In 2017, Mike worked on an assembly line sorting parts for a company that made nuts and bolts. He worked at the same job for 15 years.

Standing for 8 hours a day was taking a toll on his knees and back. Also, at the age of 50, he wasn’t getting any younger.

Mike had heard that you can make money online and decided to see if he could find something online that wouldn’t tax his body. He googled “making money online” and thousands of results came up.

His research led to affiliate marketing. He liked that you didn’t need to have your own physical product or you didn’t need to stock any merchandise.

So, on evenings and weekends, he researched everything he could find on affiliate marketing. He found reviews of courses on affiliate marketing and also researched the people teaching the courses. After an extensive search, Mike found a program he liked. The instructor was well-known, and Mike followed his instructions to a tee.

The one secret that Mike discovered is he needed to create a digital product that he could promote and sell at a marginal price. By doing this, he could not only pay for his advertising costs but also collect a list of buyer emails.

With this buyers’ email list, he could then send them affiliate offers.


Also, in 2017, Bill worked as a finish carpenter. His paycheck was inconsistent as he was a private contractor and was only paid when he could find work.

Bill, like Mike, heard that money could be made online. Bill had more spare time to spend on an online income than Mike who was working a rigid schedule.

Doing just a little research, Bill decided he wanted to purchase items to sell on eBay. So, for 6 months, Bill went to garage sales, looked through Craigslist ads, and ended up selling some items through eBay.

When Bill found out he could do a similar thing through Amazon and he purchased a course to sell on Amazon. That lasted for 1 year and he got tired of finding items, sending them to the Amazon warehouse, and waiting for people to buy his items. Some items sold, but many items didn’t.

Bill decided to switch his online pursuit to trading futures online. He again purchased another course and began trading futures. After losing $1,000 in the futures market in just a short time, he found someone else whose online trading course he liked better and he purchased that course. But in no time, he found that trading in the futures market was not for him.

Two years later and with no profit to show from his online ventures, Bill received an email offer to become an affiliate marketer. He liked the idea of that and purchased this person’s online course to be an affiliate marketer.

The course explained in detail what affiliate marketing was and how to set up an affiliate marketing account, but the course fell short in explaining how Bill was to drive traffic to his affiliate link.

Bill would purchase online buyer leads and send these leads nothing but his affiliate link asking them to check it out. He made no sales and spent hundreds of dollars on worthless leads.

As of this day, Bill continues to buy the newest and shiniest courses to make money online. His profit is $0. Plus, he has spent hundreds on courses that didn’t lead to anything.

Present Day

Bill has had to get a 9-5 job to make ends meet. He is frustrated that he couldn’t make any money online. He still searches for that shiny object that will make him money online. His problem is he never will find what he wants by buying the latest and greatest fad opportunities.

Mike, however, was able to quit his job. He followed the advice of his mentor and stayed the course.

He built a buyers email list of over 10,000 people who now trust him. When he has an affiliate to promote, he sends it to his list and hundreds of people buy, making him tens of thousands of dollars a month.

When COVID hit this spring, Bill struggled to survive. His wife had to find a second job stocking shelves at a supermarket.

Mike was unaffected by the COVID outbreak. Actually, Mike thrived. More people were laid off due to the virus and were looking to make money online. This was something Mike could help them with.

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