Every time I talk to coaches and consultants about why creating an online course is the PERFECT way to earn money online, I hear the same thing…

“…but I’m not expert enough to create an online course!”

The reason you haven’t created your online course yet is not that you’re not smart enough or expert enough.

And it’s not because you aren’t experienced enough or high profile enough, (yep, I’ve heard all those reasons, including that last one, multiple times.)

Want to know what it actually is?


Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, whatever that fear is…

It’s ultimately your ego making excuses to stay in your ‘comfort zone’

But you don’t want to allow these excuses to hold you back from no longer trading time for money.

Because you know that comfort zone will slowly but surely become more and more uncomfortable.

And before you know it, another decade will go by – and you will be exactly where you are now – STILL trading your time for money.

We’ve all heard the saying “Work Smarter, Not Harder”

And the Internet has given us a golden opportunity to do just that – create your own course or product, that you can sell over and over again…

But you only do the work ONCE!

Just put whatever it is you are good at helping folks with into a course – THAT’S IT!

And DON’T tell me you are not GOOD at something (that’s nonsense)

And I don’t mean EXPERT (although you MIGHT be) – just what is it you are good at??

EVERYONE is good at something, right?

EVERYONE has a skill or a talent they can serve others with…

So you take that – package it into a course – and sell it to the people who need your solution!

THAT’S leveraging the Internet to work SMARTER to add an automated income stream to your life… and who doesn’t want THAT?!

“Sounds GREAT!” I hear you say… “BUT – I wouldn’t know where to start”

I get it. The downside of the Internet is “Information Overload”

But hey, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve got your back! 😉

If you want to find out more about creating your own course or product, to create a passive online income stream, to stop trading so much of your time for money –

Then I’d suggest (when you have an hour or so free) to watch this FREE webinar, which explains everything you need to know about creating your own online course and automating your income!

This is a guest post from Steve Deans, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    3 replies to "Stop Trading Time For Money"

    • Jess

      Very true. It’s all about creating an ‘asset’ – which is what you are referring to here. But also, like you say, the internet is SO saturated now, it’s hard to know which opportunity to focus on, or indeed, which one is legit.

      • Steve Deans

        Hi Jess. For sure. It’s about having an asset that you can sell over and over again and automate and scale those sales. It’s a bit like renting out real estate as in you build it once then collect payment over and over again. But unlike real estate, it is far more affordable to get started and there is not the obvious up keep involved. Rest assured, John takes you step by step, over the shoulder, A to Z, how to build this asset from the ground up and how to put it in front of your target audience. Indeed giving you, your very own piece own ‘internet real estate that will make you a passive income for years to come. For more info go to the link below or to the link in the post itself, to watch the free webinar presentation. Thanks for reading Jess and appreciate your comment. Best, Steve

    • Tamara Boggio

      Spot on, sir! Thanks for sharing, as so many people need to hear this! Cheers!

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