You can have the best digital product/service on the planet but if you don’t get the traffic it will never take off from the ground. Targeted Traffic is the difference between hundred sales and zero sales. Now a good question is what kind of traffic should be the best? Well, to answer that we first need to know what types of traffic do we have?

We have two types of traffic:

1) Organic or Free Traffic.

2) Paid Traffic.

In this post, we are going to discuss Organic or Free Traffic. This is the traffic that you build over time and you pay zero dollars to acquire. The disadvantage is it takes time as compared to Paid Traffic. It’s perfect for beginners and also seasoned Internet Marketers.

By now there must be a question ringing in your mind, where do I get this organic traffic from? There are a lot of platforms on the internet today where you can get targeted traffic. These include; Social Media sites like Facebook fan pages and groups, Instagram Pages, Youtube Channels, and the newest one on the block Tik Tok. We also have question sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora and Reddit.

All these need persistence and patience. You need to post and give value and grow your subscribers/fans who in turn become your organic source of traffic. All the above are good sources of traffic but you have to be careful when posting your links on the above-mentioned platforms because they can be banned or removed completely. This is Scary, the last thing anyone wants is to be banned or removed from a site or page.

So to solve the problem above, I came across a site which I am sure most of you are using or have come across it. It gets over two hundred million views per month. This can be confirmed with similar web analytics of the platform I am going to reveal today.

Are you ready? Drum rolls, please…

The site is called Medium. Yes, I am not joking or pulling your leg. Medium is a site for writing articles in different niches and the best part is you can put your affiliate links or product or service links in your articles to a traffic source of over two hundred million views per month. You will never be banned, your links will never be removed. How is that possible you might ask? Well, the answer is you have to indicate in your article that you have posted affiliate links and you will receive a commission if anyone purchases through the links. It’s that simple.

Your article will remain there forever and your links will never be removed or be banned. Is that exciting or what? Remember consistency is the key and you have to be patient. You will not get to a million views with one article but you can get eyeballs rolling with five to ten articles. The best part is medium will do all the hard work for getting targeted traffic to your articles. How cool is that?

Now if you are thinking great I now have a platform called where I can get free laser targeted traffic but I don’t have a product to offer or service to offer. Don’t worry, I have a great recommendation for you below to begin today and get started in the internet marketing world in the right way with the right mentor.

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Remember only you can change your life and with the right Mentor, you can be successful in a very short period of time because the right mentor will guide you where to step and where not to step.

Hope the above article has helped you in some way and do not forget to mention it in your medium articles if you do post your links in it.

To your Success


This is a guest post from Jasraj, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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