When you see many of the affiliate marketers online most of the attention-grabbing headlines are how much you can make through becoming an affiliate.

That reminds me of the California Gold Rush back in the late 1800s.

Because you know there’s so much “gold” that is promoted you know?

And these are usually from seasoned marketers, which makes sense.

But what about the new guy?

Well, “Thar is gold in them thar hills”, but you also must take your time to mine that gold.

When I took John Thornhill’s free training, I got a good understanding that you’re in this for the gold (and we all are!) then you’ve got to be patient.

I wasn’t expecting that, but it’s a good dose of reality.

The one thing about John’s free training is he covers everything you need as a beginning affiliate marketer. And he keeps it honest which I liked.

We sometimes feel we can get to the gold right away, but that didn’t even happen with the gold miners. It took time.

What I did learn from John’s free training video was this:

– You need a workable system which John gives you.

– You must work the system which is up to you.

– John’s free training outlines how you will make money if you stick with it.

Sometimes in marketing, you wonder when it’s going to happen for you.

Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned from John is that you just keep mining for that gold. It’s like an everyday thing.

You know there are stories about gold miners that gave up right before they hit that vein of gold.

It is easy to do with affiliate marketing. I mean let’s be honest.

But if you want to see the enormous upside that John is offering in his affiliate commissions, really, it’s quite astounding. In his own words, he’d never done anything like this.

If you’ve been skeptical (as I was) then this is just expected, see?

Even the early miners blew off people who raved about the gold they’d discovered.

Well, those who got the gold kept digging. I mean it was there in those hills.

I know it’s very easy to listen to or watch the marketers making the six and seven figures and wonder if it is possible that you can do this.

Well, what I learned from John’s free training is if you stick with it you will.

And if you’re getting your links out there and posted and John’s team is driving traffic, one day by the math alone you’ll hit that gold.

Listen, if you’re still on the fence or you’ve not been successful with other ventures, then do yourself a favor.

Watch John’s Free Video.

See for yourself if it sounds real and not some sales pitch.

John’s a pioneer in the online marketing space.

He has been upfront and straightforward with me

Click here to find out more about John’s free training and find out for yourself.

Dave Worthen

This is a guest post from Dave Worthen, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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