Starting an online business whether it be full time or as a secondary income endeavour is cool because you can make money, work whenever you want, and even follow your passion. But how do you turn anything into a full-blown business?

Well, it’s all about scaling up, and we’ve got the perfect guide to help you do just that. A guide by the name of John Thornhill, my friend and mentor.

But this must all be done in steps, here are the seven steps I found to be beneficial when I got started…

Step 1: Nail Your Business Idea

First things first, you need a solid business idea. It has to be something that lots of people want and are ready to pay for. So, do your homework. Find the niche you want to work in. Check out your potential customers, see what your competitors are up to, and keep an eye on trends (use google trends for this). Make sure your idea/niche is a winner before you dive in.

Step 2: Make Things Run Smoothly

To grow big, you’ve got to work smart. Look at how you’re doing things now and find ways to make them easier. When you finish reading this, click on one of the links you see here. Watch this webinar. The webinar is so, so important and you will find there are tasks you can automate or hand off to someone else. Using tools like project managers or e-commerce platforms can be a huge help. That way, you can spend more time on big-picture stuff.

Step 3: Get Noticed Online

Having a strong online presence is key. You need a slick website, active social media accounts, and you’ve got to be part of the online chatter in your industry. Keep your brand consistent and professional everywhere. And don’t forget about SEO – it helps more people find you.

Step 4: Mix Things Up with Revenue

Relying on just one way to make money is risky. So, mix it up. Maybe you can add new products, offer some fancy content, or team up with other brands to earn some extra cash.

Step 5: Get Your Name Out There

If you want to grow, you’ve got to reach more people. That’s where marketing comes in. Write cool stuff, post on social media, send out emails, and show up in search results. Be consistent, and keep people interested.

Step 6: Keep Your Customers Happy

Happy customers mean a happy business. So, make sure you’re taking care of them. Answer questions fast, fix problems quickly, and make shopping with you a breeze.

Step 7: Plan for the Future

Think big. Set goals and make plans to hit them. Figure out where you want your business to go and how you’ll get there. That means thinking about money, hiring more help, and maybe even expanding to new markets or products.

Turning your side hustle into a real business might seem scary, but it’s totally doable. Just take it step by step and stay focused on your customers. And hey, if all these steps seem like too much, there are services out there that can do it all for you.

John Thornhill can do anything for you. He is my mentor and if you follow him, you can do no wrong. Anything you want done can be done by his team. For instance, Click Here and watch his webinar.

When the webinar starts, make sure you are sitting comfortably with your phone and kids turned off. You will not want to miss a word, I promise!

They handle everything from building your website to dealing with customers, so you can focus on making your business awesome. If you’re interested, check them out HERE. Let’s turn those side hustle dreams into a full-on business reality!

This is a guest post written by Dennis Rocke, If you wish to be considered for a guest post on my blog then please get in touch with me.

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