Here we are again, another year in the Internet Marketing world comes to an end. So what did you make of 2010 and what are your plans for 2011?

For me 2010 was a bit of a strange year, I moved into a brand new office and I have became more productive than ever but it seemed to take me a few months to get going, I think I was just enjoying being an Internet Marketer and the freedom that brought me so I didn’t really do a great deal in the first half of 2010 apart from the relaunch of my Masterclass Program. That is now an evergreen product and pretty much takes care of itself.

I was a lot busier in the 2nd half of the year and I have just came off the back of a major launch with Affiliate Promo Formula. This actually took me almost 3 months to put together and was over 12 months in the making. The launch did really well and we have done over $50,000 in sales since launch last week.

There was over 500 hours put into creating this product and I initially sold it for only $37, I could have sold it for a lot more but I wanted to put this in front of as many people as possible. Also, what people who didn’t buy Affiliate Promo Formula will fail to see is the work that is going on behind the scenes with the Affiliate Alliance. This is a product that was created as a complimentary upsell to Affiliate Promo Formula and it involves me working with people on a personal level throughout 2011 as I reveal all I know about becoming a successful affiliate. I will be putting a lot of work into this in 2011.

I also released a couple of smaller $10 products and had a couple of 72 hour fire-sales with The 72 Hours of Madness (I’ll be running this again on Boxing Day) that proved very popular.

So why am I telling you this?

Well the reason is that no matter what you may think of the Internet Marketing world and whatever people tell you one thing will never change.

People will always be looking for information and it’s our job to provide this information.

I know I keep banging on about this but the key to your Internet Marketing success is to create and keep creating new information products and to use these products to build an army of followers. As long as you keep putting buy buttons and opt-in forms in front of people you can’t really go wrong.

I had a lazy year this year, I only had one major product launch and one re-launch but I still managed to earn 10 times more than I used to at my regular job.

So as we come to the end of 2010 I want to give you the best piece of advice I could ever give you, are you ready? Here it is.

Stop looking for the magic bullet because you will never find it. Ignore the promise of easy riches in the form of clever sales copy and unscrupulous marketers who don’t care about your welfare and get to work. Create valuable, useful content that people want to consume and success is almost guaranteed in 2011.

One thing I have never ever done is tell you succeeding in this business is easy, it can be but it takes a great deal of work to get going but if you truly want to be successful you need to be prepared to work at it.

So will you join me in 2011 and be prepared to knuckle down and do what it takes to become successful? If the answer is yes then I look forward to working with you as I have a lot of exciting things planned and it starts in early 2011. If the answer is no then you are on the wrong marketers mailing list and are in for a disappointing year ahead as I won’t be selling or pitching automated push button systems that simply don’t deliver. So you can either stop dreaming or knuckle down to work. I know what most will do…

Let me tell you one thing and you can quote me on this.

“2011 will be the year the ethical marketer prospers. People are sick of buying poor quality products and are un-subscribing from questionable marketers lists in droves. If you want to see proof of this simply check out the product review section of the Warrior Forum

My aim is to educate as many people as possible and teach them how to become a success in 2011 by showing people how to create quality products that people want to buy and letting people see deep inside my business for the very first time. This is something I’ll be discussing in the coming weeks.

In the meantime may I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of my blog readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

So how was 2010 for you and what are your plans for 2011, feel free to comment?

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    • Dr.Mani

      Nice post, John. I just drafted my own, titled “What I’m
      Doing in 2011” – which will reveal some ‘surprises’ πŸ™‚ It will go
      live on my blog today or tomorrow. Merry Christmas, and a happy New
      Year to you and yours! All success Dr.Mani

    • Hi John, And a happy christmas and prosperous 2011 to you
      and yours πŸ™‚ Re 2010, it was going very nicely until the hackers
      stole my sites! That could easily have wrecked me online!….
      However – having followed you and your advice for years, I soon
      ‘knuckled down’ and got on with creating new products and sites
      that I will be launching in the next few weeks or so. And I did
      quite well with affiliate promotions (using a particular
      formula…hehe) So even after losing sites and 80% of my income
      vanishing overnight – I am still able to pay my bills from IM,
      thanks to practices learnt from you over the years! So yeah –
      here’s to a great 2011 πŸ™‚ Randy

      • Ryan Ziems


        I’m very sorry to hear what happened to your business! However at the same time you give me encouragement as to how a person can rebound, and rebuild!

        All my best to you in 2011!!


    • Ben Johnson

      Hi John, For me it was a good year, I left work at the end
      of 2009 to run my online business and things have gone pretty much
      how I wanted them to. But next year is a new year and it’s time to
      ramp things up to the next level, this year was about getting
      things to a certain point and now it’s about moving forward. Here’s
      wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, it looks like the
      snow’s going to stay around for it :). Best Ben

    • John Hayes

      Hi John, I enjoyed your post. It’s bang on the button as
      they say. I recently made the decision to finally take my passion
      for Internet Marketing seriously. I carried out a serious search
      for someone that I could trust to teach me the ‘steps for success’.
      As you so rightly said, there are a lot of unscrupulous marketers
      out there. I’ve personally wasted a lot of money and time buying
      their products. I’ve become an expert on ‘fluff’. Strikes me that
      most of them supply you with a ton of material but no blueprint
      what so ever. Most people blame themselves for not implementing the
      ideas and tools and end up frustrated etc. What I like about your
      Masterclass solution is that everything is presented in a factual
      ‘step by step’ system. The support aspect is fantastic as well.
      I’ve just started the ‘product development’ section of your course.
      I never thought I’d get to produce my own product. What an
      achievment that’s going to be πŸ™‚ I’m glad to say I made the right
      decision and I wish you the very best of luck for 2011 and beyond.
      Regards John

    • Doug Prentice

      Hi John I’m so looking forward to you continuing to bang on
      in 2011. What have I learned in 2010? Well I’ve learned to get some
      technical competence, find a strategy based on listening to good
      mentors and stick to it and avoid new bright shiny things (so
      difficult). So I wish you and yours an excellent festive season and
      look forward to progressing through next year with your help. Best
      regards Doug

    • Affiliate Promo Bonus Man

      Hi John,

      Great post! I actually finally became wise to the push-button over- hyped products at the beginning of the year and realise it takes some hard work in the beginning to reap the rewards and free-time that follows.

      You set a great example and I couldn’t agree more that 2011 will be the year for ethical marketers to strive and hopefully more and more people online will become smart to the get-rich schemers.

      I am working on my new membershihp product now that will be ready for launch around Feb 2011 and I’m really hoping to eductae as many poeple as possible with this. I know that if I work hard and treat my readers and subscribers as I wish to be treated then I really can’t go wrong! πŸ™‚

      Have a great Christmas John and a Happy New Year!
      Best regards,
      Steve Wilkins.

    • Clive O'Hagan

      Hi John,

      Have a very happy Christmas and a fantastic new year. I am looking forward to getting stuck into your new offering in the new year. Thanks for all the great help and good advice.


    • lan McConnell

      Hi John, 2010 was my best year ever as an IMer. It was awesome and now that I am an Affiliate Alliance member 2011 will be even better. I’m looking forward to it. Merry Christmas to you and all the very best for 2011.

      Ian McConnell
      Western Australia

    • Tim Costin

      Hi John,
      Great post. It did get me thinking. Actually, I just finished reading all your posts and I have to say they are inspiring. I’m a new student. I just purchased Affiliate Promo Formula through Omar Martins link. I’ve been a student of Omar’s for about a year now. 2010 has been a tough one for me. I’ve been torn as to where to put all my efforts. I have a glass etching/carving art business with my wife. I’ve wanted to get more traffic to that site, but have been distracted by all the “shinny boxes” that come out what seems like every day. I’m guilty of falling for them. I’ve refunded more purchases than probably most anyone online.
      But I have no intention of refunding yours. I feel like I’ve finally found someone who’s genuinly ethical and honest (other than Omar) that can help me get focused and get me where I want to be.
      I’ve been torn whether to focus on Affiliate marketing or my glass website. I’d like to do both. I really wanted to sign up for coaching from you but the funds just aren’t there. I’ve been out of work for about 3 years now since my major heart surgery and the economy brought my Real Estate business to a halt. So, I’ve got all the time in the world to make this work. I also have all the motivation as well, just not the money.
      I look forward to going through your training course.

    • jim

      Congrats on another great year John. You’ve been a valued partner for a long time.

      You said: β€œ2011 will be the year the ethical marketer prospers. People are sick of buying poor quality products and are un-subscribing from questionable marketers lists in droves.”

      I’ve made similar predictions as well, but I wonder if the steady flow of new “ignorant” opportunity seekers will keep the ‘questionable marketers’ afloat for a few more years, but clearly, only those with the best reputations have a long term business in this industry or online in ANY business. Bad reviews travel BIG and FAST.

      I’d rather have a bunch of informed, intelligent customers than a herd of ignorant customers that haven’t realized they’ve been scammed (yet). Not everyone agrees with that apparently, but you are clearly one of the “good guys” and we have much work to do!

      Merry Christmas and here’s to a great 2011!


    • Barry from Saskatchewan

      Howdy John.

      Thanks to your guidance, 2010 has been my best year. Through actions I have never taken before, I am enjoying different results:

      Next year will be another filled with “firsts” but this year:

      1. I authored 100 blog posts.

      2. Through partnering with another Thornhillian, we have produced our first ebook and have a good start on building the largest and funniest workplace humor site in the free world!

      3. I now have great friends up the ying yang.

      John, I truly do appreciate your guidance and openness and can’t help but think that your teaching is affecting the online world in a very positive way.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you pal and here’s a toast to 2011 being our best year ever!

    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John good post, I think you are vright next year will be a turning point and the ethical marketers will see the rewards as for the churn and burn merchants I don’t really care about thyem. Best wishes to you and yours.

    • Dave Offen

      Hi John,

      2010 has been the year when things all became much clearer to me. Starting off studying Lee McIntyre’s stuff and ending up studying yours.

      It’s been the year that I had my first 100 dollar days, my first 1,000 dollar days. The year my list went from 1,000 to 14,000 and most importantly maybe, the year I launched my first product.

      2011 will start with a bang for me. My own coaching program gets under way. And that will give me the products that I can use to really kick start with the Affiliate promo Formula!

      And yes, I hope you’re right that the ethical marketer will rise to the top. I’ve returned more stuff this year than ever before, but it’s gotta be tried before I can promote it to my list, and to be frank, most of it just hasn’t lived up to the hype of the sales pages.

      So, I’m compiling my own list of “ethical marketers” and can plan my promotions around them, rather than joing the herds going after the big hyped up launches for the next magic button!

      Thanks for everything and here’s to a fantastic 2011 for all the good guys!

    • Greg Estes

      Hi John,

      I have only recently been introduced to you by Luca. I appreciate what I have seen and hear especially about affirming and promoting the values of a strong ethical business and marketer. That comes through on your videos too. Also the quality products are awesome.
      I look forward to building a quality business for my wife and me as I transition out of the military. I believe this year will be positive year in reaching our initial goals with your training materials and under your “coaching”
      ….2011 THE YEAR OF THE ETHICAL MARKETER. I like that. Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Greg

    • Luca Di Nicola

      Hey John, I can’t agree more “2011 will be the year that
      ethical marketers prosper” It’s been a good year for me but really
      only started to click in the last 4 months. The fog of information
      overload is lifting as I finally started to actually apply what
      I’ve learned. I’ve been fortunate this year to connect with some
      honest marketers with integrity, especially you. Your sales letter
      for Affiliate Promo Formula and the OTO’s were a breath of fresh
      air. You actually knew what you were getting for your money – what
      a concept. I’m looking forward to being a part of your Alliance.
      Looking forward to great things – Thanks John

    • Bob Marconi

      Another year goes by the wayside. I want to wish all: * The
      Best The Season Has To Offer and a Better New Year For The World

    • Keith Purkiss

      Hi John, I hope you’re right as this year IM has got worse
      and worse, and I’ve been planning how I’m going to stand out in
      2011. I’ve got my 2011 targets worked out, and have started already
      because there’s a lot on it and I don’t want to fall behind…
      Merry Christmas to everyone, Thanks Keith

    • Edson Buchanan

      Hi John, Merry Christmas to you, your family, and everyone
      that commented on your blog… I noticed 2010 was really a change
      in the IM industry and I gotta say it was not for the best, I hope
      people start to see that making it online is far from a “that was
      easy” button and that it actually takes some hard work and
      dedication. As for myself, I stumbled upon some road blocks this
      year which I will share on my own blog and I do feel people need to
      know about but I do plan on recovering in 2011. Happy New Year
      Everyone, Edson Buchanan

    • Golden Rule Internet Marketing

      2011 – the year of the ethical marketer! It’s got a nice ring to it, John. Keep up the great work, and I’ve enjoyed your Affiliate Promo Formula product thus far.

      Here’s wishing you and your readers a happy, successful and prosperous new year!

      Take care,

      Fred S.

    • Gary Simpson

      Hi John, I agree – 2011 will be the Year of the Ethical
      Internet marketer – because anyone who has shown any interest in IM
      for even a short period of time will have been well and truly
      assaulted by the ARMY of pretender marketers ( call them zombies).
      I know a lot of these “marketers” who are doing the most unethical
      things yet they will tell anyone and everyone how HONEST they are.
      DUH! Well, here’s what I say: ROLL THE DICE – let the consumers
      decide. Most “newbies” can be fooled for quite a while but in the
      end, if they don’t quit through sheer frustration and think
      (wrongly) that everyone in IM is a rip-off artist, then they will
      know WHO tells the truth and separate those people out from the IM
      zombies. I wrote about that in my “How NOT to Be an Internet
      Marketing Zombie” (no opt-in) report which has now been downloaded
      over 2,000 times (with loads of great feedback). Some “marketers”
      only know one business model – tip as many names into the top of
      their zombie funnel and churn them through as much useless
      time-wasting rubbish as possible to try to make a sale. That is
      just plain DUMB. On another note, I have Garry Parkes over here in
      Western Australia with me as he takes a well-earned holiday from
      the freezing, snowy conditions in the UK. It’s gonna be 38C on
      Christmas Day. He may melt before he returns – LOL. Ethical
      marketing will preside over zombie marketing. Those guys have
      nothing to offer anyone other than their lies and deceit. In return
      they are building huge lists of unresponsive people who are just
      statistics on their “my list is bigger than your list” mentality.
      Anyway John – I hope you and all your readers and followers here
      have a great Christmas and a good start to 2011. Gary

      • Gary Simpson

        ADDENDUM: I just went and had a look through the many
        adswap channels and what do I see? Zombies desperately pleading
        with other zombies for adswaps on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and
        Boxing Day – ie “Here’s your Christmas Gift” – MORE CRAP!

    • Ed

      Hey John, Its true, although I still have a long way to go
      your post is the mindset one needs to have, in order to succeed in
      2011 and beyond! You know I just do not get it… Why do a % of
      marketers take the dark route when it comes to running an online
      business! Do they not realise that it is harder to run a business
      like that, than it is ‘ethically’! Overtime done the right way,
      they will build a database much faster and stronger of highly
      responsive customers who will react in kind to a barrage, of good
      honest free content and value. It only goes without saying, people
      love upfront information that will give them a clear path to where
      they want to be that ‘IS ACHIEVEABLE’! Knowing this, will give them
      a natural urge and drive to push forward and succeed. On the other
      hand, paper marketers believe that easy riches comes in abundance
      from selling people information that teach… *Easy riches comes in
      abundance*! So as 2010 closes, it only remains for me to say… A
      VERY MERRY XMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks John….Ed.

    • Terry Conti

      Hi John, your post is very inspiring. What you say is so
      righteous. There is no magic bullet. Putting aside time to do the
      correct work is key. Having the right mindset is key. Dealing with
      up and downs is key. Having drive and motivation is key. As I been
      saying all year, it all depends on how bad you want it. You are a
      very good example of what you can achieve in the Internet Marketing
      world if done correctly. Thanks to you I have learned so much. I
      look forward to learning even more. The learning never stops. The
      more you learn the more powerful you become when you apply what you
      have learned. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a
      wonderful New Year. Terry Conti

    • Donald MacLeod

      Hi John, Another excellent blog.The best thing I ever did
      was signing up to your Masterclass Blog. I will certainly following
      you for the second year and hope to improve on 2010. I ahve
      improved, afetr all I had sales in APF. That to me is improvement.
      Now I have to make more of anj effort in 2011. Thanks for the HELP
      you and your team gave m ethis year. Hope you have a Merry
      Christmas and a Prosperous New Year and the same to all your blog
      readers. Regards Donald

    • James Howard

      Hi John, It’s about time the ethical marketers kicked the
      idiots into touch, I think 2010 has been the worst year so far for
      as Gary Simpson calls them the “Zombies” they are not helping
      anyone and are destroying hopes with what they think they can
      teach. Worst by far is they are also just creating a new generation
      of sheep that will follow in their footsteps. It’s time to take
      them off the scene and teach people how to do things the right way.
      Have a very merry xmas and an even better new year, James

    • Barry Wells

      Hi John, good solid advice again. My aim for 2010 was to
      add bonuses to my main product, correct some mistakes i made on my
      salespage (html issues) and finish the Masterclass course. I had 4
      months out this year due to health issues and am ppleased to say
      that i completed my work load and have been making plans for next
      year. That’s when I’ll step up a level and apply your teachings in
      my new product. Thanks for all the help John, Have a fantastic
      Christmas and a happy new year. Respect and Regards, Barry

    • Seb

      Hi John, I have just discovered your blog. I started
      affiliate marketing about 6 months ago. I could only get email
      before so it has been a very steep learning curve. I learned how to
      build a wbsite which was a big step for me. I have had very little
      success so far, but I am going to persevere. I look forward to
      exploring your blog and learning from you. Thanks

    • Dave Nicholson

      Hello mate,

      Yeah, it’s been quite a busy year for me, too much to list here but I just created a blog post on my blog about it.

      You’re exactly right when you said that the ‘ethical’ marketers will prosper in 2011, people are starting to see straight through all the marketers that don’t care.

      I feel much happier knowing that people like you and I are actually trying to help people out as much as possible, giving high quality products, great advice and most of all being HONEST and really CARING!

      Best wishes all,


    • Carol Spykes

      Hi John,

      I am already 18 months on and off internet marketing, and this has been a challenge. I have learnt that IM is not easy, and as you said, no easy button for pushing and driving loads of money. I think (hope) I finally learnt how to start and make small amounts of money using IM. I hope and pray that by the end of this year these small amounts will grow to give me some steady income. This has been really challenging!

    • Ryan Ziems

      John, Thank you for another great post.

      2010 has been has less than a stellar year for my family and I. Late in 2009 I lost my job of driving truck Over-the-Road, and in 2010 we went through the forclosure of our home. I do not state this to impress anyone, rather to impress upon people that even through the roughest times you must hold fast to the important things in life! For me those are family, and future. I have my family, and they all have their health. With the time I have in front of me, and the tutelage of Mr. Thornhill, I know the storm clouds will not be around very much longer!

      I made the decision to enter the world of Internet Marketing the first of September, 2010. However I struggled greatly with direction and focus for the first couple months or so, until I began learning more about someone named John Thornhill.

      I am in the first few weeks of the Masterclass Program, and am extremely grateful to be surrounded be a community of knowledgeable, and motivated people to help and guide me on my journey.

      Mr. Thornhill, thank you for all you do. My very best to you and yours in 2011!!

    • Sue Schlaiffer

      Hi John,
      I am certain that the unethical marketers are fast falling off the IM planet and will disapear for good. I look forward to 2011 and I know that I can approach this new year with so much valuable knowledge learned from some of the greatest marketers such as you John. I now feel much more equipped to take my business forward and I look forward to following you through another year in the IM world. A happy and prosperous new year to all! Regards, Sue.

    • John McNally

      I hope you’re right about ethical marketing coming out on top John.

      I must admit that some of the things I have seen and read in 2010 has made me embarrased and ashamed to be associated with Internet Marketing. I didn’t want to feel tainted by even being in the same marketplace as some really unscrupulous operators. 😳

      Here’s hoping the New Year will finally clear out the bad smell.


    • zahid

      Hi John

      You certainly have had a busy year, you have launched some great products.

      Which I have bought and loved.

      Some of the big names have really been over hyping their products and launches and the products have not delivered.

      Keep getting crazy e-mails how this bit software in 6 clicks will earn you thousands a day….

      The only thing it will do is lose people from their list when the product does not deliver the expectation.

      It certainly has made me think twice about some people.

      All the best for 2011.


    • Lee Hughes

      Hi John

      Just read your blog, I am an internet newby and I have just recently joined your affiliate promo, affiliate alliance and just purchased 72 hrs of madness, so Im fully equipped and ready for 2011, with your help and guidance im totally commited to making 2011 a fantastic year, best wishes to you and yours for a prosperous 2011.

      Regards Lee

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