This business is a constant series of battles. You battle to get traffic. You battle to convert that traffic to sales. You’re battling with other marketers for customers. You have to go to battle to create a product. However, the biggest battle you’ll find is with yourself.

Whatever happens to you, whatever battle you face, just Roll With It. Sometimes, life just punches you in the nose. The story I’m about to tell you is true. A friend of mine added #adultingishard.

We took a road trip to visit family over the weekend. We had a wonderful time. These family members are more like friends, and we’re just getting reacquainted with them.

NOTE: It’s never too late to reconnect with family or friends you may have not communicated with for a while. And it’s always worth it.

So, an excellent visit and we began our 5+ hour drive home on Sunday afternoon. It started to rain, then it really started coming down heavy, like must drive slowly kind of heavy. Then we noticed the car began to shake. Great. Sunday afternoon, massive rain and now the car gets stupid.

We’re on the PA turnpike, but only 2 miles from the next exit, so we take it. It’s the turnpike. We have no idea where we are. We exit and I see a Harley dealer up the street. It’s still raining, and the dealership has an awning in the parking area. They’re closed, of course. It’s Sunday, but a convenient place to stop.

I lift the hood and take a look, but I’m no mechanic and these new cars. . . you can’t see much anyway. We called AAA, but all they could offer was jump the battery, change the flat, or tow us to the next town. That was no help. There were NO mechanics open in this tiny little town in Central Pennsylvania.

So we sat down and thought. We considered the situation and all of our choices and made a decision.

That last sentence is isolated because that’s how you deal with adversity.

The car would run, but not for 200 miles without causing damage. I still didn’t know what the problem was, but I know enough to NOT drive a damaged car any further than is absolutely necessary. So we drove to a nearby hotel and got a room for the night.

We relaxed and decided we’d start calling mechanics first thing Monday morning. Which we did. And none of them could even consider looking at the car that day, they were all either too busy or short-staffed. I had a pleasant conversation with one of them, and he sounded like someone who could probably get the job done. The next decision we made was to drive it over to his shop, rent a car to drive home, and come back on the weekend to retrieve it.

And that’s what we did. He committed to completing the repair by Saturday, we caught a ride to the rental place, picked up a car and drove home.

The point of this story? You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can always control your response.
That’s as important in this business as it is in any other aspect of your life. For example, you spend some money on advertising. It doesn’t pay off.

You can’t control those people. But there are things you can control. Where did you advertise, how much did you spend, when did you advertise, what were you advertising? These are all things you can change. And you learn from these mistakes.

There aren’t enough people in that audience that will listen to you, advertise somewhere else. They don’t want what you’re selling. Find a different product or a different audience. Maybe you can reach those people with your product, but you’re going to have to spend more money. This is just one example.

Again, don’t give up just because you struck out once. You know that analogy.

The other thing is, don’t do this alone. Okay, maybe you can, but most of the people doing this successfully have learned from someone else who’s been successful. I’m always happy to help. And I can point you to the same person who helped me get here. He’s doing a free webinar and you can access it, for free, by clicking here.

Don’t panic. Don’t quit. Click here and learn from one of the best.

This is a guest post from Charles Morgan, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    1 Response to "Roll With It"

    • steven newland

      “You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can always control your response.”
      This bit of your post is just what I needed having lost patience with a bit of software that wasn’t doing what was needed once I calmed down I realised I hadn’t told it to do the thing I wanted . If I had have controlled my response my laptop wouldn’t have a crack and make a funny noise .
      So for me a very apt post .
      And I concur as a fellow student of Johns’ I can say with honesty he won’t steer you wrong.
      Any way great post just what I needed to hear, Thanks

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