When you create your own product, you strive to make it as amazing and beneficial to your target buyer as possible. Then you can sell the product based on its own merit. And if you get affiliates to sell for you, you get a piece of every sale.

But How Do You Sell More Affiliate Products When you are competing with 100+ affiliates trying to sell the same product?

It turns out the answer to that question will also let you raise the price of your own products AND get more sales! In fact, you can even raise the price of affiliate products!

The Secret To Sell Your Products For More Money AND To Sell More Affiliate Products

The secret lies hidden in the offer itself!

If you want serious online success, you need this key to unlock the hidden treasure in the offer.

Russell Brunson refuses to compete by lowering his prices, and he uses this exact technique to win first place in affiliate contests. Instead of lowering prices, Russ increases value, and value is created in the “Offer”. Russ creates so much value in his offers, his prospects gladly spend more for his products.

For example, if you are trying to sell your product for $27 or $97… Add $4,900 worth of bonuses, and raise your price to $497. Now you are not selling a $97 product, you are selling a $5,000 Value for a 90% discount.

This approach opens the door to purchasing more (and higher quality) advertising which gets you even more sales and lots more profit.

When I say “add $4,900 worth of bonuses”, I am NOT saying load up a ton of frivolous, unrelated bonuses at inflated prices just to look like a lot of stuff.

For example, if I’m trying to sell you a $350 kayak, and I throw in “$1,000 worth” of video-marketing training and software, would those bonuses convince you to pay $500 for the kayak?… Probably not… And most likely, it would even deter you from paying $350 as well.

You would instead jump on the competing offer selling the $350 kayak for only $297 with a free life preserver and styrofoam cooler thrown in… even if you didn’t need a cooler or life preserver.

You need to think about your set of bonuses strategically and with a critical eye. Every bonus should play a specific role to make the primary product better. The buyer should see that value and plan to use it.

You can hear all this straight from Russ himself when you subscribe to my IM Trends digital marketing magazine, but here is a brief overview of how to build your high-value offer.

How To Build A Powerful Offer

Building an offer that motivates a “prospect” to become a “buyer” requires thinking about your product or service from the customer’s perspective… after he opens it up and starts trying to use it.

You need to look at what the product or service does for the buyer then you need to figure out what is missing.

When the buyer gets your product, what problems does it create? Naturally, he is buying the product to fill a desire or solve a problem, but pretty much everything creates more needs, problems, or desires. So what are they?

For example, if I sell you a pair of skis, you can’t really go skiing yet. You still need ski boots, a ski coat, goggles, gloves, perhaps skiing lessons, and maybe a “Go Pro” camera. Maybe you need a book on the best ski resorts in his area or the area you are planning to visit. If you are selling cross-country skis, maybe you should consider a GPS receiver and a topo map app for your SmartPhone, a first aid kit, a satellite safety beacon, a GoTenna tool, and a weather radio.

If you are selling a book or course on investing, maybe you want to include a bonus course on options investing, an online charting service, a weekly coaching service, or a 30-minute personal interview with Warren Buffet. How much do you think that offer would be worth?
In my IM Trends magazine, I provide a powerhouse of bonuses, and I also present a roadmap to show how the bonuses relate to the prospect based on his current situation and his plans for the future.

Now you try a few examples.
Ask yourself two questions for each of the three examples below:

Question 1 – What else can I add that would make the product or service better? Don’t limit yourself. Write down every idea you have. This can include info products (i.e., ebooks, courses, interviews, webinars, coaching, etc.) to go with tangible products, or it might be tangible products to go with other tangible products.

Question 2 – What problems will the buyer have (or might have) when he buys or uses my product?

Example 1 – A course on video marketing
Example 2 – A new boat with a 200-horsepower engine.
Example 3 – Software that gets other people to promote your links for an affiliate product.

You can even take this a level deeper by asking what problems or needs are created when the buyer gets your BONUS products. Let’s say you buy your skis and I give you a free Go Camera as a bonus.

What else do you need now that you have a Go-Pro camera?… Maybe a helmet, a head strap, spare batteries, a solar charger for your rechargeable battery, an ebook on how to stabilize motion pictures taken with your Go Camera.

As you might expect, it’s fairly easy to do this if you are promoting your own products, but …

How Do You Increase Value Of The Offer For Affiliate Products?

As it turns out, the mechanics of increasing the value of affiliate offers is easy. You just have to get your thinking right first… to get the results you want.

You can increase value (and stand out from all the other competing affiliates) by creating a “Bonus/Review” page for the affiliate product you want to promote.

– A “Bonus” page conveys the benefits and potential use cases for the product, AND it presents the bonuses the prospect will get if he buys using your affiliate link.

– A “Review” page goes a little deeper (offering more value). A good “Review” page will provide all the same information as a “Bonus” page, and it will also include your honest assessment of the good and not-so-good aspects of the product.

In both cases, you must focus on benefits; not just features. You can learn the difference (and try a few examples yourself) with this article: The Difference Between Features And Benefits… And Why You Care.

Naturally, you will include your affiliate link on your Bonus/Review page so you get credit for the sale.

What To Include On A Bonus/Review Page

You can generally get much better results if you…

1. Include an honest review of the product or service. Don’t make it sound like the answer to all your problems; this is NOT a sales page. You should accentuate the benefits and include at least one critical comment. If you don’t see any flaws, point out how the worst “great” feature could be better or how your bonus(es) makes it even better. If the product needs something to make it better, easier, more effective, less time-consuming, etc., say so… and then include that “something” in the bonuses!

2. Present the benefits of the product. You might cover some features if it makes sense, but you should really focus on benefits.

3. Provide some solid ways to apply the product to satisfy one or more problems, needs, or desires. If you can explain how you actually used the product and the results you got, that’s even better.

4. Explain how the bonuses you are offering relate to the product. Again, don’t include fluff bonuses; one really good relevant bonus is worth more than 100 un-related bonuses. Make every bonus provide a bonafide benefit related to the “need” or “want” the product serves. 

You don’t need to write a book on this… or even a paragraph… a simple sentence or phrase sufficient to draw the correlation to the product is sufficient. Here’s an example: “When you’re skiing down the mountain with fresh powder flying and you go airborne, you’re going to want to show your friends later. So I’m including a free ‘Go Pro’ camera that mounts on your helmet. And of course, you don’t want the sun to blind you when you go airborne, so I’m throwing a pair of non-fogging tinted goggles too.”

5. Explain how to get the bonuses.

How To Deliver The Bonuses

There are at least two good ways to deliver the bonuses, and you must ensure you explain which one applies to your offer.

1. If your product is offered by JVZoo or WarriorPlus, you can add a link to the bonus package when you get your affiliate link. The buyer can simply click the link when he accesses his purchase. Alternatively, you can zip everything and upload it to JVZoo or WarriorPlus, and the buyer can directly download it from the product access page.

2. If your product is not offered by an affiliate platform offering the “Bonus Link” option, you can simply tell prospects on your Bonus/Review page to email their receipt to you. Tell them to email the receipt and include something like, “PLEASE SEND MY BONUSES”, in the subject line. When you get the email, you can verify the purchase used your link and email or ship the bonuses.

In both methods, you should point out they MUST use your affiliate link to qualify for your bonus package. You can point out they get your bonus automatically if you are using method #1 above. Or you tell them you will verify the purchase used your link before you send the bonuses if you are using method #2.

A More Powerful Option

Everything presented above is a pretty simple approach to add more value to the products or services you want to promote. But there is another powerful way to do it as well. You don’t have to use this instead of the methods above; you can use it in addition to the basic methods above.

If you take a look at my IM Trends digital magazine, you will see it offers a vital service for anyone trying to conduct business, make extra money, or establish a presence online (e.g., a blog or name recognition for an offline business).

However, it doesn’t stop there. It offers a huge array of additional bonuses.

For example, I mentioned Russ Brunson’s approach early on. When you get my IM Trends magazine, you get Russ’s 30-day Challenge program. In this free program, Russ explains how to build, apply, and market your “Offer. He also includes 30 methods presented by 30 online millionaires revealing how you can go from Zero to Hero online in 30 days.

– With your IM Trends subscription, you also get free software… to create and rank videos on page 1 of both YouTube AND Google.
– You get a free library of audio courses… so you can learn on-the-go.
– You even get a free YouTube marketing course and sample issue of IM Trends just for visiting the sales page (no registration required).

Notice for each bonus, I am pointing out “Why” you are getting it. But I’m not writing this article to pitch IM Trends… I simply want you to see how IM Trends adds value to the offer.

What If You Could Give Away IM Trends Magazine As A Bonus For Buying Whatever Product You Want To Promote?

You actually can do this… In fact, you can promote IM Trends and earn 70% commissions from Clickbank AND use it to sell affiliate products at the same time. If you are in John Thornhill’s partnership program, you can use IM Trends to promote his “partner” products where you earn 100% commissions.

It makes sense to offer IM Trends for anything you want to promote in the Internet Marketing niche, the Make Money Online niche, or anything that has to do with getting traffic, leads, followers, or subscribers for both online and offline businesses.

You can even combine IM Trends with an amazing piece of Viral Lightning software that will literally get other people to promote your affiliate links. This drives free traffic to your offers, builds your email subscriber list, and offers unlimited potential income. You can use it to promote IM Trends which simultaneously markets any products you want to promote.

So let’s say you decide you want to promote a product from JVZoo…

Let’s say you want to promote EngagBot which is an easy, effective way to create fascinating posts likely to go viral on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

You can build your Bonus/Review page. Include all the bonuses you can provide and also add in IM Trends Free for Life as a bonus. On your Bonus/Review page, you naturally include your JVZoo link to the product sales page.

If the prospect buys from your link on the Bonus/Review page, you get the commission, and your buyer gets IM Trends from the bonus link on his JVZoo product access page. If instead, he clicks on your IM Trends link and then takes advantage of the “Featured Offer”, you still get the commission, and he still gets all the bonuses. You win either way, and the free subscription to IM Trends adds tremendous value to your offer!

Want to see it in action?… Click this IM Trends link, and then scroll down to the “Get It Free” section… then click the “Show Me The Featured Offer” button, you will see how it promotes EngagBot. If you go back to the top of this article and click the other IM Trends link, you will see the “Featured Offer” promotes a different product from that link.

Now imagine you got hundreds of other people to promote your Bonus/Review page or your IM Trends link.

Your income potential with this little twist is HUGE!

If you want to know how to use this concept with IM Trends and the viral software (available for free), check out my IM Trends affiliate page. From this page, you can see several examples of the IM Trends page promoting JVZoo and WarriorPlus offers. While you are there, you can learn more about IM Trends magazine and get a free sample issue as well.

Whether you want to save time and make more money with your own IM Trends subscription or not, you should carefully consider everything you attempt to promote.

Determine how you can add value to the Offer and what value makes sense to add.

How Do You Use This To Raise The Price For Affiliate Products?

Once again, the answer lies in your Bonus/Review page.

Change how you think about it. Instead of thinking about all the stuff you are going to give your customer when he buys with your link, think about an “Enhanced Offer” that happens to require the affiliate product.

Let’s consider a quick example.

Let’s assume you are selling Blueprint-X. The Blueprint-X sales page reveals the Top 7 scams used to sell products online. Then the sales letter moves forward to explain the only formula you really need to get all the free traffic you will ever need and how to use that traffic to sell your products, sell affiliate products,  build your cash-on-demand email list, or establish your online presence with a blog or brand awareness site.

As you read onwards, you discover this really is something you have probably never seen. It’s unique, simple, and effective. And Blueprint-X is really inexpensive as well.

So… How can you build an “Enhanced Offer” and charge a higher price?

The mechanics are to present the total cost of your enhanced offer and explain your customer needs to buy your enhancement and then buy the Blueprint-X product. You don’t need to explain it’s your affiliate link; just present your affiliate link on your downloads page.

The fun, but the challenging part is to define your enhanced offer.

So what might you provide to enhance the Blueprint-X offer?

You know Blueprint-X provides all the answers you need for traffic. So you should probably avoid the traffic angle; leverage it instead. Maybe you could provide brandable Viral PDF’s as something profitable your customers can market with Blueprint-X. You get paid more for the brandable PDF’s, and you can have only certain links in it be brandable while other links generate more income for you.

Maybe you can combine the Blueprint-X traffic technique with the Viral Lightning software that gets hundreds of other people promoting your customer’s offer?

You could use the products yourself, make money from that, and then include your case study on exactly how you did it… “Case Study: How I Used Blueprint-X and Viral Lightning To Generate $12,879 Inn 30 Days”.

Hopefully, you get the idea. Figure out the merits of the affiliate product. Brainstorm how you could make it better. Then build your “Enhanced Offer” page for a higher price. Then once they buy your enhancement, they will automatically buy the affiliate product using your link.

The Bottom Line

Whether you use this technique to raise the price of your own products, raise the price of affiliate products, or just get more sales than the competition, you need to focus on the “Offer”.

Make your bonuses as mouth-watering as the product itself. Build your Bonus/Review/Enhancement page to build a picture in your prospect’s mind. Make him see himself achieving his desires or eliminating his pains, and make him see the connection between your exclusive bonuses and the product. Or you can simply include your affiliate link when you promote IM Trends. My IM Trends affiliate page explains how.

This is the key to sell more products at higher prices in spite of the competition.

This is a guest post from Bryan Stoker, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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