With over 400 hours of video uploaded every minute onto YouTube, how to get your videos seen on YouTube is becoming a hot topic!

Why Marketing on YouTube is Vital for Business in 2021

The stats around YouTube are mind-boggling!

– Almost 2 Billion monthly users
– 2nd Most used search engine to Google
– Owned by Google and therefore videos get favored in SERPs
– 2nd Most visited site in the world
– 400 hours of video uploaded every minute
– 5 billion videos watched daily
– Yet, only 9% of businesses use YouTube

If you have a business and are not using video as part of your marketing mix, then you are missing out.

One of the main benefits of using YouTube is it is a FREE TRAFFIC source for your business.

Once you have uploaded your video, it will continue to drive traffic to your website or offer forever! Not only that, you can build your brand, your personality and truly connect with your clients using video. The question therefore is not just about creating great content – but also ensuring that content gets seen by your target audience. The key to this is two-fold.

Firstly, ensure you do your research for the ideal long-tail keywords.

Secondly, learn how to optimise your video for search engine ranking.

In this post we are assuming you have your keyword sorted, and are going to focus on…

How to get your videos seen on YouTube – EASILY!

We have all heard about SEO, and for video it is the same, but different! We need to employ slightly different Video-SEO strategies to rank a video. The first 3 are all related, so let’s jump into those first.

The first thing you must do, is 1)  include your keyword in your title. Then it needs to 2) appear in your description and 3) in your tags too! Sounds obvious, but so few people do this. What I see a lot of people do is put their brand or company name, or even their own name in the tags! I can understand this, as if someone is searching for your company, you would want to show up, right? However, if you are targeting a keyword such as, “iPhone gimbal reviews 2021” then your name is not really relevant is it? You need to put iPhone gimbal reviews 2021 in your tags! Tags are essentially you saying to the search engines, this is what my content is about. Therefore focus on that. If there is space, by all means, add your company name too!

4) You need to create backlinks from authority sites so that YouTube recognizes the value of your content. Ok, this sounds tough, so how do you do this? I said this was EASY, and it is – use Social Media. Having created your video, share it on SM! Then there is a link from authority sites such as Facebook and Twitter straight to your video! And of course, you can use these platforms to drive traffic to your video! This is a simple method to get more views, but also higher rankings.

And finally,

5) If you want to get your videos seen on YouTube, then create engaging, quality content. This is fundamental. Think of YouTube as TV. If your friends watch something fantastic on TV, they will tell you about it. This is the same on YT. If you produce great content, people will engage and share it. If people stop watching your video after 10-15 seconds, then either it’s poor content or they are not your target audience. So ensure you create relevant content with your target audience in mind. If you remember the audience, the content should follow. Be inspired by TV and videos you see, and model what you think works, eg panning shots, or cut-aways, or clever edits, use of music, etc. Go create!

You can also use various free and paid tools to help you with this. I talk about one, TubeBuddy, in this other post and explain how it can help – and become your best friend to YouTube success!

I am also working on some software and training to help others rank their videos at the top of YouTube in under 15 minutes. By that I mean, going from nothing, not even a video, to ranking at #1 on YouTube in under 15 minutes! More on that in the coming weeks! In the meantime, please watch this video where I rank a local business at No.1 on Google live on a zoom call!

(please forgive how many times I say live in this video! 🤣 )

So if you are after the edge in your marketing? VIDEO is the EDGE!

Are you convinced yet that you need to be harnessing the power of video for your company? Businesses that prioritize video in their marketing have the advantage, because

– YouTube Video content is promoted by Google in search results – helping your SEO
– Building your brand personality
– Connecting with your audience
– Driving free traffic to your website

Videos rank highly because they are considered rich and high-quality content. Making sure your videos are optimized is key – and embed video content into your website to further drive your SEO.

YouTube Video SEO strategies can help get your videos viewed more often and drive traffic to your website.

You will want to use YouTube Video SEO strategies to help you rank at the top of search results, as this allows your customers to see you, get to know you, and buy into your ethos. We all know people buy people – so let them see you! One of the other benefits of video is that video SEO strategies can rank in days, not months or years! So if you want to increase leads, conversions and sales, to engage your audience in a personal way or promote an offer or deal, then start using video today!

If you want to learn more, please catch up with my other posts on YouTube here, or visit our agency site https://www.mwdigitalyorkshire.com/youtubeforlocalbusiness and let us rank a video for you as part of a FREE trial we offer local businesses!

This is a guest post from Matt Ward, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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