I will start by giving you a gem of a software platform for you entrepreneurs.

It is owned by Clickbank University and it is called Clickbank Builder 2.0. If you go to this link it will take you to Justin on the webinar explaining how to use it, to make lots and lots of money, and yes I do use it myself too. It’s so easy to use to affiliate and also to be a vendor, it’s the Rolls Royce of platforms: https://4bcca6ea.clickbankbuilder.com/?preview=true

How to get a 200%  increase in opt-ins. Here’s how a simple change to your opt-in page, can give you a 200%  increase in your conversion or rather, the big mistake you’re making right now that’s costing you a ton of opt ins every single day.

This won’t apply in all situations but when it does, it’s amazing what a difference this can make.

Let’s say your affiliate is sending out your promotion to their list.

Your email, which you have written for your affiliate, gives all the reasons why they should opt-in your list to get the special offer – or whatever it is that you want the reader to do.

You craft a brilliant email that gets them excited and ready to hand you their email address. They click the link, and what do they find?

A great big headline with a bunch of bullet points and copy, telling them why they need to hand over their email address.

Think about this…

In the first step, you sold them on joining your list.

You already sold them once, they were ready to join, but now instead of letting them join, you are trying to sell them a second time.

All it takes is one objection to this new sales copy and you’ve lost them.

In sales, they call this overselling. Once the customer gives you a buying signal, you STOP selling and you let them buy.

Here’s the change you should make.

In every case where you are selling them on taking the action BEFORE they get to your opt-in page, change the opt-in page to a very simple black and white form, at the top of the form is what they are signing up for, such as a workshop, webinar, etc.

For example, it might say. ” Traffic multiplier workshop.” In this case, you would give the time and date:  Sat Jun 27th at 7pm. Then there’s a field for their name, a field for their email address, and a button that says. ” Register for the event.”

It is that simple.

This works especially well if you’re using solo ads and you’re paying by the click. Send them a long email that does an excellent job of pre-qualifying them and then send them to a super simple sign up page. Your solo ad click conversions can go from 20% to 50% or 60% with this one change.

Just give them all the info they need within the solo ad itself, and then send to as plain and boring of a page as possible, so they have nothing stopping them from doing what they intended to do – sign up.

I hope you liked this pearl of wisdom, and if you are just starting out wanting to affiliate, well this link at the bottom will send you to a webinar talking just that!


Thanks, yours in Profit


This is a guest post from Peter Biram, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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