So here we are again, coming to the end of the year and we wonder where it all went. I’m sure time goes faster as you get older.

The question I have for you is did you achieve what you set out to do at the start of the year, if not what held you back? If you can find out what held you back then you can be more productive in 2010. So maybe it’s time for reflection, to ponder on what did and didn’t work for you and to focus on what works.

I had big plans for this year and most of it was achieved. I launched 5 brand new products so I exceeded my plan of a new product every 3 months. I launched my Masterclass Program in January, JV Auction Profits in June, Profit From PLR in August and along with Dave Nicholson Multi Profit Websites and Multi Profit Monthly in October.

I also had a ton of success as an affiliate, I won numerous JV competitions and this made me realize that I have discovered a perfect formula for promoting products. I will be creating a product and releasing this formula sometime next year so look out for that one.

But I feel the most important step my business took this year was when I moved into an office in April. This has made such a big difference to my productivity and I now find I get more done as I have none of the distractions I had working from home. If this is something you are thinking about I can highly recommend it.

No more delivery men knocking on the door, dogs barking, kids screaming and the temptation to go and watch TV or make a snack.

In fact moving to an office proved to be such a success I am moving to a brand new purpose built office in January as I now need more space. The space will be for staff I plan to employ in the New Year. Yes, I have big plans for next year and that includes hiring staff, but the most important thing I want to do is help my subscribers and customers on a more personal level. So you’re going to see a lot more webinars, offers of one on one coaching and consultations. I may even allow subscribers to come to my new office once it’s all up and running to see how I operate.

I also plan to set up a professional studio in my new office as I’ve realised that using video is crucial to your online business. If this is something you’re not doing you should seriously think about it, video is everywhere online now so ignore it at your peril.

And this brings me onto another thing, planning ahead. Just as it’s no good starting the working week not knowing what you will be doing, it is also crucial to plan the year ahead. Where do you want to be this time next year?

Plan it out month by month, then believe me you will have more progress.

Like I said in a post I wrote this time last year.

Break 2010 into four and work in three monthly schedules.

What do you want to achieve by the end of March 2010 – June 2010 – and September 2010 and the end of 2010?

Write it down and make sure whatever to do that these goals are achievable, it’s no good making plans that you can’t keep up with.

Allow me to show you an example, I am going to assume you have no websites online. This will take you no more than a few hours per week.

By the end of March you should have your first website online. Let me tell you if you have no sites online the first thing you should do is build a blog, a blog helps you communicate with your subscribers and provide valuable content (just as I am doing now) and build an army of followers. So spend January learning how to set up a blog (remember, Google is your friend) and then February building you blog, you will want to personalise it and make it your own, maybe add a personal banner or get a personal theme built, add some AdSense Ads or other ads such as ClickBank Ad Rotator ads that you can see on this site.

Then spend March adding content, begin making posts, write about anything you want, what your hobbies are, what you did today, what sites and products you like (through an affiliate link of course) etc etc. Try to post at least once per week and more often if you can. Just remember to be yourself. Over time your personality will shine through and you will find your particular niche.

Stick to this and you will start to see traffic and earnings from your ads and the odd affiliate sale.

By the end of June you should have a product for sale online. If you don’t know what your product should be about look at your blog, have you started to write about one particular topic more than others? Spend the first four weeks researching and the following four weeks creating your product, remember once again that ‘Google is your friend’. Then spend the rest of your time building your sales page, affiliates page and thank you page. You have three full months to make this happen, and it will happen if you work on this daily and are dedicated. If you need help in this department I highly recommend you check out Operation eBook, It’s a fantastic eBook that can walk you through the whole process.

You are doing well, let’s keep it going…

By the end of September you should be driving regular traffic to your sales page, this takes time but as long as you keep it going and do something daily to drive traffic by the end of September you will be seeing results. If you want to learn the best way to drive traffic I would recommend you check out Total Web Traffic.

Now we are really motoring, we have a blog full of great content and we are making sales from our very first product, so what’s next.


Obviously you don’t have to have multiple blogs but you should be creating multiple products, look how many products I created this year. Set yourself a target to create a new product every 90 days. It can be done and I do it all the time. Once you get a few products under your belt things will really start to happen. This is when you tell your boss to stick his job and begin to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Never ever forget that the real money is in creating your own products, I know I keep banging on about it but it’s because it’s so true yet so many people fail to ‘get it’. I have said this from day one and I still say this now. If you are not creating your own products you will struggle. As I have already said, if you need help in this department I highly recommend you check out Operation eBook. It’s a fantastic eBook that can walk you through the whole process.

So there you have it, your plans laid out for next year. You don’t have to follow them to the letter but you should have at least two more product for sale online by the end of next year. Will you sit back and watch others make money in 2010 or will you make 2010 the year things really started to happen for you. I have gave you a basic plan, the rest is up to you.

May I take this final opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year

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    • ken.

      Great info John..

      Hmmmm, all those links!! they wouldn’t be to your products would they?

      A true marketer indeed.


      Reply by John:

      You got me Ken 🙂

    • Patrick Wooley

      Thanks John. Excellent advice as usual and I can tell that you’ve reached a different level this year. You have nailed the affiliate bonus offers perfectly and I look forward to continuing my education by following your examples.

      You’re a huge inspiration to me and I hope to model your success in the future. Have a fantastic holiday season and take care. All the best to you and yours. See you in the New Year.

      Patrick Wooley

    • Paul Whelan

      Hi John, I would just like to say a big “thank you” for all the effort and dedication you have put in throughout 2009. I have been following what you do online since buying the 90 Day Powerseller Challenge eBook some 4 or 5 years ago. Thanks to a lot of determination, and a good deal of inspiration from you, I am now full-time online. I plan to have 2010 see me progress from earning a living online, changing up a gear, getting doubly serious, and developing an expanding internet business. New products, more traffic, and a bigger following. Thanks again John, and I wish you and yours an enjoyable Christmas, and may your biggest dreams come a whole lot nearer in 2010.

    • Jay Mueller

      Great little blog post John. I’m glad that I came by to read it. It really puts my year into perspective too. I didn’t have a web site at the beginning of the year, no traffic and no product so of course no sales. Do now I have a couple sites, products that have affiliate links that I am giving away for list opt-in, traffic is on a slow but steady rise and made a couple of affiliate sales.

      Thanks to your Super Marketing Masterclass this past year everything is coming together. So if someone is reading this that has not started an on-line business yet, I highly recommend you watch for John to open a new class this year (very soon).

      Again, thanks for the blog of my year John. I appreciated your class and this blog to remind me of what I accomplished this year.

      Jay Mueller
      JayLynne Enterprises

    • Tracey Edwards

      Congratulations on a great 2009 John! Sounds like you were very productive.

      Here’s to a successful and profitable 2010.


    • Andy Burton

      Hi John, thanks for all the great advice in 2009, you are an inspitation, have a great christmas.


    • Randy Smith

      Hi John,

      I hope people are printing out your post to use as a plan of attack 🙂
      Great info as usual!

      Just want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2010.

      By following your advice I had my best year yet in 2009. And that’s all thanks to listening to you back in 2005. My business has continued to grow slow and steady (just the way I like it being as lazy as I am…. I like my social life too much…lol)

      I look forward to a great 2010 and to what you have coming out yourself. (in fact it’s a shame that I can’t be specific about your affiliate formula with these FTC regs – cos I’d love to give some figures about how much more I made following your blueprint that you kindly shared with me!)

      Resty assured I’ll be raising a glass and thanking you as I celebrate a new decade, and I’ll be smiling away to myself as I watch my family and friends open their Christmas pressies – all paid for from Internet Cash 😉

      Have a great one John.
      As ever – You’re my favourite Guru who thinks he’s an ordinary guy. (but I’m glad you keep it real and continue to be a straight forward guy!)

      Seasons Greeting

    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John wise words as always, the realy great thing about your posts is that it isn’t some unknown “guru” who you may never have heard of selling a system. Its someone we know well with a first class reputation so we know that its top quality advice. I now have my own websites and product thanks to your masterclass program. Happy christmas and a great new year.


    • Ray Johnson

      Hi John

      First of all I have to say a BIG thankyou for:

      a) meeting you in the first place online
      b) dreaming I could be a success if I followed your advice
      c) patting MYSELF on the back for growing momentum daily
      d) My first $18,000 day (yes $18k in 24 hours)
      e) winning and coming 1st-3rd in a few JV comps this year (MPW being one)
      f) growing a 22k list.

      The rest is history 🙂

      I too have BIG plans for an exciting 2010 mate, and cant thank you enough for changing my whole life. No hype. Serious.

      I have just secured my first office premises and will drive hard to 50k+ subscribers and 7 products next year. Watch this space.

      Finally, I wish you lot up north, a Merry Xmas and a happy new year…



    • Dean Holland

      Hey John

      Great post mate, all of what you say is so true!

      My greatest achievement this year by far has been quitting my job, there is no better feeling… Not that I’m saying it’s an easy task but with work anyone can do it…

      For me the KEY in your post here is PLANNING, I see so much better results if I plan my time. When I dont I feel I get no-where

      Onwards and upwards mate, I have a feeling 2010 is gunna be 1 hell of a year for us all !!

      Cheers John, hope to see you in Newcastle in January ??


    • Steven Wilkins

      Tip Top advice as always John!

      I cannot beleive how quickly the 36 week masterclass flew by this year and I just want to say a big thank you for teaching me so much in the last 9 months or so!

      I cannot wait for the new year to get started and taking my business to the next level. I hope you and your family have a cracking Christmas and an even better New Year!

      All the best,
      Steve Wilkins

    • Eruwan Gerry

      Hi John,
      Thanks for the great ride in 2009.
      I’ll be expecting more great stuff from you in 2010!
      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    • Lisa

      Thank You John!! You have just set up my plan of action for 2010! I am printing this out right now! I am so glad I found you!
      Operation Ebook? I am gonna get me one!
      2010 is going to be a great year for all of us!
      Merry Christmas and God bless!
      Thank you again!


    • Daniel Howard

      Hey John

      Great post mate, I can remember last year when you set out your action plan for 2009. you sure did stick to it…

      Thanks for all the great info from you this year, and hope bring on 2010.

      Merry Christmas John, And might be seeing you again at Newcastle in Jan

    • Ed

      Hi John,

      Ican see not only the wisdom in your words, but the driving ambition you have, one i`m hoping to emulate in 2010..

      I myself will be releasing my first product in january from this years masterclass “Skincare Profits Auction Goldmine”, and i can`t wait to see the outcome of that..

      Besides the traffic generation methods you taught me i`ve aqurred some off the beaten track methods but not black hat to further boost the promotion..

      I`m registering a new domain name for my first MPW,this will be my hub site for all my products and the domain name will be my business title!

      Im starting to write my second product in february how to sell diet products on eBay and beyond..

      and after that i am hoping to create a product about a certain *FREE* advertising that generates good traffic to websites all the info from three PLR products that i can merge into one following your video course on how to do that..

      Then ill plan from there?

      Wishing you and all your family a great day and a happy new year!


    • Jacinta Dean

      Hi John,

      Great post as always. Goal setting and planning are definitely a key to success. In my old house my computer was in the dining room, now in my new house I have a room as an office. In my new room I put up a goal board and I have noticed I have achieved more since doing that.

      I also think having the momentum of doing something everyday is what helps slowly achieve. The most important thing of all is the reasons why we are doing what we are doing and in my case it is a little 2 year old girl that looks up at me saying “mummy”. She is my focus and she is why I want to succeed in what I do.

      Thank you for being an awesome teacher and mentor and thank you so much for helping me slowly achieve what I want to do for my daughter.

      Looking forward to a fantastic new year.

      Jacinta 😀
      “Trying to create a business online while my 2 year old sleeps”

    • Mike

      Another inspirational post!

      Thanks for all the advice and information, and for providing outstanding quality on a consistent basis.

      wishing you, and all who follow you, even greater success in 2010


    • Mike


      You are an inspiration!

      Thanks for all the great advice and information, and for top-quality products…

      I wish you every success for 2010


    • Liz Hastings

      I like your approach to taking the year and breaking it down into bite-size chunks. Makes it seem a whole lot more manageable.

      Plus, come one! We’re internet marketers! We make our own schedules! =D

      Take care.

      ~Liz Hastings

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