • Laimonas

      Hi John,

      This webinar is a goldmine. It’s like having mentor for free.

      Thank you for transcript as well.

    • WSO

      Hey John thanks a ton for the webinar.. helped a lot

      that was great to know things and keeping myself updated

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