20 tell-tale signs that you suffer from S.O.S. aka Shiny Object Syndrome. This often means business help is needed urgently – possibly CPR even! #7 is a doozie!

Shiny Object Syndrome can cause a massive negative effect on your business success. So what is S.O.S.?

SOS is when you keep getting distracted by the next Cool! thing. The next idea, the next piece of software, the next tool to help you be more productive, the next report about SEO secrets, i.e. the next shiny object! And this comes with some very serious consequences for you and your business.

You lose focus, You get distracted. You set out trying to achieve one thing, and months later you have drifted so far from your path that you are chasing something else entirely. The saga goes on, and all the while you are failing to succeed with your online business – you are not making the progress you would have if you had stuck to your plan!

Let’s jump into those tell-tale signs right now, but before we do, just remember this:

Don’t be like a cat chasing anything shiny it sees!

So, do you suffer from any of these tell-tale signs?

1. You have post-it notes and ideas written down all over the place

2. You suffer from late-night clicks on social media! And get up in the morning to a new purchase!

3. Have you bought software that you have not even opened? Just like that ‘sale’ pair of shoes you’ve not even worn yet!

4. Does your To-Do list only ever get longer?

5. You don’t have your goals written down in front of you.

6. Do you struggle to find things in your folders?

7. Have you achieved as much as you had planned for 6 months or a year ago?

8. Has your computer started going slower because of all the checklists and swipe files you’ve downloaded?

9. Is your bookmark bar overloaded or a mess?

10. Is your bank account going down, and down, never up?

11. Are you constantly learning new systems and methods for your online business?

12. Have you joined over 20 ‘private groups’ on Facebook?

13. Do you keep seeing adverts for more digital marketing products on Facebook?

14. Have you tried to build a business in more than one niche and none have yet taken off?

15. Do you have things in your JVZoo account, that you cannot remember why you purchased them?

16. How many of those training courses have you completed?

17. Have you noticed yourself talking about the shiny thing you saw just yesterday to your mates?

18. Do you keep trying out new shortcuts to success?

19. How many of those reports have you implemented?

20. Do you like shiny things?

Please comment below and let me know if you have seen any other indicators of S.O.S.!

If you suffer from S.O.S. just shout out loud, “Business Help Needed! I am a SOSer and I need help!”

Even if you are on your own! It is a way of declaring publicly to yourself that you need to stop chasing the next big thing. Don’t worry about that checklist, or insider secret to Facebook Ads, or whatever it is that pops up on your feed late at night – don’t click it! Stick to your path. Stay Focused. Stay true to your mission.

Some people also call this Shiny Object Disorder, as it would be a S.O.D.  to suffer from this!

Here’s another one: FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out. Yes, you might miss out on some things right now, but they’ll still be there tomorrow. Once you’ve achieved your goals for your business, and are actually making money, then that can be the time to look out for how to take it to the next level.

This way you won’t miss out on what is important, and that is sustained business success! There are a million and 1 things that will distract you!

If you are always chasing shiny objects, you will NOT succeed.

The surefire way to succeed is to have a plan, and stick to it. Even better than that is to have a coach – to keep you on-track and accountable.

These two things are what have helped me the most. More than anything, having a clear focus, and a plan laid out, that I can stick to, has enabled me to drive my business forward and not get distracted by this and that. Or by this idea of trying that other thing out. I have stuck to my plan. And that is thanks to my coach.

If you have a spare moment now, watch this free training from him, I assure you it will be one of the best decisions you make. It might be the 1 big decision you make that sets you off on the right path and transforms your business – it has mine.

After this, there will be no S.O.S.

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