As part of my Sky High Auctions Bonus I offered a 28 day consultation via email.

And already the question I am getting asked the most is how can I start making money online?

While there is no real fast track to success there is a way you can make money quickly and I am about to show you how.

Let me start by asking what someone searching Google is looking for?

Usually its information, and if you have found the right type of information product to promote you can pay for a high ranked AdWords ad and you may have the chance of making a sale. Now if you have tried any AdWords campaigns you will know this is a tough game to get into and it is very very hard to turn a profit. But the most important thing you need to remember is someone searching Google or any other search engine is not always looking to buy something. Their credit card is still firmly stuck in their wallet.

Now let me ask you what someone searching eBay is looking for?

Someone searching eBay is looking to buy something. And let me tell you that many marketers still criminally underestimate eBay and the fact that someone searching eBay is looking to buy something. Let me repeat that.

Someone searching eBay is looking to buy something.

And eBay makes it so easy. You browse, see something you like. Click two buttons and it’s yours. Click two more buttons and it’s paid for. Can you see how easy it is to spend money on eBay? In fact ask yourself how many times you have browsed eBay and bought something on impulse. And this is how you can generate an easy affiliate income.

So let me give you an example how you can generate an affiliate income using the weight loss niche and resale rights eBooks.

Bob is looking to lose weight, he browses eBay looking for something to help. Perhaps he is thinking of buying some gym equipment. Someone in this position is probably ready to spend a few hundred dollars (Very Important). So let’s look at the results that come up on eBay from searching for ‘lose weight’. Click the image below.

weight loss

If Bob sees an eBook for a few dollars do you think he will buy it? Well let me tell you it is highly possible. And if you were promoting a weight loss product this would be an excellent way to generate an affiliate income.

So Bob buys your resale rights eBook for a few dollars. Now he is on your eBook download page. And while Bob is on your download page he is getting offered the ultimate in weight loss products. Products such as Turbulence Training.

The sales copy is so powerful Bob simply can’t resist, he has just made one purchase so he is in ‘impulse’ mode. So he buys Turbulence Training. And you have just received a commission.

And this whole process started because Bob found a resale rights eBook on eBay.

And let me tell you selling information on eBay is probably the fastest way to start making money online. You could take an eBook and put it on eBay and in a matter of hours you could be making money. Why pay silly money for AdWords clicks when you can use eBay to drive qualified buyers (not information seekers) to your download pages.

Let me show you step by step how you can do this.

Step 1.  Identify a niche to promote. Now I could make this highly complicated and talk about keyword research and a ton of other things but the real truth is the ClickBank Marketplace can provide you with all the information you need. Just browse the marketplace and you will quickly identify profitable niches.

Step 2. Find as many resale rights products as you can in your chosen niche. Just search Google and eBay. Yes, it really is that simple. You should also check out the free eBook section of the Warrior Forum.

Step 3. Set up your sales system and begin listing your resale rights eBooks on eBay. You can watch a video showing you the whole process here. Remember, the real money is made from offering a higher priced ClickBank product on your download page.

That’s it. You have just set up a basic sales system that can and will make you money.

While this basic system works you can take things further and set up a blog, set up a newsletter, create and promote your own ClickBank products on your download pages, use PLR material to create your own resale rights products with affiliate links inside (highly profitable) but the sad fact is most people reading this simply wont do it.

But why not at least make a start by following my 3 step plan above? It’s not hard and it really could start making you money in a few hours. And once your system is set up and bringing in some money you can then think of taking things to the next level.

And if you really want to take things to the next level the whole process has been covered in great detail in the Sky High Auctions member’s area. I don’t mind telling you I am one of the contributing PowerSellers and have helped with the content.

If you need any help with the whole process or simply want to know more please visit my helpdesk where you will find most of your questions are answered. And if you need more help simply get in touch.

As always I welcome your comments.

    17 replies to "How You Can Make Money in Three Easy Steps"

    • John Tan

      Hi John,

      Great 3 steps to make money online. I am also starting to use ebay to drive more traffic to my site instead of adwords.

      I am sure they are more targeted traffic from ebay than adwords.

      John Tan

    • Taylor Scrubs

      Very nice, I like how you broke it down to it’s most simple steps. I hope everyone saw how the most important step is to do the “up-sell” on your download page. Think of it like the candy in the store checkout aisle.

      Don’t forget that a great way to find what people want is to use eBay Pulse.

      Good luck to everyone!

    • Lyn

      I don’t know why it has taken me so long to find your blog – I’ve been on your list(s) for long enough!

      Very useful stuff, thank you very much.

    • John

      Hi John,

      Great post on how to get started quickly selling products without making it difficult.

    • Fred Sanders

      Nice article. Other people make it sound easy but you actually make it sound easy AND do it.

      Well done.


    • gourmet coffee snob

      Hey John,

      I seem to find myself between a rock and a hard spot, which has lead me to share an idea with you.

      I would seriously love to buy the Sky High Auctions program, however I can’t afford it.

      Your above step by step how to would make a perfect funding vehicle for such a purchase…had I read it before hand and not just found it at the last moment…

      John, you having been one of the contributing PowerSellers working on the program have had knowledge of it well in advance of the actual launch.

      This being the case, had you shared your above how to method with a nod towards the launch of the Sky High Auctions program, I’m sure many people would have been in a more comfortable position to make a purchase…I know I would have been.

      Perhaps next time you’re involved behind the scenes you may be able to share with people a way to fund a purchase well in advance of the product launch…a win win for everyone…

      just a thought.

      ~~gourmet coffee snob~~
      Always Drink Better Coffee

      Reply By John,
      Thanks for your comments, I will certainly consider it next time.

    • Dave Furnevall

      Great post, I have been messing around with ebay for a while but I need to get my strategy sorted, you have given me food for thought

    • Mark

      Hello John,

      While I appreciate the advice above, my experience tells me it is not that easy. Even if I were able to get 5 sales of an ebook, that is only 5 people that get to see my upsell.

      I find it much easier to get ranked in google with a niche blog. Getting ebay traffic is not that easy. Heck, I just put up an ebay classified ad 10 days ago with featured plus, bold etc and have only received 60 visitors…and I was in the niche you just mentioned…using top keywords from word tracker

      So while the idea above looks good, the chances of your ebook getting found among the masses of product isn’t all that great…and now that ebay’s default search is no longer time ending soonest, getting on the front page is even more difficult

      Reply from John,

      Mark, this is why I state and I quote:-

      “While this basic system works you can take things further and set up a blog, set up a newsletter, create and promote your own ClickBank products on your download pages, use PLR material to create your own resale rights products with affiliate links inside (highly profitable) but the sad fact is most people reading this simply wont do it.”

      If you sell your own resale rights eBooks with affiliate links inside things can really take off.

      If you want to see the whole process in action simply check out eBay items 320091439551, 320167828986 and 320123804264.

      That is taking things to the next level as I only deal with my own products and services. But the basic system does work.

    • Bob

      John you are correct that many people will simply not take the trouble to sell either PLR or resell products with their links promoting other products which can be really good.

    • Chris

      Great advice as usual John,

      I only started this adventure about 4 weeks ago but I am already making sales, simply by using my eBay BIN’s and eBay shop to drive traffic to my website and sell from.

      In the last two weeks I have added over 150 items to my eBay store and on BIN’s and it is starting to work slowly.

      I am away for the next 3 weeks, so will be running down my BIN’s but my store will remain open and operational.

      When I get back my main project will be to create my upsell products and look at writing my own ebooks.

      It does all work this, sure, it takes time, but every long journey stars with one small step as confucious says! :-))


    • zahid

      Hi John

      Those are some really great tips on your blog and they have really helped me quite a lot to get things moving.


    • Roosevelt Cooper

      Hi John,

      Awesome post. This is exactly what I do. The only difference is that what I also do is when they buy the product from me on Ebay, I take them to a “registration” page where they have to give me their name and email address first. Then, they get taken to the download page with the main product. This way, they are now on my list and I can email them additional offers.

      I have not only made money from people buying the offer on the download page, but I have also made money from people who DID NOT buy the offer on the download page, but did buy the offer they received in email. I also need to follow that tip you gave by using PLR products with my affiliate links inside of them. I never even thought to do that, that’s an awesome idea, thanks!

      By the way, you are so right about the many marketers that neglect the power of Ebay. If they want to throw away money, fine by me! I’ll take it!

      Roosevelt Cooper

    • John

      I agree that Ebay is a great place to find buyers, I have bought many products because of the great prices. Many people start looking for one product then switch to something else.

    • Anthony Harris

      Hello John,

      I’ve just visited your blog and watched the video. Up to the download page section, it’s superb…well produced, informative and completely without the squawking you get on some people’s videos because they’ve made a mess of the sound editing.

      BUT…unfortunately, at about 23 minutes or just before, there’s a repeating of a quiet bell-like sound, and at 23:06 min. the picture feezes, there’s no further movement from the scrub bar and the thing falls silent. Moving the scrub bar on with the cursor has no effect and it just goes back to where it stopped.

      This is something of a disappointment considering how valuable the information was, and if you can put it right, it would be a great help. Many thanks.

      Has anyone else had this problem?

      Reply from John,

      I would recommend you perform a hard refresh by hitting F5, that should fix your problem.

    • Amit

      Thank You Verymuch..

      It’s nice

      Amit Chivilkar

    • Zahid

      Well John

      You have done it again, some great free tips and really useful hard core facts.


    • Daniel

      I couldn’t understand some parts of this article ou Can Make Money in Three Easy Steps, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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