So finally, you decided to start a business online. You want to make some extra money without a major investment, and you have read in several of the thousands of places online that affiliate marketing is the way to go; it requires very little starting capital as you will be selling other people’s products, and the financial rewards could exceed expectations.

Yes, affiliate marketing, when done right, could make you a lot of money, but if you don’t follow the basic premise, it will make you no money at all. Zero, zip, month after month.
Maybe you are already doing internet marketing, and your monthly sales are zero or near zero, and you want to improve that. In either case, you want to follow the basic premise to have a chance in this difficult business.

You see, one of the problems with this business is its apparent simplicity, and most of the so call “gurus” tell you how easy it is to do this business. You start a blog, select a product in one of the many affiliate platforms and start promoting, selling, and making money; although these pieces of advice are fundamentally correct, I can tell you it takes much more than that to be successful in this business.

Let’s mention some of the conditions you want to meet to have a chance of succeeding in this business. They can be applied in most situations, from beginners to advanced marketers.

First, you want to select a GOOD PRODUCT to promote. This step is not as easy as it seems and could require lots of your time. There are thousands of available products. Which one you select depends on your specific plan to promote. The advice you find online could seem contradictory: find a niche you are familiar with, or no, you don’t need to get into any niche at all.

Second, you want to build a MAILING LIST. “The Money is In the List,” they say. This condition is overlooked by most marketers because of the work involved in it. It is difficult to build a mailing list and not easy at all to maintain it. You must build credibility with your subscribers and be in contact with them on a regular base with the appropriate content. This condition on its own should be learned in a specialized course.

Third, you need to write CONTENT to promote your selected product, and I mean original and good content. You can grab some ideas from the product’s owner, but you must still create the copywriting for your ads, landing pages, and emails to your subscribers. This condition on its own is a science and requires it to be studied.

After reading the above three conditions, this business could feel overwhelming; however, you can outsource most of the tasks to meet the mentioned conditions, or you can find a system that provides them for you.

What if I tell you that there is a proven system that provides you with all the tasks mentioned above? You don’t have to do a thing. These tasks are built into the program, and they are given to you in the background.

The program already has selected several GOOD PRODUCTS, it will build a MAILING LIST for you while you are promoting and making money, and it has all the needed CONTENT already written. This content includes all the emails for one year for your mailing list subscribers.

Yes, there is such a system; it is called The Ambassador Program by John Thornhill, a well-known, respected, and successful entrepreneur. He offers a webinar called “Clickbank Super Funnel,” where he explains how the Ambassador Program works. To check it out, Click Here.

This is a guest post from Frank Rohenes if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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