ClickBank is a great site. But, at first glance, getting paid seems quite complicated. Especially if you’re not American, or are from another country outside of the US.

A ClickBank cheque in US dollars is not easy to bank and will likely not be accepted by many banks outside North America.

It is possible to receive a direct electronic transfer, or wire transfer, to your personal bank account.

But maybe you don’t want payment into your regular bank account and setting up a US dollar account, alongside your regular bank account, when you don’t live in the US, can come with frustrations and some limitations.

But there is another way to get paid. Get paid in cash.

So, how do you do that?

You set up a virtual account with “Payoneer”. It’s extremely easy to set up online, and not only can you have a US dollar account in a jiffy, but you can also set up additional currency accounts in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY and CNH as you please.

You can also convert funds to CZK, PLN, RUB and VND.

It’s very easy to do.

The icing on the cake is the Payoneer “MasterCard” which allows you to withdraw cash from your Payoneer account at any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo anywhere around the world.

Once you’ve got your Payoneer US dollar account set up online (very straightforward) getting ClickBank to send your earnings to your Payoneer account is a snap. ClickBank has a set of simple instructions, just for Payoneer, so you can be set up at ClickBank very quickly.

So, in short – ClickBank sends your earnings to your virtual Payoneer account. You then withdraw cash from your Payoneer account (at most ATM’s around the world). And if you want, you can also make payments to other people. And you can make transfers to any other bank accounts you want.

There is one snag of course. You have to earn money from ClickBank?

So, what is ClickBank?

It’s an affiliate site where you can sign up to promote many different products (largely digital).

Difficulty being, which affiliate program should you enroll in?

The best ones of course. What’s in vogue these days? Learning how to earn a second income in addition to your day job.

So, what’s the best affiliate program to start with? Teaching people how to set up a business on the internet?

How do you do that, when you’ve never done it before? You don’t. John does. You just point people looking for a 2nd income at John’s webinar and, if they enroll, you get paid over USD 1000 each time.

Sound interesting?

Check out John’s webinar and he’ll explain everything you need to know. After all, he’s an expert at selling online. He’s made over USD 5M to date. So, believe me, he knows what he’s talking about.

Click here and let John explain it all.

Do it now because John gives away some simple tips that can get you started right away.

This is a guest post from Douglas Barker, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Chris Hitman

      Indeed – Transferwise works great & they have a Mastercard too

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